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West Ham 1886 Kellys Trade Directory in Essex

History of West ham in 1886

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West Ham 1886 Commercial Directory

Abbey Chemical Works (Gibbs & Co), manufacturing chemists, Abbey Lane
Alborough Frederick, fruiterer, Church Street
Allen Mary (Mrs), confectioner, 19 Portway Market
Allen William, auctioneer, 21 Portway Market
Allwood James, shopkeeper, 8 Redriff Terrace, Plaistow Road
Andrews Benjamin Gadsby, greengrocer, 4 West Ham Lane
Andrews Mary (Mrs), midwife, 14 Mark Street
Anthony John, relieving officer of No 2 district & registrar of marriages, Eastern Road
Ashton Charles James, cheesemonger & provision merchant, Market Place, Church Street
Bagnall William, shopkeeper, 30 Amity Road
Baker George, grocer, Angel Terrace, Church Street
Baldwin Edward, boot maker, 4 Hubbard Street
Bamford Samuel, beer retailer, 12 Plaistow Road
Barnett Isaac, greengrocer, Church Street
Bateman Jas, confectioner & tobacconist, 59 Ham park Road
Batt Benjamin, shopkeeper, 58 Plaistow Road
Battey Charles, general dealer, 29 Marcus Street
Bedford Charles, greengrocer, 6 Plaistow Road
Belament Arthur, grocer, 23 Plaistow Grove, Plaistow Road
Berk F W & Co, vitriol manufacturers, Abbey lane
Biddle Charles, provision dealer, 90 Langthorne Street
Biggs William, market gardener, Whalebone Lane, Brickfields
Bishop Henry, stationer, 2 Market Place, Stephens Road
Blackburn Robert john, grocer, 52 Hubbard Street
Bolton Mrs, grocer, 1 Market Place, Stephens Road
Bowler William, marine stores, 61 Langthorhe Street
Bowmer Mrs Harriett, fishmonger, Church Street
Boyle Henry, beer retailer, Manor Road
Boyle John, Spread Eagle PH, Stephens Road
Boyton James, general dealer. 5 Abbey Road
Brady William Albert, house decorator, 85 West Road
Bracken John, shopkeeper, 12 Portway
Brand Francis John, Angel Inn, Church Street
Bromley Joseph. Kings Head PH, Church Street
Buckingham Henry, cowkeeper, West Ham Lane
Burbidge Edward, boot maker, 23 West Road
Burrus William, oil warehouse, 1 Abbey Road
Bush Thomas, cooper, 41 Plaistow Road
Bush Thomas, varnish manufacturer, Phoenix Works, Abbey lane
Byars D (Mrs), baker, 39 Plaistow Grove, Plaistow Road
Carr Robert, plumber, West Ham Lane
Carter Henry, beer retailer, 7 West Ham Lane
Carter James, corn dealer, West Ham Lane
Carter Thomas Charles, Greyhound PH, West Ham Lane
Carter William James, gas fitter, 45 West Ham Lane
Child William Thomas, upholsterer, Church Street
Chipp William, bricklayer, 55 Marcus Street
Choat Charles, engineer, Angel Terrace, Church Street
Christopher Elizh (Mrs), shopkeeper, 6 Dirleton Terrace, Portway
Clark Robert Ingham & Co, varnish & japan manufacturers, Abbey Mills
Clitheroe William, beer retailer, Church Street
Coates Bros & Co, printing ink & varnish makers, Abbey Mills
Cockman John, corn dealer, 70 Plaistow Road
Coe Sarah (Mrs), tobacconist & confectioner, West Ham Lane
Coles Edward, dyer & stationer, West Ham Lane
Collinson George, greengrocer, 3 Portway Market
Cook Alfred Elias, baker, 8 Abbey Road
Cook Edwin, confectioner, 4 Dirleton Terrace, Portway
Cooke Alfred, baker & post office, Stephens Road
Cooper Arthur, coffee house, 1 Alice Cottages, Plaistow Road
Cootes James, carman, 82 West Road
Courier & East London Advertiser Newspaper (Wm John Harmer, printer & publisher, published Friday); West Ham Lane
Court Richd, oilman, 73 Plaistow Road & 61 Ham Park Road
Cowell George, grocer, West Ham Lane
Cowles Charles, chemist, 1 West Ham Lane
Crow Thomas, pitch, tar, asphalte, varnish, black & railway grease manufacturer, oil merchant etc, Abbey Creek; Wharf, Abbey Lane
Crow William, watch maker, 29 West Ham Lane
Crudgington Joseph, fishmonger, 4 Church Street
Cumberland Arthur, chemist, 89 Plaistow Road
Dean Henry Cantrill, Lord Gough PH, 72 Plaistow Road
Denmark Frances (Mrs), baker, 11 Cross Street
Dornerman William, baker, 7 Stanley Terrace
Drysdale Douglas, oilman, Angel Terrace, Church Street
Dunscomb Eliza (Miss), tobacconist, 16 Plaistow Road
Dunn & Co, manufacturing chemists, Stirling chemical works, Abbey Lane
East Frederick Hyland, butcher, 18 Portway
Edwards Elizabeth (Mrs), china & glass dealer, 7 Dirleton Terrace, Portway
Edwards William, china & glass dealer, West Ham Lane
Ellis James, general dealer, West Ham Lane
Evennett Edward, corn dealer, Church Street
Fall Henry, fishmonger, 2 & 3 Abbey Road
Fendick Charles, beer retailer, 69 Brickfields
Flack & Sons, oil & colormen, West Ham Lane
Fleming Francis, oilman, 20 Portway
Fowler Edward, tobacconist, toy dealer 1, & hair dresser, 1 & 2 Station Place, West Ham Lane
Frogley Charles, grocer, Stephens Road
Gapp Edward, dining rooms, 13 Portway Market
Gauntlet Robert, tobacconist, 17 Portway market
Gentry Mark, builder, Langthorne Works, West Ham Lane
Gibbins Thomas, packing case maker, 4 Market Place, Stephens Road
Gibbs William & Charles, oil & colormen, 12 Stephens Road
Gilbert Robert MB, surgeon, Market Place, Church Street
Goldsmith Abraham, grocer, 60 Langthorne Street
Goodacre William & Sons, cocoa nut mat & matting manufacturers, Abbey Mills, Abbey Lane
Goodwin Herbert Thomas, oilman, 7 Portway Market
Griggs James, bird dealer, 6 West Ham Lane
Griggs William, shopkeeper, 14 Plaistow Road
Hagmaier Henry, pork butcher, Church Street
Hale William Hayward, chemical manure manufacturer, Abbey Lane
Halsey & Kipps, sanitary engineers, 52 Vicarage Road
Halsey Henry, cart & carriage dealer, 60 Plaistow Road
Hardy Joseph, working cutler, 4a West Ham Lane
Harmer George, printer, West Ham Lane
Harrington Wm, coffee rooms, 2 Market Place, Stephens Road
Harris Emma (Mrs), draper, 5 Stephens Road
Harris Joseph, greengrocer, 67 Plaistow Road
Harrison Walter, boot & shoe maker, 9 West Ham Lane
Hart Charles, greengrocer, Stephens Road
Hassell Rose (Mrs), tobacconist, 17 Portway Market
Haxell Arthur, shopkeeper, 7 & 8 Abbey Road
Hempleman F S & Co, blood manure works, Abbey Lane
Henden Benjamin & Sons, coal merchants, 9 Portway; 60 Church Street & Gift Lane
Hey Frank, writer & grainer, 31 West Ham Lane
Hibberd William Gunthorpe, Park Tavern, Portway
Higgins George, fishmonger, Stephens Road
Hill George (Mrs), tobacconist, Church Street
Holdsworth Edward & Henry, candle manufacturers, Abbey Lane
Hollands George, tobacconist, Stephens Road
Hollow Samuel, milliner & draper, 1 West Ham Lane
Holt William, news agent, Stephens Road
Hornsey Wm Geo, baker 1, & butcher 9, Portway Market
Hunt William & James, millers (steam), Abbey Lane
Hunt William Henry, general dealer, 2 Plaistow Road
Ingleton Edward, butcher, 27 West Ham Lane
Innous George, tripe dresser, Church Street
Jackson George, baker, 59 Plaistow Road
Jackson Henry, fruiterer, Market Place, Church Street
Jackson Robert, printer, 26 Mark Street
Jefferies Charles, glazier etc, 18 Vicarage Road
Jeffries Richard, boot maker, 6 Abbey Road
Jennings James, tailor, 91 Plaistow Road
Jennings William Alfred, grocer, 10 Ham Park Road
Johnson Alfred, beer retailer, 7 Plaistow Grove, Plaistow Road
Johnston Alexander, provision merchant, 47 West Ham Lane
Johnstone Daniel, grocer, 5 Abbey Road
Jones Stephen, dairy, 6 Amity Road
Kemsley Arthur, farmer, Abbey Farm
Kennedy Henry, corn dealer, 16 Portway
Kluber Frederick, baker, Angel terrace, Church Street
Krutzikowsky Baldwin, hair dresser, Church Street & Market Place, Church Street
Lampard Robert Charles, shopkeeper, Church Street
Laver Harry Edward, coal merchant, 22 Amity Road
Laver Henry, carman, 6 Portway
Laver William, coal merchant, Park Road, Portway
Laver William Alfred, linen draper, 15 Portway
Leah William, tobacconist, Church Street
Leather Cloth Co Limited (Henry Hooper, managing director), The Abbey, Abbey Road
Ling William, lamp black manufacturer, Abbey Lane
Lloyd F, dentist, 68 West Road
Lowe Walter, Railway Tavern, 11 Railway Terrace, Plaistow Road
Lowry Edward, harness maker, Church Street
Lucas John, greengrocer, 32 Amity Street
Madle William, shopkeeper, 10 Plaistow Road
Manisier John William, shopkeeper, 10 Plaistow Road
Middleton Charles, coffee rooms, 3 West Ham Lane
Minto Jane Harriet (Mrs), beer retailer, 57 Plaistow Road
Monkton John, butcher, 6 Abbey Road
Moore George, grocer, 60 Vicarage Road
Moore Thomas, plumber, 5 Langthorne Street
Morrison, Wood & Co, wholesale confectioners, Abbey lane
Morton & Dickson, house decorators, Rose Cottage, Portway
Mott Charles, grocer, 45 & 47 Paul Street
Murray William, Adam & Eve PH, Abbey Lane
Nash Arthur Thomas, corn dealer, 15 West Ham Lane
Nash John, baker, 5 West Ham Lane
Neale Thomas, greengrocer, Stephens Road
Neumann Gustave, fruiterer, 5 Dirleton Terrace, Portway
Nevill James, British Lion PH, West Ham Lane
Newman John, draper & post & money order office & savings bank, Church Street
Norman William, china & glass dealer, Church Street
Norton Robert, Unicorn Inn, Church Street
Oil & Stearine Co Limited (Thomas Felton, sec), West Ham Marsh, Abbey Lane
Ovenden Fredk Jn, watch maker, Railway Terrace, Plaistow Road
Pack Annie (Mrs), stationer, 4 Amity Road
Page William, corn dealer, Stephens Road
Pedrick Andrew, chimney sweeper, Church Street
Perfect George, plumber & house decorator, 38 Plaistow Road
Perry William J, butcher, Church Street
Phillips & Co, distillers, Abbey Mills Distillery, West Ham Lane
Pickup john, watch maker, 54 Plaistow Road
Pitman John, hair dresser, Church Street
Pool Henry, builder, 74 Evesham Road
Portway Dispensary (J Harman Finnemore, physician), 15 Portway Market
Poupard Edwin, oil warehouse, 19 Portway
Priddle Francis, chemist, church street
Pridmore Robert, boys school, 24 Vicarage Road
Prudence William, greengrocer, Church Street
Purches James, confectioner, 61 Plaistow Road
Quarry Joseph, coffee rooms, 16 Stephens Road
Quint Samuel, baker, 2 Hubbard Street
Ramsden Robert, greengrocer, 8 ham Park Road
Ratcliff Robert, lath render, 1 East Terrace, East Road
Raven James, confectioner, 1a Abbey Road
Rawlings Charles, butcher, Church Street
Richards Edward, corn merchant, Angel Terrace, Church Street
Richards Frank, baker, Church Street
Roberts William, shopkeeper, 1 Portway
Robinson Robert, grocer, 6 Marcus Street
Round Moses, tailor, West Ham Lane
Rushworth William Robert, butcher, Angel Terrace, Church Street
Sampson Joseph Thomas, marine store dealer, Marcus Street
Sanders Charles, surgeon, Church Street
Sands James William, greengrocer, 72 Brickfields
Scanland Joseph, marine store dealer, 34 Amity Road
Schmidt John, baker, West Ham Lane
Scott Robert J, butcher, 48 Plaistow Road
Searing Edward Alfred, grocer, 141 Amity Road
Sharman George, corn dealer, 11 Portway market
Sharman James, chimney cleaner, 6 Victoria Street
Shead Henry, tobacconist, 11 West Ham Lane
Simmonds Charles, shopkeeper, 17 Stephens Road
Sinclair Richd, provision & wardrobe dealer, 73 & 75 Brickfields
Sippett James, shopkeeper, 14 Plaistow Grove, Plaistow Road
Smith Brothers, carpenters & undertakers, West Ham Lane
Smith Henry, tobacconist, 4 Abbey Road
Spencer Enoch, paper bag maker, 53 Paul Street
Spittle William George, plumber, West Ham Lane
Staley Daniel, shopkeeper, 34 Langthorne Street
Stanley Alfred, marine stores, 18 Stephens Road
Stanley William Henry Robert MD, surgeon, 106 West Road
Stratford Rock Building Society (Henry Frewer, secretary), West Ham Lane
Stratford & West Ham Building Society (Henry Frewer, sec)
Stroud William, oilman, Church Street
Suffield & Co, ironmongers, Railway Terrace, Plaistow Road
Suffield John, ironmonger, 12 Redriff Terrace, Plaistow Road
Taylor David, confectioner, 7 Abbey Road
Taylor John, boot maker, Church Street
Taylor John, coffee rooms, Abbey Road
Thorogood William, turncock to East London waterworks, 22 Mark Street
Trenaman Edwin, builder, 85 Evesham Road
Trew Archibald, Princess of Wales PH, 25 West Ham Lane
Turner Charles, cheesemonger, 5 Portway Market
Turner Charles, varnish manufacturer, Abbey Lane
Twyford George & Son, dairy, 49 West Ham Lane
Vogt Conrad W, baker, 93 Plaistow Road
Waddell William, shopkeeper, 49 Langthorne Street
Ward William, painter etc, 2 Cecil Road
Ware Thomas William, grocer, 105 West Road
Warren James, shopkeeper, 8 Alice Cottages, Plaistow Road
Weaver Henry, London & Provincial Fire Insurance agent, 74 Amity Road
Wells George, beer retailer, 47 Marcus Street
Wellum Ebenezer, oilman, 1a West Road
West Ham Chemical Works ( W C Bacon & Co, proprietor), Abbey Lane
West Ham High School for Girls (Miss Harriott Mortimer Rowden, mistress), West Ham Lane
West Ham Model School (Robert Ganly, head master; David Ringtree, assistant master), Church Street
West Ham, Stratford & South Essex Dispensary (William Francis LRCP, house surgeon; Thomas Lloyd, dispenser), West Ham Lane
West Ham Working Mens Hall & Club Room (Benjamin Berry, sec), West Ham Lane
West William J, provision dealer, Church Street
White Jsph Wm, secondhand furniture dealer, West Ham Lane
Whitehead W & Co, painters, 73 Paul Street
Wildon Henry, boot maker, 23 Portway Market
Wilkins George, dairyman, Church Street
Wilkinson Eli, grocer & provisions, 87 Plaistow Road
Willis Thomas, herbalist, Church Street north
Wiltshire Joseph, decorator, 22 Plaistow Road
Wing Charles, shopkeeper, 2 Garfield Terrace, Stephens Road
Withers Jsph, pawnbroker & furniture dealer, 39 & 41 West Ham Lane
Woollard Frederick, beer retailer, 62 Paul Street
Wynn George, shopkeeper, 4 Langthorne Street
Young Menís Christian Association, West Ham Lane
Young Henry, baker, West Ham Lane
Young Henry, carman, Abbey Road
Young Isaac, undertaker, Portway
Young Sophia (Mrs), teacher of music & singing, 4 St Johns Avenue, West Ham Park

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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