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Lots of London pub history 1600 onwards

London pubs in 1961 – M to O

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1961 in London, nothing particularly special, except it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. There are about 450 listed here.

Do you have additional detail about any of these London pubs, their history, your own photographs of yesteryear, e.g. in the 1960s and 1970s? Please let me know.


Macaulay Arms, 129 Kensington Church street W8
Mack worth Arms, 158 Commercial road El
Magdala Tavern, 211 Lordship lane SE22
Magdala Tavern, South Hill park NW3
Magnet, 64 Old Kent road SE1
Magnet & Dewdrop, 194 West Ferry road E14
Magogs, Russia row EC2
Magpie, 12 New street EC2
Magpie & Punch Bowl, 86 Bishopsgate EC2
Magpie & Stump, 98 Cable street EI
Magpie & Stump, 18 Old Bailey EC4
Maid of the Mill, 24 Mill road SEl3
Mail Coach, 1 Camomile street EC3
Mail Coach, 28 Uxbridge road W12
Maismore Arms, 104 Peckham park road SEl5
Malden Arms, 117 Malden road NW5
Mall Tavern, 71/73 Palace gardens terrace W8
Malt & Hops, 891 High rd, North Finchley N12
Maltman & Shovel, 6 King street W6
Malvern, 4 Bevington road W10
Mamelon Tower, 149 Grafton road NW5
Man-in-the-Moon, 392 Kings road SW3
Man of Kent, 224 Eltham High street SE9
Man of Kent, 2/4 Nunhead grn SEl 5
Man of Kent, 173 Sydenham road SE26
Manby Arms, 19 Water lane E15
Manchester Arms, 155 Hackney road E2
Manor Arms, 128 Clapham manor street 1W4
Manor Arms, 150 East India dock road E14
Manor Arms, 77 Hardens manor way SE7
Manor Arms, 5 Jackson street SEl8
Manor Arms, 13 Mitcham lane SW16
Manor Arms, 62 Railway side SW13
Manor Cottage Tavern, East End road N3
Manor Cottage Tavern, North Circular road N3
Manor Hotel, 94 Hatch lane E4
Manor House, 316 Green lanes N4
Manor House Tavern, 38 Bourne terrace W2
Manor Tavern, 126 Devonshire road W4
Manor Tavern, 78 Galley wall road SE 16
Manor Tavern, 11 Rectory road N16
Mansfield Hotel, 135 Mansfield road NW3
Mansion House, 204 Evelyn street SE8
Mansion House, 46/48 Kennington park road SEl1
Marie Lloyd, 24 Chart street N1
Mariners Arms, 395 The Highway E1
Marion Arms, 46 Lansdowne drive E8
Market Gardener, 32 Priests bridge SW14
Market House, 30 Broadway Market E8
Market House, 9 Russell st, Covent garden WC2
Market Tavern, 144 York way N1
Markham Arms, 138 Kings road SW3
Markhouse Arms, 129 Queens road E17
Marksman, 254 Hackney road E2
Marlborough, 710 Holloway road N19
Marlborough Arms, 43 Elystan street SW3
Marlborough Arms, 77 Marlborough grove SEl
Marlborough Arms, 67 Sedgmoor place SE5
Marlborough Arms, 36 Torrington place WC1
Marlborough Head, 36 Drury lane WC2
Marlborough Head, 37/38 Great Marlborough street W1
Marlborough Head, 74 Marmont road SE15
Marlborough Head, 24 North Audley street W1
Marlborough Tavern, 39 Abbey road NW8
Marquess Tavern, 32 Canonbury street N1
Marquis of Anglesea, 77 Ashmill street NW1
Marquis of Anglesea, 39 Bow street WC2
Marquis of Camden, 83 Camden street NW1
Marquis of Clanricarde, 36 Southwick street W2
Marquis of Cornwallis, 304 Bethnal green road E2
Marquis of Cornwallis, 23 Collier street N1
Marquis Cornwallis, 31 Marchmont street WC1
Marquis Cornwallis, 337 Old Ford road E3
Marquis of Cornwallis, 28 Warren street W1
Marquis of Granby, 51/52 Chandos place WC2
Marquis of Granby, 10/11 Drury lane WC2
Marquis of Granby, 322 New Cross road SEl4
Marquis of Granby, 2 Rathbone street W1
Marquis of Granby, 41 Romney street SW1
Marquis of Granby, 142 Shaftesbury avenue WC2
Marquis of Lansdowne, 32 Cremer street E2
Marquis of Lansdowne, 48 Stoke Newington road N16
Marquis of Lome, 81 Beckway street SEl7
Marquis of Lome, 49a, Daly ell road SW9
Marquis of Lorne, 117 Haydons road SW9
Marquis of Salisbury, 54 Balls pond road N1
Marquis of Salisbury, 64 Freeling street N1
Marquis of Salisbury, 110 Hermit road El6
Marquis of Wellington, 21 Druid street SEl
Marquis of Westminster, 50 Warwick way SW1
Marshal Keate, 29 Prestons road El4

Masons Arms, 169 Battersea park road SW8
Masons Arms, 19 Besson street SE14
Masons Arms, 58 Devonshire street W1
Masons Arms, 109 East street SE17
Masons Arms, 31 Harper road SE1
Masons Arms, 665 Harrow road NW1O
Masons Arms, 38 Maddox street W1
Masons Arms, 18 Tttehborne street W2
Masons Arms, 51 Upper Berkeley street W1
Masons Arms, 7 Watney street El
Mawbey Arms, 7 Mawbey street SW8
Mayflower, 117 Rotherhithe street SE16
Maynard Arms, 70 Park road N8
Maypole Inn, Mantle road SE4
Maze Hotel, 6 Chichester place W2
Mechanics Arms, 115 Churchlield road W3
Mechanics Arms, 126 Deptford High street SE8
Mechanics Larder, 213/215 Grays inn road WC1
Medina Tavern, 172 Seven Sisters road N7
Melbourne Arms, 81/83 Sandy hill road SE18
Mercers Arms, 34 Beigrave street E1
Mercers Arms, 17 Mercer street WC2
Merry Cricketers, 276 Lower road SE8 — T N BERmondsey 1611
Merry Hill Hotel, 95 Bramley road N14
Merry Monarch, Cropley street N1
Metropolitan, 60 Great Western road W11
Metropolitan, 60 Southwark street SE1
Metropolitan Tavern, 95 Farringdonrd EC1
Meyrick Arms, 122 Falcon road SW11
Mid Kent Tavern, 4 Junction approach SE13
Middlesex Tavern, 79 Westbourne road N7
Middleton Arms, 303 Queensbridge road E8
Midland Arms, 10 Church road NW4
Midland Hotel, Station road NW4
Mildmay Tavern, 130 Balls pond road N1
Milford Haven, 214 Caledonian road N1
Milford Tavern, 159 Park lane N17
Milkwood Tavern, 63 Milkwood road SE24
Mill, Holders hill road NW7
Mill Hill Hotel, 61 Gunnersbury lane W3
Milton Arms, 28 Wrights road E3
Mincing Lane Bar & Lounge, Plantation house, 16 Mincing lane EC3
Minstrel Boy, 156/160 Colney Hatch lane N10
Mitford Castle, 129 Cadogan terrace E9
Mitford Tavern, 133 Amhurst road E8
Mitre, 181 Copenhagen street N1
Mitre, 24 Graven terrace W2
Mitre, 164 Croydon road SE20
Mitre, 81 Dawes road SW6
Mitre, 14/15 Duke street hill, London bridge SEl
Mitre, 13 Edgware road W2
Mitre, 62 Golborne road W10
Mitre, 291 Greenwich High road SEl0
Mitre, 51 Hatfields SEl
Mitre, 40 Holland park avenue W11
Mitre, 130 Mitcham road SW17
Mitre, 62 Patmos road SW9
Mitre, 10 Somers mews, Southwick street W2
Mitre, 338 Tunnel avenue SE10
Mitre, 130 Upper street N1
Mitre, 145 Woolwich High street SEl8
Mitre Tavern, 71 Downham road N1
Mitre Tavern, Ely court, Ely place EC1
Mitre Tavern, 38 Fish street hill EC3
Mitre Tavern, 242 Grafton road NW5
Mitre Tavern, 89/91 High road, Tottenham N15
Monarch, 49 Chalk farm road NWI
Monarch, 68 Green lanes N16
Monarch, 88 Hornsey road N7
Monmouth Arms, 30 Haberdasher street N1
Montague Arms, 40 Benweil road N7
Montague Arms, 3 Medfleld street SW15
Montague Arms, 289 Queens road SEl5
Montpelier, 99 Queens road SEl5
Montpelier Tavern, 43 Choumert road SEl5
Montrose Tavern, 30 Mackenzie road N7
Monument Tavern, King William street EC4
Mooneys Dublin House, 3/4 Duke street hill SEl
Mooneys Irish House, 19& 57 High Holborn WC1
Mooneys Irish House, Wool Exchange, Coleman street EC2
Moore Arms, 61/63 Cadogan street SW3
Moore Park Hotel, 110 Wood vale SE23
Moorgate, 85 Moorgate EC2
Moray Arms, 94 Durham road N7
Morden Arms, 1 Brand street SE10
Moreton Arms, 65 Kentish town road NW1
Morgan Arms, 43 Morgan street E3
Morning Star, 231/235 Rye lane SEl5
Mornington Arms, 2 Mornington street NW1
Morpeth Arms, 58 Miilbank SW1
Morpeth Castle, 69 Cadogan ter, Victoria park E9
Mortimer Arms, 22 Mortimer road N1
Mortimer Arms, 174 Tottenham court road Wl
Moscow Arms, 51 Moscow road W2
Moss Hail Tavern, 283 Ballards lane N12
Mostyn Arms, 93 Bramah road SW9
Mother Red Cap, 174 Camden High street NWl
Mother Red Cap, 665 Holloway road N19
Mother Shipton, 1 Malden road NW5
Moulders Arms, 50/52 Bromley High street E3
Mulberry Tree, 563 Holloway road N19
Mulberry Tree, 161 St Leonards street E3
Murray Arms, 25 Agar grove NW1
Murray Arms, 28 Rhyl street NW5
Museum Tavern, 49 Great Russell street WC1
Myddleton Arms, 52 Canonbury road N1
Nags Head, 25 Bow Common lane E3
Nags Head, 242 Camberwell road SE5
Nags Head, 324 Hackney road E2
Nags Head, 8-80 High road, Tottenham N17
Nags Head, 203 High road, Wood green N22
Naigs Head, 456 HaLoway road N7
Nags Head, 10 James street WC2
iNags Head, 53 Kinnerton street SW1
Nags Head, 30 Morden road SW19
Nags Head, 9 Orford road E17
Nags Head, 12 Upper street N1
Nags Head, 693 Wandsworth road SW8
Nags Head, 17 Whitechapel road El
Nags Head, 205 York road SW11
Napier Arms, 126 St, Johns hill SW11
Napier Arms, Woodford New road El7
Navarino, 45 Navarino road E8
Navy Arms, 60 New King street SE8
Navy & Army, 23 Frances street SE18
Needle Gun, 527 Roman road E3
Neeld Arras, 362 Harrow road W9
Nell Gwynne, 1/2 Bull inn court, Strand WC2
Nell Gwynne, 541 Kings road SW6
Nelson, 83 Castlehaven road NW1
Nelson, 24 Montpelier place SW7
NeJeon Arms, High street, Merton SW19
NeSsons Head, 32 Horatio street, Hackney road E2
Neptune, 17 Rupack street SE16
Neptune, 51 Wellington street NWl
Nettilefolds, 2/3 Myddelton street EC1
Neville Arms, 31 Nevill road N16
New Bridge House, 242 Westminster bridge road SE1
New Chandos, 31 Colindale avenue NW9
New Coach & Horses, 69 Matthias road N16
New Concord, 96 Keetons road SEl 6
New Copenhagen, 244/246 York way N7
New Cross House, 3)16 New Cross road SE14
New Cross Inn, 323 New Cross road SEl4
New Crown, 100 St, Pauls road N1
New Crown & Cushion, 13>3 Westminster bridge road SE1
New Globe, 359 Mile end road E3
New Gog, Freemasons road E16
New Gunboat, 247 The Highway El
New Inn, 2 Allitsen road NW8
New Inn, 8 Edgware road W2
New Inn, 62 St, Marys road W5
New Inn, 183 Tottenham court road W1
New Jolly Caulkers, 126 Lower road SEl6
New Merlins Cave, Margery street WC1
New Ordnance Arms, 24 Sand street SEl8
New Portland Arms, 256 Wandsworth road SW8
New Prince Regent, 111 East road N1
New Queens Head, 95 Bride street N7
New Queens Head, 144 StockweHl road SW9
New Red Lion, 181 Harrow road W2
New Red Lion, 292 St, John street EC1
New Tigers Head, 159 Lee road SE3
New York Stores, 50 East Smithfield El
Newberry Arms, 40 Malden road NW5
Newcastle Arms, 1 Glengaruock avenue El4
Newington Arms, 31 King & Queen street SEl7
Newlands Tavern, 40 Stuart road SE15
Newman Arms, 23 Rathbone street W1
Newmarket Inn, 17 York way N7
Newton Arms, 31 Newton street WC2
Nightingale, 40 Nightingale lane N8
Nightingale, 51 Nightingale lane El1
Nightingale, 97 Nightingale lane SW12
Nightingale Hotel, 349 High road, Wood green N22
Noahs Ark, 216/217 Blackfriars road SEl
Noahs Ark, 412 Evelyn street SE8
Norbury Hotel, London road SW16
Norfolk, 199 Shoreditch High street E1
Norfolk Arms, 49 Cecilia road E8
Norfolk Arms, 382 Essex road N1
Norfolk Arms, 460 Hackney road E2
Norfolk Arms, 557 Holloway road N19
Norfolk Arms, 28 Leigh street WCI
Norfolk Arms, 13 Melvile street N1
Norfolk Arms, 272 North End road SW6
Norfolk Arms, 1 Sandison street SEl5
Norfolk Arms, 9 Skinner street ECa
Norland Arms, 12 Addison avenue Wl1
Norman Arms, 197 Lililie road SW6
North Briton, 10 New North road N1
North Kent Brewery Tap, 40 Lakedale road SE18
North Kent Tavern, 32 Spray street SEl8
North London Hotel, 375 Kilburn High road NW6
North Pole, 131 Greenwich High road SEl0
North Pole, 74 Manilla street E14
North Pole, 190 New North road N1
North Pole, 29 North street SW4
North Pole Hotel, 13/15 North Pole road W10
North Star, 43 Broadway, Ealing W5
North Star, 24 Browning road E11
North Star, 104 Finch,ey road NW3
Northampton Arms, 279 Essex road N1
Northampton Arms, 205 Gosweil road EC1
Northcote, 2 Northcote road SWll
Narthcote Hotel, 110 Grove »reen road El1
Northern Stair, 130 High rd, New Southgate N11
Northovar Hotel, Whitefoot la, Bromley, Kent
Northumberland Arms, 299 Barking road E13
Northumberland Arms, 88 Brandon street SEl7
Northumberland Arms, 43 Goodge street W1
Northumberland Arms, 141 Kings cross road WC1
Northumberland Arms, Northumberland pk N17
Northumberland Arms, 119 Tottenham court road Wl
Northumberland Arms, 408 Upper Richmond road SW15
Northumberland Arms, 78 Well street E9
Norwood Hotel, 3 Knights hill SE27
Notting Barn Tavern, 40 Silchester road W10
Nottingham Arms, 371 Prince Regent lane E16
Nottingham Castle, 20 Little Chester street SW1
Nottingham Castle, 257 Wandsworth road SW8
Oak, 348/350 High st, Stratford El5
Oakdale Arms, 283 Hermitage road N4
Oakley Arms, 32 Hall street EC1
Odell Arms, 41 Limeanston street SW10
Odessa Arms, 53/55 Odessa road E7
Offord Arms, 388 Caledonian road N1
Oglandeir Tavern, 17 Oglander road SEl5
Old Axe, 69 Hackney road E2
Old Basing House, 25/27 Kingsland road E2
Old Bell, 95 Fleet et EC4
Old Bell, 23 Wellington street WC2
Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern street EC2
Old Bucks Head, 82 Lower Thames street EC3
Old Cherry Tree Hotel, 31 Grove vale SE22
Old Chesterfield, 7 Shepherd street W1
Old Cider Stores, 4 London road SEl
Old Cock Tavern, 259 Upper street N1
Old Coffee House, 49 Beak st, Regent street Wl
Old Crooked Billet, 15 Crooked Billet SW19
Old Crown, 90 Highgate hiil N19
Old Grown, 33 New Oxford street WC1
Old Duke of Cambridge, 158 Devons road E3
Old Eagle, 251 Royal College street NW1
Old England, 37 Delamere cres W2
Oild Fairm House, 40 Doddington road SW11
Olld Farm House, 291 Kentish town road NW5
Old Father Thames, 11 Albert embankment SEl 1
Old Fountain, 3 Baldwin st, City road EC1
Old Friend, 129 Roman road E2
Old Friends, 11/15 Woolwich road SE10
Old George, 379 Bethnal green road E2
Old George, 40 Mortlake High street SW14
Old Gipsy House, 69 Gipsy road SE27
Old Globe, 191 Mile end road El
Old Hall Tavern, Hall ia E4
Old Hat, 128 The Broadway, West Ealing W13
Old Horns, 68 Warner pi E2
Old House, 45 Plough road SW11
Old House at Home, 87/89 Waltney street El
Old Ivy House, 166 Goswell road EC1
Old Ivy House, 32 Hertford road N
Old Justice, 94 Bermondsey wall east SEl6
Old King Johns Head, 90 Whieton road E2
OM King of Prussia, 363 Regents park road N3
Old Kings Head, 18 Bear street WC2
Old Kings Head, 173 Blackfriars road SEl
Old Kings Head, 3S2 Holloway road N7
Old Kings Head, 28 Holywell row EC2
Old Kings Head, 28 Upper Clapton road E5
Old Kings Head & Mermaid, 116 Lower Thames street EC3
Old Leather Bottle, 1 Greville street EC1
Old Loyal Britons, 62 Thames street SE10
Old Manor House, 56 Bush road SE8
Old Mermaid, 364 Mare street E8
Old Mill, Old Mill road SEl8
Old Miller of Mansfield, 82 Snowsflelds SEl
Old Nuns Head, 15 Nunhead green SEl5
Old Oak, 1 Mansfield road NW3
Old Oak, 180 North End road W14
Old Pack Horse, 434 Chiswick High road W4
Old Parrs Head, 120 Blythe road W14
Old Parrs Head, 66 Cross street N1
Old Pied Bull, 188 Holloway road N7
Old Plough, 19 Kilburn lane Wl0
Old Queen6 Head, 44 Essex road N1
Old Queens Head, 1«17 London road SEl
Old Queens Head, 133 Stockwell road SW9
Old Red House, 133 Battersea park road SW11
Old Red Lion, 72 High Holborn WC1
Old Red Lion, 42 Kennington park road SEl1
Old Red Lion, 418 St, John street EC1
Old Red Lion, 217 Whitechapel road El
Old Rising Sun, 79 Marylebone High street Wl
Old Rose, 128 The Highway El
Old Rose, 22 & 23 Medway street SW1
Old Rose Inn, 272 New Cross road SEl4
Old Sergeant, 104 Garratt lane SW18
Old Seven Sisters, Markfield road N15
Old Ship, 2 Sylvester path E8
Old Ship, 25 Upper Mall W6
Old Spotted Dog Hotel, Neasden lane NW10
Old Star, 14 Watts street El
Old Star & Crown, 66 Broadway SW1
Old Swan, 116 Battersea Church road SWl1
Old Three Colts, 450 Old Ford road E3
Old Tigers Head, 351 Lee High road SEl2
Old Welsh Harp, The Broadway, West Hendon NW9
Old White Horse, 20 Peckham rye SEl5
Old White Horse, 2 St, Clements lane WC2
Old White Lion, High road N2
Old Windmill, 214 Chiswick High road W4
Old Wine House, 111/112 Whitechapel High street El
Olde Tabard, 85 Borough High street SEl
Olive Branch 20 HomeT st, Marylebone road Wl
Olive Branch, 1 Orchard hill SEl3
Olive Branch, 179 Park lane N17
Olive Branch, 158/160 Waterloo road SEl
Oliver Arms 1 Bourne terrace W2
Oliver Twist, 90 Church road E10
Omnibus & Horses, 107 Harrow road W2
One Tun, 58/60 Goodge street Wl
One Tun, 125 Saffron hill EC1
Opera Tavern, 23 Catherine st, Strand WC2
Oporto Tavern, 43 West India dock road E14
Orange, 37/39 Pimlico road SW1
Orange Tree, 234 Euston road NW1
Orange Tree, 2 Friern Barnet lane N11
Orange Tree, 5 Havil street SE5
Orange Tree 18 Highfield road N21
Orange Tree, 32 & 34 Hillside NWl0
Orange Tree, Totteridge lane N20
Orchard Tavern, 136 Askew road W12
Ordell Arms, 22 Ordei, road E3
Ordnance Arms, 110 Barking road El6
Ordnance Arms, 18 Beresford sq SE18
Ordnance Arms, 29 Ordnance hill NW8
Ordnance Arms, 75 York road SEl
Original Woodman, 42 & 44 Battersea High street SW11
Osborne Arms, 139 Church road E10
Osborne Arms 14 New King street SE8
Osidge Arms, Hampden sq N14
Ossory Arms, 47 Ossory road SEl
Owl, Silver street N18
Ox & Gate, Oxgate lane NW2
Oxford, 75 Bridport place N1
Oxford Arms, 265 Camden High street NW1
Oxford Arms, 65 Clapham park road SW4
Oxford Arms, 32 Deptford Church street SE8
Oxford Arms, 21 Halliford street N1
Oxford Arms Naseby road SEl9
Oxford Arms, 43 Stepney way E1
Oxford Arms, 14 Westminster bridge road SEl
Oxford & Cambridge, 70 Hammersmith bridge road W6
Oxford & Cambridge, 2 New Oxford street WC1
Oxford Tavern, 256 Kentish town road NW5

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