City of London Pubs in 1973 etc.

I was looking at a listing of East London pubs listings on my pubwiki site which actually come from the pigsear site in the first instance, and I am still missing many of these pubs from the pubwiki (snore … ).

Anyway, I thought I would use the ancestry phone books which run until 1984, which fits my need to search for the Barbican Tavern on London Wall and have so far discovered it existed as early as 1967 as the Barbican Tavern and Restaurant, booking office at Lee house, London wall EC2, telephone number MONarch 8482 (the old numbering system at this time, just about).

Whilst searching the internet for the Barbican Tavern I came across a very uninteresting piece on the closed pubs site, and then came across the excellent Darkest London site which was written a few years ago, and lists the pubs in 1973 in the City etc. I am giving them a link, as I was rather impressed. I also wondered why it was part 5 on their home page, and then bothered to read the instructions!

The article mentions two other pubs, the Plough and the Podium, both on the London Wall.

I found the Podium listed BT phone books in 1976 to 1983, as The Podium, High Walk, London Wall EC2 with telephone number 01 628 5360. It has an earlier address in 1969 as being at St Alphage House, Fore street 01 626 5467 and also High Walk, London Wall EC2; The 1965 telephone entry only lists the Fore street address for The Podium with number NATionl 5467.

I am yet to find the Plough at this address, but hey ho.

Much more to follow …

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