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West Ham 1862 Post Office Trade Directory in Essex

History of West Ham in 1862

 West Ham Index

West Ham 1862 Trade Directory - Commercial


Commercial Traders
Abbott John, shoemaker, Church Street
Adams Robert, shopkeeper, Church Street
Allen Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, Church Street
Applewhite William, furniture dealer, Plaistow Lane
Ayres George, beer retailer, Upton Lane
Baker John, greengrocer, Plaistow Lane
Banks Alfred Joseph Humbley, surgeon, Leytonstone Road
Benham John, general dealer & carman, Langthorn Street
Bigg William, market gardener, West Ham Lane
Blackman Edward, Lord Gough, Plaistow Lane
Boullens Mary Ann (Miss), seminary, Ilford Road
Bradley Thomas, greengrocer, Church Street
Branch Robert, boot & shoe maker, Plaistow Lane
Buckingham James William, cowkeeper, West Ham Lane
Burton William, farmer, Abbey Farm
Burrell George, stone mason & leather cutter, Church Street
Carling Edward, beer retailer, Plaistow Grove
Carruthers John, travelling draper, West Ham Lane
Choat Samuel, farrier, Church Street
Clifton Ann (Mrs), Unicorn, Church Street
Coe Abraham, greengrocer, Church Street
Cole John, tailor, Plaistow Lane
Coles Mary (Mrs), stationer & post office, West Ham Lane
Cooper John, beer retailer, West Ham Lane
Craddock Thomas, beer retailer, Plaistow Grove
Curtis Robert, builder, West Ham Lane
Curtis Robert Labon, surveypr, West Ham Lane
Dace Maris Diana (Mrs), miliner, Plaistow Lane
Davis George Charles, Crown, Church Street
Davis John, confectioner, West Ham Lane
Day Zillah (Miss), young ladies school, Ilford Lane
Dewan William, boot & shoe maker, West Ham Lane
Dickinson Joseph, hairdresser, Church Street
Dilley Robert, shopkeeper, Langthorn Street
Dixon Harriett (Mrs), greengrocer, West ham Lane
Dorrington William, greengrocer, West Ham Lane
Duncumb Edmund, Kings Head, Church Street
Duncumb Elizabeth (Miss), tobacconist, Church Street
Eccleston William, grocer, West Ham Lane
Elderton Thomas, baker, Langthorn Street
Evennett Henry, corn chandler, Church Street
Evennett Charles, tailor & shopkeeper, Church Street
Fisher George, shopkeeper, Plaistow Lane
Fletcher Samuel, pawnbroker, Church Street
Flood William, beer retailer & shopkeeper, Ilford Road
Franks Henry, naturalist, West Ham Lane
Frost Giles, baker, Church Street
Fryer Richard, beer retailer, Plaistow Lane
Gentry Charles, bootmaker, Plaistow Lane
Gynn David jun, pork butcher, Church Street
Gynn David sen, grocer, West Ham Lane
Harmer George, printer, West Ham lane
Harris William, beer retailer, Vicarage Lane
Hay Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Plaistow Grove
Heifer James, greengrocer, Plaistow Grove
Holt James, grocer, Church Street
Houchin & Lindsay, milliners, Ilford Road
Hunter James, fishmonger, Church Street
Inkpen Samuel, wheelwright, West Ham Lane
Ives William, grocer, West Ham Lane
Johnson Charles, watchmaker, West Ham Lane
Jolly William henry, cowkeeper, John Street
Knight Charlotte (Mrs), poulterer, West Ham Lane
Lamb Samuel, grocer, Vicarage Lane
Leftwich Henry George, cheesemonger, West Ham Lane
Levick Christopher Kenny, surgeon, West Ham Lane
Loudon James, surveypr of the highways, Church Street
Loudon (Misses), seminary, Church Street
Lowe William Henry, grocer, Plaistow Lane
Lucas Henry, boot & shoe maker, West Ham Lane
Macaire George, British Lion, West Ham Lane
Marney John, beer retailer, Plaistow Lane
Mayhew William, chemist, Church Street
Mead William, haberdasher, Plaistow Lane
Moulin Ann (Mrs), earthenware dealer, West Ham Lane
Mowbray William, shopkeeper, Langthorn Street
Newland Samuel, corn chandler, Plaistow Lane
Newman John, linen draper, Church Street
Palmer John, grocer, Plaistow Lane
Palmer Joseph, baker, Plaistow Lane
Pearl George, boot & shoe maker, Church Street
Perfect George, plumber, Portway
Peters Henry, haberdasher, Langthorn Street
Prudence William, greengrocer, Church Street
Purkis George, butcher, Church Street
Pyne Robert, shopkeeper, John Street
Rivett George, builderr & undertaker, Church Street
Rogers John, shopkeeper, Church Street
Round George Douglas, baker, West Ham Lane
Rowley Esau, baker, Church Street
Scarborough John, baker, Plaistow Grove
Sholl Ruyter, carrier, Church Grove
Smith James daniel, Greyhound, West ham Lane
Smith John Bennett, Angel, Church Street
Smith Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Plaistow Lane
Snuggs Willis Ward, fishmonger, West Ham Lane
Stock William, fancy repository & postmaster, Ilford Road
Trott Ellis, baker, Langthorn Street
Tubb Thomas, general dealer, Plaistow lane
Turnham James, fishmonger, Church Street
Turpin George, shopkeeper, Church Street
Tyler Edward, butcher, Church Street
Vause William, Spotted Dog, Upton Lane
Verney Samuel, grocer, Ilford Lane
Wadman Misses, seminary, Forest lane
Walls Thomas, solicitor, Paul Street
Wenden Thomas, jobmaster, West Ham Lane
Wilcox William, shopkeeper, Vicarage lane
Wilson Charles, solicitor, West Ham Lane
Wise Joseph, baker, West Ham Lane

The Abbey

Cane John, corn miller, Abbey Mills
Carter Samuel Smith, Adam & Eve
Congreve War Rocket Ordnance & Military Ordnance Stores manufactory (Peter Pritchard, proprietor)
Ion Robert Augustine, White Swan
Kayess James, corah printer
Norris John, shopkeeper
The Leather Cloth Co's (Limited) Works, sole manufacturers of Crockett's American leather cloth (A Lorsont, managing director), The Abbey, West ham; warehouses & offices, 56 Cannon Street west EC & 104 Boulevard de Sebastopol, Paris
The London India Rubber Company (limited), H S Hall, manager
Wagstaff Robert & Thomas, market gardeners etc, Abbey Farm
Webb William, grocer
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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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