Licensed Victuallers Benevolent Institution in Asylum road, Camberwell, London

The Licensed Victuallers Benevolent Institution in Asylum road, Camberwell, London is a story from the past about how insurance works correctly.

It was setup before 1800, and by January, 1803, a school was established to house the young children of destitute victuallers. These children are admitted, maintained, clothed and housed in this school. The children were to receive a training before going into service as a servant or apprentice.

In 1825, the meeting is praised for the support whence three hundred and fifty six children of destitute families have so far recieved support and the paternal protection of this establishment, and with subscriptions of more than three thousand pounds in the previous year.

Subscribers of one guinea (twenty one shillings) receive a vote towards the children selected for this schooling, with additional votes for each guinea. Suuporters paying ten pounds or more receive four votes.

The Licensed Victuallers’ Asylum was formed in 1826 to relieve poor and aged members of the licensed victualling trade and their wives or widows. Almshouses were built shortly afterward on six acres of freehold land lying just off the Old Kent Road. The asylum was renamed the Licensed Victuallers’ Benevolent Institution in 1921 and it  appeared in Post Office directories until 1960. 

Here is a listing of about one hundred and eighty members who live in these houses until they mort, having been in the retail licensing trade at some stage in their life. This list is from 1911 and also in 1939.

Through diligent searches of the newspapers online, in particular, the Era and Morning Advertiser, the subscribers can be named, often listing a thousand subscribers, and their address, which is usually their public house or licensed premises. Some of the larger suscribers being those in the brewery trade etc.

In 1825, a book lists all current and life time members of the Licensed Victuallers Association. Here is a start to this, and relevant links to the many public houses and taverns they are licensees of. 1825AB ; 1825CD ; 1825 EFG ; 1825 HIJ ; 1825 KL ; 1825 MN ; 1825 OPQR ; 1825 S ; 1825 TUVWY

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