London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

Essex 1863 Whites Trade Directory for  West Ham

Residents & Commercial Traders in West Ham 1863 - part 3

 West Ham Index

West Ham Parish Directory comprising Stratford, West ham, Plaistow, Forest Gate, Upton, Victoria Docks, Canning Town, Silver Town.

The capital letters show the situation of each street, 

C signifying Canning Town ; F. Forestgate; P. Plaistow ; P.M. Plaistow marshes; S. Stratford; S.N. Stratford Newtown; U. Upton; W.H West Ham; and V.D. near the Victoria Docks.

Carter W. & Co. Stratford
Finegan Ptk. Albion street
Grimshaw Js. Balaam street
Litflefield Alfred Geo, High street, S.
Matthews Ts. Angel lane
Miles W. W. Angel lane
Salter John, Victoria Docks
Sackett Ed. High street
Shreeve William, North Woolwich road
Ward James Edward, North Woolwich road

And Builders.

Bell Geo. 1 Rose terrace
Cheffins John,Bridge road
Cooper Thos. Forest street
Cordery Dd. Barking road
Fisher John Holwill, Balaam street, P.
Fisher Thos. Abbey terrace
Hardy John.High street S.
Heath Rbt. High street S.
Jay Geo. Western street S.
Morter Jas. Forest lane
Page Martin, Angel lane
Perry (John) &Judson (Charles) Broadway
Pilkington James,Stratford grove,& Bridge road
Reed Alfred, High Street S.
Rivett Geo. West Ham
Rivett Jas. High street S.
Simpson David C., F.
Smith Wm. North street P.
Turner Chas, Howard road
Varcoe E. 0. Manby grove
Wilson G. Norfolk street
Wilson George, Alma street

Box John, Marshgate S.
Brassey, Ogilvie, and Harrison, Victoria Docks Brick Works
Plater Chas. Field road. F.

(*Pork Butchers.)

Birch William, North Woolwich road
Booth Jas. Leyton road
Boss Jns. Station road. F.
Bright E. Richmond street
Brooks Geo. High street S.
Burton Obdh. Balaam street
Cooper Thos. Balaam street
Coppen Geo.High street S.
Crompton Thomas, North Woolwich road
*Digby John, Chapel street
Edwards William Jas, Windmill lane
Gocher Js. Windmill lane
Grant John James, North Woolwich road
Grimes Ts, Victoria Dock road
Grover Hy. Forest street
Groves J. Bridleway
Gynn David, West Ham
Hall Thos. Junction street
Halls Eliz, West Ham lane
Harrington Wm. North Woolwich road, P,
Hart Thos. Elemes ter
*Hemmings J. High street
Hillyer Elisha, North Woolwich road
Jay W. Maryland point
Mclnteer Edward, Victoria Docks road
Minett Hy. High street P.
Mitchell Geo.Forestgate
Perfect J. Woodstock street
Penticost A. Bidder street
Pipe John, Forestgate
Pipe J. jun. Globe crescent
Poole James, Broadway
Potter Wm. Broadway
Purkis Geo. West Ham
Rawlings Jno, Leyton road
Reeves Rt, Victoria Dock road
Saul Charles.High street S.
Shipston Ts. High street S.
*Shucker J. Balaam street
Simpson Hy. Leyton road
Slaughter Barnett, Plaistow Marsh
Tyler Edw. Maryland point and West Ham
Upton Henry, North Woolwich road
Vause Robert, Plaistow
Vickers W.H, Stratford grove
*Viner E. Stratford grove
Watkis Wm. High street S.
Watters Edw, Broadway
White Francis, North Woolwich road, P.
White Thomas, North Woolwich road, P.
And Upholsterers.

Fawcett Richd. High street
Martin Ed. Stratford grove
Rogers Ed. High street S.
Silver & Co, SilverTown
Threlford Thomas and Co. Broadway, S.

Corbett Thos, Buxton road
Curtis Rt. West Ham lane
Dyer Hy. Essex street F.
Holford V.J.Stratford road
Hidden C. Maryland point
Meggs John, High street S.
Norton Thos. High street S.
Renieville Jean Bapt, North Woolwich road
Rivett Geo, West Ham
Rivett James, High street S.
Simpson T. S. (blind maker)31 Broadway,S.

Provision Dealers.
(See also Grocers.)

Barnes John, Broadway
Oarr Jas.North Woolwich road
Jackson Charles, Crawford street
Leftwich Hy.West Ham

Beckett Thos. S. North Woolwich road
Catton S. Plaistow park
Fisher Eaymond, Leytonstone road
Goddard Rd. Broadway
Hill John, High street, S.
Jukes Edw. Balaam street
Mayhew Wm.West Ham
Michell Richard Dalby, North Woolwich road
Milne Frederick, Chatsworth road, F.
Morton G. Stratford grove
Petherick Edm. Windmill lane
Potter Wm.S.High street P.
Young Thos. Leyton road

Beckett Jas. Benjamin, North Woolwich road
Cawcutt J, Balaam street
Fenn Wm. High street S.
Miners Mary, Forest street
Nash Chas, Broadway,S.

Baron Mtw. High street S
Whitehead J. Angel lane

(See also Tailors.)

Duncan Ths. Broadway
Montague Benjamin, North Woolwich road
Stepto Dl. High street S.
Watson W.H.Broadway
Webb Rt, North Woolwioh road
Williamson E. High street

Bareham Charle, Maryland point
Fordham J, High street S.
Gowar Js.Hy, High street S.
Gowar Stephen, Broadway, S. ; h Grove

(Livery Stables.)

Clark Samuel, High street
Glover Rd. Rokeby place
Harmsworth C.H. Stratford
Harris Geo. Forestgate
lyan Robert, Angel lane
lyan Chas. Water lane S.
Merry Wm. High street S.
Wenden Ths. West Ham

Bearchell Thos, North street
Cooper J. W. Albert road
Cory W.& Son,Victoria Docks
Dixon Peter & Oo. Station ; h Water lane, S.
Furlong F.J, Forestgate
Haxell S. Gift lane, W.H.
Porter Ts. Paul street, W.H.
Sparks Natl.Windmill lane
Tanner C.W, High street S.
Wilson Thos.High street, S.

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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