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London pubs in 1961 – H to L

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1961 in London, nothing particularly special, except it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. There are \bout 590 listed here.

Do you have additional detail about any of these London pubs, their history, your own photographs of yesteryear, e.g. in the 1960s and 1970s? Please let me know.


Haberdashers Arms, 47 Culvert road SW11
Half Moon, 84 Essex road N1
Half Moon, 471 Holloway road N7
Half Moon & Bulls Head, 238 Rotherhithe street SE16
Half Moon Hotel, 10 Half Moon lane SE24
Half Moon Hotel, Lower Richmond road SWl5
Half Moon Tavern, 88 Gracechurch street EC3
Half Way House, 393 Battersea park road SWl1
Half Way House, 388 Hackney road E2
Halfway House, 142 The Broadway, West Ealing W13
Halfway House, 433 Garratt lane SW18
Halfway House, 345 High rd, Leytonstone
Halfway House, 2 Kentish town road NW1
Halfway House, 314/316 Lillie road SW6
Halfway House, 24 Priests bridge SWl4
Halfway House, 229 Rotherhithe New road SE16
Halfway House, 28/30 Webber street SEI
Hall Arms, 164 Church street W2
Hallsville Tavern, 57 Hallsville road El6
Hamilton Arms, 128 Railton road SE24
Hammelton, 33 Akerraan road SW9
Hampshire Hog, 227 King street W6
Hampton Court Palace, 21 Crampton street SE17
Hanbury Arms, 33 Linton street N1
Hand & Flower, 1 Hammersmith road W14
Hand & Flower, 1250 High rd, Whetstone N20
Hand & Flower, 617 Kings road SW6
Hand & Flower, 72 Parnell road E3
Hand in Hand, 37 Arch street SE1
Hand in Hand, 7 Crooked billet SW19
Hand in Hand, 61 New park road SW2
Hand & Marigold, 244 Bermondsey street SE1
Hand & Racquet, 48 Whitcomb street WC2
Hand & Shears, 1 Middle street EC1
Hanley Arms, 440 Hornsey road N1 9
Hanover Arms, 326 Kennington park road SE11
Hanover Arms, 38 Rye lane SE15
Hansler Arms, 133 Kings cross road WC1
Happy Man, 89 Woodberry grove N4
Harcourt Arms, 32 Harcourt street W1
Hare, 505 Cambridge heath road E2
Hare & Billet, 1a, Grotes pi SE3
Hare & Hounds, 282 Lea bridge road E10
Hare & Hounds, North End way NW3
Hare & Hounds, 97 Stoke Newington road N16
Hare & Hounds, 216/218 Upper Richmond road west SWl4
Hare & Hounds, 181 Upper street N1
Hares Foot, 36 Goodge street W1
Harlequin, 27 Arlington way EC1
Harmood Arms, 59 Harmood street NW1
Harp, 52 Church street NW8
Harp of Erin, 2/4 New King street SE8
Harringay Arms, 153 Crouch hill N8
Harrington Hotel, 25 Gloucester road SW7
Harrison Arms, 28 Harrison street WC1
Harrow, 64 Compton street EC1
Harrow, 34/36 Holmbrook street E9
Harrow, 17 Lettsom street SE5
Harrow, 9 Stoney st, Borough Market SEI
Harrow, 22 Whitefriars street EC4
Harrow Inn, 500 Abbey road SE2
Harry Tavern, 131 Brunswick road El4
Harwood Arms, Walham grove SW6
Hastings Arms, 397 Cable street El
Hat & Feathers, 2 Clerkenwell road EC1
Hat & Tun, 3 Hatton wall EC1
Hatcham Arms, 92 New Cross road SE14
Hatchet, 28 Garlick hill EC4
Havelock, 20 Grays inn road WC1
Havelock, 57 Masbro road W14
Havelock Arms, 113 Albion drive E8
Havelock Arms, 110 Fore road SEI
Havelock Arms, 38 Meeting house lane SE15
Haven Arms, 33 Haven lane W5
Haverstock Arms, 154 Haverstock hill NW3
Hawley Arms, 2 Castlehaven road NW1
Hayfield Tavern, 158 Mile end road El
Hearts of Oak, 36 Dock road El
Heathcote Arms, 344 Grove green road El1
Heaton Arms, 249 Rye lane SE15
Heber Arms, 3 Heber road SE22
Helvetia, 23 Old Compton street W1
Hemingford Arms, 158 Hemingford road N1
Hen & Chickens, 54 Alvey street SEI7
Hendon Way Hotel, Hendon way NW4
Henley Arms, 268 Albert rd, North Woolwich E16
Henry the Eighth, 35 King Henry street N16
Henry Holland, 39 Duke street W1
Henshaw Arms, 93 Balfour street SE17
Hercules, 44 Mansell st, El
Hercules Tavern, 504 Holloway road N7
Hercules Tavern, 2 Kennington road SEI
Hereford Arms, 127 Gloucester road SW7
Hermits Cave, 28 Camberwell Church street SE5
Herne Arms, 18 Heme hill road SE24
Herne Tavern, 2 Forest hill road SE22
Hero of Maida, 435/437 Edgware road W2
Hero of Waterloo, 108 Waterloo road SE1
Heroes of Alma, 11 Alma square NW8
Hever Castle, 16 D Eynsford road SE5
Higham Hill Tavern, 318 Higham hill road El7
Highbury Barn Tavern, 26 Highbury park N5
Highbury Park Tavern, 313 Highbury park N5
Highlander, 89 Dean street W1
Hole-in-the-Wall, 204 Borough High street SEI
Hole-in-the-Wall, 5 Mepham street SEI
Hole-in-the-Wall, Mitre court EC2
Holloway Castle, 392 Camden road N7
Holloway Station Hotel,295 Holloway road N7
Holly Bush, 93 Grange road E10
Holly Bush, 2 Westow hill SEI9
Holly Bush Hotel, Holly mount NW3
Holly Tree, 129 Dames road E7
Holly Tree, 32 Dermody road SE13
Holly Tree, 349 Southwark park road SE16
Hollydale Tavern, 115 Hollydale road SE15
Hollywood Arms, 45 Hollywood road SW10
Holy rood, 77 Wells street W1
Hoop, 85 Notting hill gate Wl1
Hoop & Grapes, 47 Aldgate High street EC3
Hoop & Grapes, 80 Farringdon street EC4
Hoop & Toy, 34 Thurloe pi SW7
Hop Pole, 14 Gambia street SEI
Hop Pole, 32 Pitfield street N1
Hop Pole, 64 Putney bridge road SWl8
Hop Pole, 47 Rephidim street SE1
Hop Poles, 17/19 King street W6
Hop Poles, 50 Upper Tulse hill SW2
Hope, Cowcross street EC1
Hope, 89 Holly street E8
Hope, 4 Kenton street WC1
Hope, 11 Leytonstone road E15
Hope, 46 Matthews road SW2
Hope, 49 Norwood High street SE27
Hope, 25 Nursery street SW8
Hope, 2 Pollard row E2
Hope, 66 Rye lane SE15
Hope, 40 St, Peters road W6
Hope, 15 Tottenham street W1
Hope & Anchor, 123 Acre lane SW2
Hope & Anchor, 42 Barnsbury grove N7
Hope & Anchor, 74 Crowndale road NW1
Hope & Anchor, The Hale, Tottenham N17
Hope & Anchor, 20 Macbeth street W6
Hope & Anchor, 14 Newby place El4
Hope & Anchor, 33 Old Bethnal green road E2
Hope & Anchor, 30 Rossington street E5
Hope & Anchor, 207 Upper street N1
Hope & Anchor Hotel, 128 Tottenham lane N8
Hope Tavern, 1 Bellevue road SW17
Hope Tavern, 73 Loampit vale SE13
Horn of Plenty, 36 Globe road El
Horn of Plenty, 588 Mile end E3
Horn Tavern, 31/33 Knightrider street EC4
Horns Tavern, 214 Kennington park road SE11
Horns, 2 Crucifix lane SEI
Horns, 1 Hackney road E2
Horns, 71/73 Lefevre road E3
Horns & Horseshoe, 10 Cable street El
Horns Tavern, 40 Knights hill SE27
Horns & Two Brewers, 162 Grange road SE1
Hornsey Tavern, 26 High st, Hornsey N8
Hornsey Wood Tavern, 376 Seven Sisters road N4
Horse & Groom, 60 Blackheath hill SE110
Horse & Groom, 21 Chip street SW4
Horse & Groom, 28 Curtain road EC2
Horse & Groom, 291 Fore street N9
Horse & Groom, 107 Garratt lane SW18
Horse & Groom, 128 Great Portland street W1
Horse & Groom, 7 Groom place SW1
Horse & Groom, 145 Haydons road SW19
Horse & Groom, 68 Heath street NW3
Horse & Groom, 131 High st, Merton SW19
Horse & Groom, 14 Holloway road N7
Horse & Groom, 17 Kinnerton street SW1
Horse & Groom, 255 Mare street E8
Horse & Groom, 40 Mitcham road SW17
Horse & Groom, 169 Newington butts SE11
Horse & Groom, 242 Piurnstead High street SEI8
Horse & Groom, 105 Stoke Newington Church street N16
Horse & Groom, 60/62 Streatham High road SW16
Horse & Groom, 122/124 Westminster bridge road SE1
Horse & Groom, 22 Whitcomb street WC2
Horse & Groom, 21 White Church lane El
Horse & Groom, 602 Woolwich road SE7
Horse & Sacks, 36 Harrow road W2
Horse Shoe, 24 Clerkenwell close EC1
Horse Shoe, 7 Newington causeway SEI
Horse Shoe, 160 Putney High street SW15
Horse Shoe, 115 Tower bridge road SEI
Horse Shoe Hotel, 264 to 267 Tottenham court road W1
Horseshoe & Magpie, 5 Topham street EC1
Horseshoe & Wheatsheaf, 26 Melior street SEI
Hour Glase, 279/281 Brompton road SW3
Hour Glass, 131 Westmoreland road SE17
Howard Arms, 21 Howard road N16
Hoy Inn, 193 Creek road SE8
Hungerford Arms, 240 Commercial road El
Huntingdon Arms, Cooper street E16
Huntingdon Arms, 115 Hemingford road N1
Huntsmen & Hounds, 70 Elsted street SE17
Hutchison Arms, 34 Devonport street E1
Hyde Arms, 137 Victoria road N9
Ifleld Tavern, 59 Ifleld road SW10
Imperial, 57 Hornby road SE15
Imperial Arms, 577 Kings road SW6
Imperial Buffet, 5 Leicester street WC2
Imperial Crown, 50 St, Leonards street E3
Imperial Grown, 38 Woodbine grove SE20
Imperial Hotel, 4 Elizabeth street SWl
Independant, 1/2 Naish court, Bingfield street N1
India Arms, 62 Gainsford st, Horselydown SE1
Intrepid Fox, 99 War dour street W1
Inverness Arms, 27 Invermore place SE18
Invitation, 39 Auckland road SW11
Irish House, 66 Fleet street EC4
Irish House, 4 Piccadilly W1
Irish House, 395 Strand WC2
Iron Bridge Tavern, 447 East India dock road El4
Iron Gate, 47 Harrow road W2
Iron Mill, 2 Borrodaile road SWl8
Island Queen, 87 Noel road N1
Isle of Wight, 83 Warwickshire street SE8
Ivanhoe, 28 Ivanhoe road SE5
Ivy Tavern, 167 Harrow road W2
Jack Straws Castle, North End way NW3
Jamaica Tavern, 495 Southwark park road SE16
Jamaica Wine House, St, Michaels alley, Cornhill EC3
John Baird, St, James par, Fortis Green road N10
John Bull, 34 Bruce road E3
John Bull, 590 Chiswick High road W4
John Bull, 490 Roman road E3
John Bull, 64 Tyers street SE11
John Company, Amesbury avenue SW2
John Snow, 39 Broadwick street W1
Johnson Arms, 24 Hillgate street W8
Joiners Arms, 51 Ballards lane N3
Joiners Arms, 35 Denmark hill SE5
Joiners Arms, 116/118 Hackney road E2
Joiners Arms, 33 Lett road El5
Joiners Arms, 66 Lewisham High street SEI3
Joiners Arms, Woodside grn SE25
Jolly Anglers, 68 Bath street EC1
Jolly Anglers, 227 Kentish town road NW5
Jolly Anglers, 33 Station rd, Wood green N22
Jolly Brewers, 308/310 North End road SW6
Jolly Brewers, 2 St, Dionis road SW6

Jolly Butchers, 157 Brick lane El
Jolly Butchers, 261 Old street EC1
Jolly Butchers, 204 Stoke Newington High street N16
Jolly Farmer, 17 Church street N9
Jolly Farmer, 354 Lewisham High street SE13
Jolly Farmers, 113 Southgate road N1
Jolly Gardeners, 49 Black Prince road SE11
Jolly Gardeners, 69 Cobourg street NW1
Jolly Gardeners, 214 Garratt lane SW18
Jolly Gardeners, 61/63 Lacy road SW15
Jolly Gardeners, 36 Lower Richmond road SW14
Jolly Gardeners, 187 Rotherhithe New road SEl6
Jolly Gardeners, 115 St, Alphonsus road SW4
Jolly Gardeners, 27 York road SW11
Jolly Maltsters, 17 Vanston place SW6
Jolly Milkman, 1 Lower Richmond road SW14
Jolly Sailor, 8 Garnet street El
Jolly Sailor, 64 High st, South Norwood SE25
Jolly Tanners, 3 Rothsay street SE1
Jolly Waggoners, 11 Rotherhithe Old road SEl6
Jubilee, 16 Polygon road NW1
Jubilee Tavern, 249 North Woolwich road El6
Junction Arms, 86 Junction road N19
Junction Tavern, 101 Fortess road NW5
Junction Tavern, 641 Kingston road SW20
Katherine Wheel, 50a, Cephas avenue E1
Kenilworth Castle, 286 New North road N1
Kenilworth Castle, 104 St, Anns road W11
Kensington Arms, 41 Abingdon road W8
Kensington Arms, 84 Pembroke road W8
Kensington Hotel, Russell gdns W14
Kensington Park Hotel, 139 Ladbroke grove W10
Kent Arms, 206 Albert rd, North Woolwich El6
Kent Hotel, Scotch common W13
Kent House Tavern, Thesiger road SE20
Kentish Arms, 9 Mabledon place WC1
Kentish Drovers, 720/722 Old Kent road SE15
Kenton Arms, 38 Kenton road E9
Kerfield Arms, 16 Grove lane SE5
King Alfred, Southend lane SE6
King of Belgium, 186 Tooley street SE1
King of Bohemia, 10 Hampstead High street NW3
King of Denmark, 9 Cloudesley road N1
King of Denmark, 83/85 Ridgway SW19
King Edward VI, 25 Bromfield street N1
King Edward VII, 64 Barnsbury road N1
King Edward VII, 47 Broadway E15
King George IV, 44 Montpelier square SW7
King Harold, 116 High rd, Leyton El5
King Lud, 78 Ludgate hill EC4
King & Queen, 89 Cheshire street E2
King & Queen, 1/2 Foley street W1
King & Queen, 67 Harrow road W2
King& Queen, Kimmeridge road SE9
King & Queen, 34 Three Colt street E14
King of Sardinia, 19/21 Somers road SW2
King William IV, 283 Camberwell New road SE5
King William IV, 110 Grosvenor road SW1
King William IV, 77 Hampstead High street N W3
King William IV, Harper road SE1
King William IV, 419 Streatham High road SW16
King William TV, 354 Wandsworth road SW8
Kings Arms, 23 Bishopsgate EC2
Kings Arms, 213 Bishopsgate EC2
Kings Arms, 10 Bishopsgate churchyard EC2
Kings Arms, 167 Bow road E3
Kings Arms, 11a, Buekfast street E2
Kings Arms, 77 Buckingham palace road SW1
Kings Arms, 513 Cable street El
Kings Arms, 114 Cheyne walk SW10
Kings Arms, 514 Commercial road El
Kings Arms, 71 Durham road N7
Kings Arms, 254 Edgware road W2
Kings Arms, 60 Eltham High street SE9
Kings Arms, 32 Fieldgate street E1
Kings Arms, 190 Fulham road SW10
Kings Arms, 68 Great Titchfleld street W1
Kings Arms, 55 The Grove W5
Kings Arms, 295 Hoxton street N1
Kings Arms, 163 The Hyde NW9
Kings Arms, 94 Kennington lane SE11
Kings Arms, 263 Kentish town road NW5
Kings Arms, 16 King William walk SEl0
Kings Arms, 18 Kingsland High street E8
Kings Arms, 264 Liverpool road N1
Kings Arms, 34 Long acre WC2
Kings Arms, 230 Mile end road El
Kings Arms, 18 Moreland street EC1
Kings Arms, 425 New Kings road SW6
Kings Arms, 65 Newcomen street SE1
Kings Arms, 11a, Northington street WC1
Kings Arms, 67 Old Bethnal green road E2
Kings Arms, 40 Old Kent road SE1
Kings Arms, 132 Peckham rye SEl5
Kings Arms, 22/23 Plenderst NW1
Kings Arms, 25 Roupell street SEl
Kings Arms, 2 Shepherd Market W1
Kings Arms, 123 Shoreditch High street El
Kings Arms, 51 Sloane square SW1
Kings Arms, 16 Tabernacle street EC2
Kings Arms, 251 Tooley street SEl
Kings Arms, 82 Tottenham court road W1
Kings Arms, 110/112 Uxbridge rd, Hanwell W7
Kings Arms, The Vale W3
Kings Arms, 87 Walworth road SEl7
Kings Arms, 96 Wandsworth High street SW18
Kings Arms Hotel, 1 Frances street SEl8
Kings Arms Hotel, 242 High rd, Wood green N22
Kings Head, 126 Blackstockrd N4
Kings Head, 8 Bow road E3
Kings Head, 36 Broadway El5
Kings Head, 85 Buckingham gate SW1
Kings Head, 555 Cable street E1
Kings Head, 49 Chiswell street EC1
Kings Head, 11 Church street El 5
Kings Head, 100 Clapham park road SW4
Kings Head, 128 Commercial road E1
Kings Head, 199 Deptford Church street SE8
Kings Head 132 Edgware road W2
Kings Head 59 Essex road N1
Kings Head, 4 Fulham High street SW6
Kings Head, 474 & 476 Fu:ham road SW6
Kings Head, 48 Gerrard street W1
Kings Head, 37 Hertford road N9
Kings Head, 214 High st, Acton W3
Kings Head, 18 High st, Merton SW19
Kings Head, 17 Hogarth pi SW5
Kings Head, 257 Kingsland road E2
Kings Head, 44 Middlesex wharf E5
Kings Head, 33 Moscow road W2
Kings Head, 96 Newington causeway SEl
Kings Head, 82 Norwood High street SE27
Kings Head, Roehampton High street SW15
Kings Head, 61 Swinton street WC1
Kings Head 115 Upper street N1
Kings Head, 84 Upper Tooting road SW17
Kings Head, 204 Walworth road SEl7
Kings Head, 13 Westmoreland street W1
Kings Head & Eight Bells, 50 Cheyne walk SW3
Kings Head Hotel, 2 Crouch end hill N8
Kings Head Hotel, The Green N21
Kings Head Inn, Kings head hill E4
Kings Head & Lamb 49 Upper Thames street EC4
Kings & Keys, 142 Fleet street EC4
Kings Stores, 14 Widegate street El
Kingsbridge Arms, 154 & 156 West Ferry road El4
Kingsway Tavern, 51 Parker street WC2
Knave of dubs, 25 Bethnal green road El
Knights of St, John, 7 Queens terrace NW8
Ladbroke Arms, 54 Ladbroke road W11
Ladbroke Hotel, 2 Talbot gro, Notting hill W11
Lads of the Village, 234 Albert rd, North Woolwich El6
Lads of the Village, 32 Hardens manor way SE7
Lady Franklin, 381 Old Ford road E3
Lady Mildmay, 29 Wolsey road N1
Lady Owens Arms, 285 Goswell road EC1
Ladywell Tavern, 80 Ladywell road SEl3
Lamb, 512 Kingsland road E8
Lamb, 94 Lambs Conduit street WC1
Lamb, 84 Milton road El3
Lamb, 212 Wick road E9
Lamb, 36 Wilmot street E2
Lamb & Flag, 24 James street W1
Lamb & Flag 33 Rose street WC2
Lamb Tavern, 10, 11 & 12 Grand avenue Leadenhall Market EC3
Lamb Tavern, Metropolitan Cattle Market (North-East gate) N7
Lambeth Walk, 17 Lambeth road SEl
Lancaster, 151 Lancaster road W11
Landor Hotel, 70 Landor road SW9
Langton Arms, 22 Normans buildings, St Lukes EC1
Lansdowne Arms, 90 Gloucester avenue NW1
Lansdowne Arms, 10 & 11 Islington green N1
Larkhall, Larkhall lane SW4
Larkhall Tavern, 96 Larkhall lane SW4
Latchmere Arms, 104 Cabul road SW11
Latchmere Hotel 503 Battersea park road SW11
Latimer Arms, 79 Norland road W11
Latimer Arms, 1 Walmer road W10
Laurel Tree 113 Bayham street NW1
Laurie Arms, 13 Brook green road W6
Laurie Arms, 32 Crawford pi W1
Lea Tavern, 90 White Post lane E9
Leamington, 222 Horn lane W3
Leather Bottle 538 Garratt lane SW17
Leather Exchange Tavern, Leather Market, Bermondsey SEl
Lee Arms, 27 Marlborough avenue E8
Leicester, 44 Glasshouse street W1
Leigham Arms 1 & 3 Wellfleld road SW16
Leighton Arms, 101 Brecknock road N7
Leinster Arms, 17 Leinster terrace W2
Leinster Hotel, 57 Ossington street W2
Lemon Tree, 4 Bedfordbury WC2
Leopard, 33 Seward street EC1
Lever Arms, 38/40 Lever street EC1
Libra Arms, 53 Stratford road E13
Lillie Arms, 19 Lillie road SW6
Lilliput Hall 9 Jamaica road SE16
Lincoln, 44 Blandford street W1
Lincoln Alms, 52 York way N1
Lion, 72 Angel lane El5
Lion, 44 Enid street SEl6
Lion, 1 Junction road N19
Lion, 14 Mosedale street SE5
Lion, 8 Tapp street E1
Lion Hotel Metropolitan Cattle Market (North-West gate) N7
Lion & Key, 475 High rd, Leyton E10
Lion & Lamb, 2 Drummond street NW1
Lion & Lamb, Fanshaw street N1
Little Brown Jug, 36 Sansom street SE5
Little Crown, 56 Albion street SE16
Little Crown, 35 Eastney street SE10
Little Driver, 125 Bow road E3
Little Star 164 White Horse road E1
Little Western 16 Bouverie pi W2
Little Wonder, 322 Ilderton road SEl5
Live & Let Live, 37 Northend road W14
Live & Let Live 264 Romford road E7
Liverpool Arms, 14 Barking road E16
Load of Hay Brent street NW4
Load of Hay 94 Haverstock hill NW3
Locomotive 31 Jamestown road N W1
Londesborough Arms, 36 Barbauld road N16
London Apprentice, 333 Old street EC1
London Bridge Tavern, 5 Borough High street SE1
London, Chatham &; Dover Tavern, 41 & 43 Cabul road SW11
London Hospital Tavern 176 Whitechapel road El
London Spa, 70 Exmouth Market EC1
London Stone, 109 Cannon street EC4
London Tavern, Maple road SE20
London Tavern, 92 Rendlesham road E5
Lord Amberley, 26 Amberley road W9
Lord Auckland, 114 Falcon road SW 11
Lord Bloomfield, 44 Plumstead common road SEl8
Lord Brooke, 47 Shernhall street E17
Lord Burleigh 250 Vauxhall bridge road SW1
Lord Camden, 31 Morecambe street SEl7
Lord Campbell, 142 Campbell road E3
Lord Cardigan, 112 Saxon road E3
Lord Cecil, 42 Lower Clapton road E5
Lord Chancellor, 91 & 93 Frampton street NW8
Lord Clyde, 1a, Auckland street SE11
Lord Clyde, 3 Bethwir, road SE5
Lord Clyde, 1 Brook hill road SE18
Lord Clyde, 175 Capworth street El0
Lord Clyde 62 Clapton way E5
Lord Clyde 27 Clennam street SE1
Lord Clyde, 189 Clyde cd N15
Lord Clyde 342 Essex road N1
Lord Clyde, 124 Estcourt road SW6
Lord Clyde, 9 Wotton road SE8
Lord Combermere, 2 Conyer street E3
Lord Derby, 89 Walmer terrace SEl8
Lord Derby, 74 Woodpecker road SE14
Lord Duncan, 36 Broadway Market, London fields E8
Lord Elgin, 255 Elgin avenue W9
Lord Hampden, 71 Hampden road N19
Lord Henniker, 119 The Grove E15
Lord Herbert, 47 Herbert road SE18
Lord High Admiral, 89 Church st, Lisson grove NW8
Lord High Admiral 145 Vauxhall bridge road SW1
Lord Hill, 131 Peckham hill street SEl5
Lord Hood, 89 Dunbridge street E2
Lord Hood Arms, 300 Creek road SEl0
Lord Howick Warapite road SEl8
Lord John Russell, 91 & 98 Marchmont street WC1
Lord John Russell, 223 Roman road E2
Lord Lyndhurst, 63 Lyndhurst way SE15
Lord Morpeth, 402 Old Ford road E3
Nord Napier, 27 London Fields West side E8
Lord Napier, 75 Mortlake High street SW14
Lord Napier 25 White Post lane E9
Lord Napier, 6 Woolwich road SE10
Lord Nelson 06 Canon Beck road SEl6
Lord Nelson 230 Commercial road El
Lord Nelson, 105/107 Copenhagen street N1
Lord Nelson 37 Cranbrook street E2
Lord Nelson, 92 Hanson street W1
Lord Nelson, 100 Holloway road N7
Lord Nelson 200 Kings road SW3
Lord Nelson, 1 Manchester road El4
Lord Nelson, 42 Masbro road W14
Lord Nelson, 17 Mora street EC1
Lord Nelson 143 Morning lane E9
Lord Nelson, 386 Old Kent road SEl
Lord Nelson, 262/264 Old street EC1
Lord Nelson 47 Pelly road El3
Lord NelsoD 48 Stanhope street NW1
Lord Nelson 137 Trafalgar street SE17
Lord Nelson 243 Union street SEl
Lord Nelson, 65 Watney street E1
Lord Northbrook, 116 Burnt Ash road SEl2
Lord Palmerston 10 Annette road N7
Lord Palmerston, 81 Childers street SE8
Lord Palmerston, 33 Dartmouth park hill NW5
Lord Palmerston, Forest road El7
Lord Palmerston, 60 Hampstead road NW1
Lord Palmerston, 70 Hartington road SW8
Lord Palmerston, 45 Hewlett road E3
Lord Pamerston, 648 Kings road SW6
Lord Palmerston 91 Lordship lane SE22
Lord Palmerston 47 Lucey road SEl6
Lord Palmerston Maple road SE20
Lord Palmerston, 141 Merton road SW18
Lord Palmerston, 32 Park road east W3
Lord Palmerston, 197 Philip lane N15
Lord Palmerston Hotel 308 Kilburn High road NW6
Lord Panmure, 107 Plumstead road SE18
Lord Raglan 158 Burrage road SEl8
Lord Raglan, 65 Cronin road SE15
Lord Raglan, 9 High st, Plaistow E13
Lord Raglan, 19 Midlothian road E3
Lord Raglan, 199 Shernhall street El7
Lord Raglan, 139 Southgate road N1
Lord Raglan, 392 Wandsworth road SW8
Lord Ranelagh, 294 Old Brompton road SW5
Lord Ranelagh, 53 Verona street SW11
Lord Rodneys Head, 285 Whitechapel road El
Lord Rookwood, 314 Cann hall road El 1
Lord Somers Arms, 115 Chalton street NW1
Lord Southampton, 2 Southampton road NW5
Lord Stanley, 51 Camden park road NW1
Lord Stanley, 55 Carmen street E14
Lord Stanley, 31 Hinton road SE24
Lord Stanley, 15 St, Marys road El3
Lord Stanley, 136 Sandringham road E8
Lord Tredegar, 50 Lichfield road E3
Lord Truro, 180 Dalston lane E8
Lord Tyrawley, 71 Marylebone High street W1
Lord Wellington, 508 Old Kent road SEl
Lord Wellington, 31 University street WC1
Lord Wellington, 132 Weston street SEl
Lord Westbury, 418 Wandsworth road SW8
Lord Wolseley, 76 Upper Brockley road SE4
Lord Wolseley, 55 White Lion street N1
Lords Tavern, St,, Johns Wood road NWS
Lordship Tavern, 606 Lordship lane N22
Lome Arms, 64 Queens road E17
Loughborough Hotel, 39 Loughborough road SW9
Loughborough Park Tavern, 305/307 Coldharbour lane SW9
Lowndes Arms, 37 Chesham street SW1
Lucas Arms, 245a, Grays Inn road WC1
Lyric Tavern, 37 Great Windmill street W1

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