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Old Pack Horse, 434 High road, Chiswick

A London street directory at London 1919 which largely encompasses london street history and also pub history of the last 100 years and more.

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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

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Wonderful picture of 'trouble and strife' below.

I got home from a London visit to find a rather excellent email from Canada. I always treat Canada emails with respect, and this was no different. The 1853 license confirmation from 1853, the original document, at the Lord Nelson, Bishopsgate!

In addition to adding the picture, I have been  very busy updating a flaw in the code which affects mobile users. Thanks to google mobile friendly search , really appreciated. I am also adding loads of additional directories for pubs, e.g. 1862, 1927, 1940 etc. And a few more 1921 street directories, more of these to come.

I have lost my #1 spot for pub history, and I am considering adding a whole book on early signboards in 1866, but I am holding off on this for a moment. The book is 500 pages long, and is significant, and is ready to add to the site. Note the image below, which is brilliant. I should not need to do this, my site is brilliant already, and google need to sort themselves out properly, and their search. First job tomorrow is to add 500 pages on English pub signboards.

A man loaded with Mischief, or Matrimoney - A Monkey, a Magpie, and Wife ; is the true emblem of strife
A man loaded with Mischief, or Matrimoney - A Monkey, a Magpie, and Wife ; is the true emblem of strife

A reminder of who started this site - thanks Ian. The site has grown over the years, I hope you enjoy it.

June 2018 . Pigots 1833 for London, Holdens directory for 1805 etc. Also major additions to Acton & Chiswick. And so much more. Currently updating Hampstead. In fact I tend to do lots of Middlesex updates.

I have now retired, and have lots of time to update the pub history sites. Woohoo!

May 2018 - Loads. Recent additions are the London pub directories for 1927, 1942 etc

Lots of London pub history updates. This is good - the Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

I refer to whether a building was a pub 100 years ago - or even 200 years ago, and am missing the last 70 years! I don't have the detail, or reference etc; c'est la vie! Help me fix this.

There are many people helping me out still.

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