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West Ham 1886 Kellys Trade Directory in Essex

History of West ham in 1886

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West Ham 1886 Trade Directory - Private residents


West Ham 1886 Private Residents
Base Mrs, Eagle House, Brickfields, Vicarage Lane
Binden George, 10 Vicarage Road
Biggs Charles, 3 Stanley Terrace, Portway
Bishop George, 8 Vicarage Road
Bond Thomas, 1 Stanley Terrace, Portway
Buck William Richard, West Ham House, West Ham Lane
Bull Alfred Hy, Laura Villa, Park Road
Butler Charles, 2 Eastern Road
Carne Capt Francis Peter, 1 St Johns Avenue, West Ham Park
Cole William, 10 Stanley Terrace, Portway
Cottle Thomas, 13 Cecil Road
Creffield Thomas, Gurney Villa, Stanley terrace, Portway
Crow Henry William, Eversleigh Cottage, Stanley terrace, Portway
Crow Latimer, Wilburton Cottage, Park Road
Dallison Henry, 61 Vicarage Road
Darby Charles, 6 Gladstone Road
Davies John Samuel, 2a Vicarage Road
Elwood Capt Richard, 3 St Johns Avenue, West Ham Park
Ewen Stephen, 2 Stanley Terrace, Portway
Fletcher William, Vivian Villa, Park Road
Fortens George, laurel Villa, Portway
Francis William, West Ham Dispensary, West Ham Lane
Gilbert Robt MB, Market Place, Church Street
Gilchrist James, 1 Myrtle Villas, Portway
Goult Elijah, 55 & 57 West Ham Lane
Goult James, 51 West Ham Lane
Gray Alfred, 43 West Ham Lane
Grewcock William, 2 Vicarage Road
Hercock Alfred, 1 East Villas, East Road
Hill George, 6 Vicarage Road
Hiorns Gardner Baker, 53 West Ham Lane
Holland Miss, Ivy House, Church Street
Humphries Enoch, 2 Gladstone Road
Hunwicks William John, 1 Vicarage Road
Jeanes Aquilla George, 61 Mark Street
Jex Edwd, Whalebone House, West Ham Lane
Kemp William, 1 Mark Street
Laver William, Carlton House, Park Road
McClure Mrs, 5 Vicarage Road
McDonald John, 59 Vicarage Road
Martin James Wm, Maud Villa, Park Road
Medcalf Miss, Church Street
Morrison James, 2 Sirius Villas, East Road
Newman Samuel, 63 Vicarage Road
Norton Mrs, 2 Ham Terrace, West Ham Lane
Page Alfred, 3 Vicarage Road
Pagenstecher Gustav, Cedar Cottage, Portway
Parkin William Hy, 59 West Ham Lane
Paterson Mrs, 3 Eastern Road
Phillips Thomas, 5 Stanley Terrace
Pickering William, 197 East Road
Pilgrim John, 196 East Road
Pilkington Rev Richard MA, 1 Ham Terrace, West Ham Lane
Pittard John, The Poplars, Park Road
Preston William Henry, 64 Mark Street
Puzey Tom, 11 Stanley Terrace
Reynolds Edward Jabez, 2 St Johns Avenue, West Ham Park
Richardson John, 1 Gladstone Road
Royle Thomas, The Cedars, Portway
Sach George, 5 Gladstone Road
Sanders Charles, Church Street
Sant Edwd, 4 Shaftesbury Villas, Portway
Sartfas Frederick, 12 Cecil Road
Scott Rev Thos MA, Vicarage, Portway
Sedgwick Douglas, Curfew House, Church Street
Siggers William, 2 East Villas, East Road
Smith Robert, 1 Sirius Villas, East Road
Spratt Anthony W, 4 Vicarage Road
Stanley William Henry Robert MD, 106 West Road
Towner Rev George, 29 Park Grove
Trow Charles, 3 Ham Terrace, West Ham Lane
Waterman William Charles, 14 Cecil Road
Wellond Alfred E, 4 Stanley Terrace, Portway
Weldon Jn Wm, 3 Shaftesbury Villas, Portway
Wellum John, 1 Melford Villas, Portway
Whitelegg Thos, Wallerscote, Portway
Williams James, 25 Ham Frith Road
Windeadd Mrs, 5 Shaftesbury Villas, Portway


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