I treated myself to a spa resort near Bapchild, in Kent. It was actually a treat for my lovely wife.

What a dreadful place. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants a pleasant weekend.

The deal was quite appealing, with two nights in the hotel room, plus dinners, and also Sunday dinner with an extended room stay. It all sounds good, so far. It was not cheap, but hey ho.

The place also offers spa treatments.

Due to covid, this was a last minute booking, and we went for a spa weekend,which was not cheap but included extra meals and a late stay on sunday.
We rang the hotel before arriving to check accessibilty information, and were told to book the newer section, as it has a lift.
A lovely hotel, an hour from home, and the staff were excellent.
It also had its downsides, e.g. the dinner tables were not properly social distanced, although we were OK. Just saying, profit before safety.
The room we had was an executive suite, and quite nice. The toilet was broken the entire time we were there,as was the key to get into the room an the Sunday afternoon. We were unable to get into the room, and my wife had to run downstairs to get a key whilst I wet myself outside the room.
It is things like this you remember.
The other issue was the food.
The restaurant was quite cheap to eat on the Sunday, about £21? I have not seen the bills.
We were entitled to an evening meal and Sunday lunch as part of our package.
We also ate here on the Friday evening. The food was avant garde, it was OK.
The meal on Saturday night was the same menu, but I did not actually like the start or the main course, and returned these untouched. The free olives were also disgusting.
I ate the bread.
The hotel was great, and they would not charge these meals to the bill.
When we received the bill, the Friday meal was charged in full, the Saturday meal was included in the weekend price.
Enough said. I would not want to revisit this place.

On a plus side, the pool is beautiful.

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