City of London pubs in 2018

I have pages of these pubs in 2018/19, about 51,000 of them in total; and many are now part of London. Others around the country, in the southern end of the country are also listed, some are not. The entire listing is here.

And here is the city of London, most of it . Please note that it is alphabetical with ‘The Pub’ under the letter T

City of London .
37 Jewry,Centurion House, 37 Jewry Street, London,EC3N 2ER,City of London
All Bar One,175 Bishopsgate, London EC2A 2JN,City of London
All Bar One, Public House, 16 Byward Street, London EC3R 5BA,City of London
All Bar One, Retail Unit, 107-108 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BD,City of London
All Bar One, Retail Unit, 103 Cannon Street, London EC4N 5AG,City of London
Amber Bar, City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9AW,City of London
Astronomer,125-129 Middlesex Street, London,E1 7JF,City of London
Babble City, 45 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HT,City of London
Balls Brothers @ Minster Court,1 Minster Pavement, London EC3R 7PP,City of London
Balls Brothers Austin Friars,10-11 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HG,City of London
Balls Brothers Shoe Lane,73 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3BQ,City of London
Balls Brothers Wine Bar, Retail Unit, The Baltic Exchange, 38 St Mary Axe, London,EC3A 8EX,City of London
Balls Brothers, Mark Lane,2 Minster Court, London,EC3R 7BB,City of London
Bangers,Retail Unit, 2-12 Wilson Street, London,EC2M 2TE,City of London
Bar 20, 20 Fenchurch Street, London,EC3M 3BY,City of London
Barbican Bars, Barbican Arts And Conference Centre, Silk Street, London,EC2Y 8DS,City of London
Bavarian Beerhouse, 9 Crutched Friars, London,EC3N 2AU,City of London
Be At One, 28 King William Street, London,EC4R 9AT,City of London
Be At One, Retail Unit, 48 Gresham Street, London,EC2V 7AY,City of London
Bedales Wine Bar, Retail Unit, 55 Leadenhall Market, London,EC3V 1LT,City of London
Bishops Finger, Public House, 9-10 West Smithfield, London,EC1A 9JR,City of London
Bottlescrue,Basement Unit, 31-33 Foster Lane, London,EC2V 6HD,City of London
Brokers Wine Bar,First Floor Retail Unit, 6-9 Leadenhall Market, London,EC3V 1LR,City of London
Browns,8 Old Jewry, London,EC2R 8DN,City of London
Candlemaker,The Walbrook Building, 25 Walbrook, London,EC4N 8AF,City of London
Cannick Tapps,109 Cannon Street, London,EC4N 5AD,City of London
Cheshire Cheese, Public House, 48 Crutched Friars, London,EC3N 2AP,City of London
City Boot,3 Bastion Highwalk, London,EC2Y 5AP,City of London
City Flogger,60 Mark Lane, London,EC3R 7ND,City of London
City of London Distillery, Basement Retail Unit, 24 Bride Lane, London,EC4Y 8DT,City of London
City Sports Pub and Grill, Retail Unit, 5 Minories, London,EC3N 1BJ,City of London
City University Club, 42 Crutched Friars, London,EC3N 2AP,City of London
Club Gascon, 57 West Smithfield, London,EC1A 9DS,City of London
Club Ten, Grange St Pauls Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, London,EC4V 5AJ,City of London
Core,Aldermary House, 15 Queen Street, London,EC4N 1TX,City of London
Corney & Barrow, 14 Mason’s Avenue, London,EC2V 5BT,City of London
Corney & Barrow, 25 Fenchurch Avenue, London,EC3M 5AD,City of London
Corney & Barrow, 5 Exchange Square, London,EC2A 2EH,City of London
Corney & Barrow Wine Bar, Retail Unit 2, 3 Fleet Place, London,EC4M 7RA,City of London
Corney & Barrow Wine Bars, 12 Great New Street, London,EC4A 3BN,City of London
Corney & Barrow, Level 1, Unit 2,City Point, 1 Ropemaker Street, London,EC2Y 9AW,City of London
Corney & Barrow, Unit 3, Stock Exchange,London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, London,EC4M 7DY,City of London
Crosse Keys PH, 7 Gracechurch Street, London,EC3V 0DR,City of London
Davy’s,Woolgate Exchange, 25 Basinghall Street, London,EC2V 5HA,City of London
Davys, 1 Plantation Place, Unit 8 Plantation Place, 20 Mincing Lane, London,EC3M 3BD,City of London
Devonshire Terrace,Offices, 9 Devonshire Square, London,EC2M 4YF,City of London
Dirty Dicks Public House, 202 Bishopsgate, London,EC2M 4NR,City of London
Dirty Martini,124-127 Minories, London,EC3N 1NT,City of London
Dirty Martini, 158 Bishopsgate, London,EC2M 4LX,City of London
Dirty Martini,Retail Unit, Three Keys House, 130 Wood Street, London,EC2V 6DL,City of London
Dirty Martini Monument, 1 Lovat Lane, London,EC3R 8DT,City of London
Duke of Somerset, Public House, 15 Little Somerset Street, London,E1 8AH,City of London
East India Arms, Public House, 67 Fenchurch Street, London,EC3M 4BR,City of London
Editors Tap, Ground Floor Retail Unit, 5-11 Fetter Lane, London,EC4A 1BR,City of London
El Vino Co Ltd, 30 New Bridge Street, London,EC4V 6BJ,City of London
El Vino Co Ltd, 47 Fleet Street, London,EC4Y 1BJ,City of London
Enoteca, 10 Basinghall Street, London,EC2V 5BQ,City of London
Enoteca, 20-21 Watling Street, London,EC4M 9BR,City of London
Enoteca, Retail Unit 7, Western Courtyard, Devonshire Square, London,EC2M 4AE,City of London
Enoteca Rabezzana, 62-63 Long Lane, London,EC1A 9EJ,City of London
Forge,24 Cornhill, London,EC3V 3ND,City of London
Forge Bar & Club, Basement Members Club, 24 Cornhill, London,EC3V 3ND,City of London
Fox Fine Wines, 118 London Wall, London,EC2Y 5JA,City of London
George Bar, Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool Street, London,EC2M 7QN,City of London
Goodman City Ltd, Retail Unit, 11 Old Jewry, London,EC2R 8DU,City of London
Grand Union, Public House, Rolls Passage, London,EC4A 1HL,City of London
Greene King,The Kings Arms Public House, 27 Wormwood Street, London,EC2M 1RP,City of London
Hamilton Hall, Retail Unit 32 Upper Concourse, Liverpool Street Station, Liverpool Street, London,EC2M 7PY,City of London
Hand & Shears Public House, Public House, 1 Middle Street, London,EC1A 7JA,City of London
Harrild and Sons, 26 Farringdon Street, London,EC4A 4AB,City of London
Harry’s Bar,17-20 Ironmonger Lane, London,EC2V 8EP,City of London
Harry’s Bar, 5 Abchurch Yard, London,EC4N 7BA,City of London
Harry’s Bar & Pizzeria, 15 Black Friars Lane, London,EC4V 6ER,City of London
Hippo Inns Limited, White Swan, 20 Farringdon Street, London,EC4A 4AB,City of London
Humble Grape, Retail Unit, 8 Devonshire Row, London,EC2M 4RH,City of London
Inn of Court, 18 Holborn, London,EC1N 2LE,City of London
Isis Bar, 8-14 Cooper’s Row, London,EC3N 2BQ,City of London
Jamaica Wine House, St Michael’s Alley, London,EC3V 9DS,City of London
Jamies, 1 Alban Highwalk, London,EC2Y 5AS,City of London
Jamies, 2A Suffolk Lane, London,EC4R 0AT,City of London
Jamies, 47 Ludgate Hill, London,EC4M 7JZ,City of London
Jamies,Cree House, 20 Creechurch Lane, London,EC3A 5AY,City of London
Jamies,Retail Unit, River House, 119-121 Minories, London,EC3N 1DR,City of London
Jamies St Mary At Hill, 2 St Mary At Hill, London,EC3R 8EE,City of London
Jamie’s Wine Bar and Restaurant, 36 Tudor Street, London,EC4Y 0BH,City of London
Kanaloa,Retail Unit, Hill House, Shoe Lane, London,EC4A 3BQ,City of London
Karaoke Box, Jarvis House, 12 Smithfield Street, London,EC1A 9LA,City of London
Kings Stores Public House, 14 Widegate Street, London,E1 7HP,City of London
La Tasca, 16 Eldon Street, London,EC2M 7LA,City of London
Liberty Bounds, Retail Unit, 15 Trinity Square, London,EC3N 4AA,City of London
London Cocktail Club, 2 Eastcheap, London,EC3M 1AE,City of London
Magpie & Stump,18 Old Bailey, London,EC4M 7EP,City of London
Merchant House, 13 Well Court, London,EC4M 9DN,City of London
Merchant House of Fleet Street,8 Bride Court, London,EC4Y 8DU,City of London
Number 25, 25 Birchin Lane, London,EC3V 9DJ,City of London
Old Red Cow,The Old Red Cow Public House, 71-72 Long Lane, London,EC1A 9EJ,City of London
One Under Lime, 1 Leadenhall Place, London,EC3M 7DX,City of London
Oriole,4 East Poultry Avenue, London,EC1A 9LH,City of London
Oyster Shed, 1 Angel Lane, London,EC4R 3AB,City of London
Patch, 58-62 Carter Lane, London,EC4V 5EA,City of London
Patch East, Basement Retail Unit, 80 Leadenhall Street, London,EC3A 3DH,City of London
Pavilion End, The Pavilion End Public House, 23 Watling Street, London,EC4M 9BR,City of London
Pegasus Bar, Inner Temple Treasury, The Terrace, London,EC4Y 7HL,City of London
Piano Smithfield, 14 Long Lane, London,EC1A 9PN,City of London
Pitcher & Piano,28 Cornhill, London,EC3V 3ND,City of London
Planet Of The Grapes, 9-10 Bulls Head Passage, London,EC3V 1LU,City of London
Planet of the Grapes Ltd,Basement Unit, 74-82 Queen Victoria Street, London,EC4N 4SJ,City of London
Punch Tavern, Public House, 99 Fleet Street, London,EC4Y 1DE,City of London
Quarter Jacks, Grange St Pauls Hotel,10 Godliman Street, London,EC4V 5AJ,City of London
Reflex, 17 Watling Street, London,EC4M 9BB,City of London
Revolution, Retail Unit, 1 America Square, London,EC3N 2LS,City of London
Revolution, Retail Unit, 140-144 Leadenhall Street, London,EC3V 4QT,City of London
Roma, 14 New London Street, London,EC3R 7NA,City of London
Rudd’s, Retail Unit, 148 Queen Victoria Street, London,EC4V 4BY,City of London
Salotto 31,Retail Unit, 31 Lovat Lane, London,EC3R 8EB,City of London
Sammie’s Bar, Basement & Ground,The Angel Public House, 14 Crosswall, London,EC3N 2LJ,City of London
Samuel Peyps, Public House, Stew Lane, London,EC4V 3PT,City of London
Shaws Booksellers, Shaws Booksellers Public House, 31-34 St Andrew’s Hill, London,EC4V 5DE,City of London
Silks Cocktail Bar, Grange St Pauls,10 Godliman Street, London,EC4V 5AJ,City of London
Sir John Hawkshaw, Retail Unit 4-5, Cannon Street Station, Cannon Street, London,EC4N 6AP,City of London
Sky Bar, Grange St Pauls Hotel,10 Godliman Street, London,EC4V 5AJ,City of London
Slug and Lettuce, 2 Love Lane, London,EC2V 7JQ,City of London
Slug and Lettuce, 29 St Mary Axe, London,EC3A 8AA,City of London
Spritz & Giggles,The Pavilion, 3 Broadgate, London,EC2M 2QS,City of London
St Brides Foundation,Bridewell Theatre, 14 Bride Lane, London,EC4Y 8EQ,City of London
St Brides Tavern, Public House, 1 Bridewell Place, London,EC4V 6AP,City of London
Steam & Rye, 147 Leadenhall Street, London,EC3V 4QT,City of London
Steam Wine Bar, 1 St George’s Lane, London,EC3R 8DJ,City of London
Swingers,Retail Unit 1, Bankside House, 107-112 Leadenhall Street, London,EC3A 4AF,City of London
Ten Trinity Square Private Club,10 Trinity Square, London,EC3N 4AJ,City of London
The Albion, Public House, 2-3 New Bridge Street, London,EC4V 6AA,City of London
The Alice,Five Acre Square, 133-137 Houndsditch, London,EC3A 7BX,City of London
The Anthologist,58 Gresham Street, London,EC2V 7BB,City of London
The Arbitrager,27A Throgmorton Street, London,EC2N 2AN,City of London
The Banker, Public House, Cousin Lane, London,EC4R 3TE,City of London
The Bell Public House,29 Bush Lane, London,EC4R 0AN,City of London
The Blackfriar,Blackfriars Tavern, 174 Queen Victoria Street, London,EC4V 4EG,City of London
The Bootlegger’s Club Ltd,Basement Retail Unit, 25-26 Lime Street, London,EC3M 7HR,City of London
The Botanist,35 Broadgate Circle, London,EC2M 2QS,City of London
The Breakfast Club,12-16 Artillery Lane, London,E1 7LS,City of London
The Bridewell Theatre,St Brides Foundation Institute, 14 Bride Lane, London,EC4Y 8EQ,City of London
The Britannia, Public House, 20 Monument Street, London,EC3R 8AJ,City of London
The Bull, Public House, 4-5 Devonshire Row, London,EC2M 4RH,City of London
The Bunch Of Grapes, 14 Lime Street, London,EC3M 7AN,City of London
The Butcher’s Hook and Cleaver, Public House, 61 West Smithfield, London,EC1A 9DY,City of London
The Centre Page, Public House, 29-33 Knightrider Street, London,EC4V 5BH,City of London
The Cock & Woolpack, Public House, 6 Finch Lane, London,EC3V 3NA,City of London
The Cockpit, Public House, 7 St Andrew’s Hill, London,EC4V 5BY,City of London
The Counting House, Public House, 50 Cornhill, London,EC3V 3PD,City of London
The Craft Beer Company, 29-31 Mitre Street, London,EC3A 5BU,City of London
The Crown and Sugar Loaf, Public House, 26 Bride Lane, London,EC4Y 8DT,City of London
The Crutched Friar, Public House, 39-41 Crutched Friars, London,EC3N 2AE,City of London
The Draft House,14 Seething Lane, London,EC3N 4AX,City of London
The Draft House, Retail Unit, 1 Plough Place, London,EC4A 1DE,City of London
The Drift,110 Bishopsgate, London,EC2N 4AY,City of London
The English Wine and Spirit Co Ltd, Retail Unit, 8 Devonshire Row, London,EC2M 4RH,City of London
The Fable,60 Holborn Viaduct, London,EC1A 2FD,City of London
The Fine Line, 1 Bow Churchyard, London,EC4M 9DQ,City of London
The Folly, 41 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0BT,City of London
The Four Sisters Townhouse,5 Groveland Court, London,EC4M 9EH,City of London
The Gable,25 Moorgate, London,EC2R 6AR,City of London
The Globe, Public House, 83 Moorgate, London,EC2M 6SA,City of London
The Golden Fleece, Public House, 8-9 Queen Street, London,EC4N 1SP,City of London
The Grill on the Market,2-3 West Smithfield, London,EC1A 9JX,City of London
The Habit,Friary Court, 65 Crutched Friars, London,EC3N 2AE,City of London
The Hack & Hop,35 Whitefriars Street, London,EC4Y 8BH,City of London
The Harrow, Public House, 22 Whitefriars Street, London,EC4Y 8JJ,City of London
The Hoop & Grapes, 47 Aldgate High Street, London,EC3N 1AL,City of London
The Hung Drawn & Quartered, Public House, 27 Great Tower Street, London,EC3R 5AQ,City of London
The Hydrant, Equitable House,1 Monument Street, London,EC3R 8BG,City of London
The Jugged Hare, 49 Chiswell Street, London,EC1Y 4SA,City of London
The Lamb and Trotter, 6 Little Britain, London,EC1A 7BX,City of London
The Lamb Tavern, Public House, 10-12 Leadenhall Market, London,EC3V 1LR,City of London
The Lion, 31 Houndsditch, London,EC3A 7DB City of London
The Lord Aberconway, Public House, 73 Old Broad Street, London EC2M 1QT,City of London – existed in 1983
The Lord Raglan, 61 St Martin’s-Le-Grand, London,EC1A 4ER,City of London
The Magpie, Public House, 12 New Street, London EC2M 4TP,City of London
The Merchant, Lower Concourse Public House, Liverpool Street Station, Liverpool Street, London,EC2M 7PY,City of London
The Minories Public House, 64-73 Minories, London,EC3N 1JL,City of London
The Monument Public House,18 Fish Street Hill, London,EC3R 6DB,City of London
The New Moon Public House, 88 Gracechurch Street, London,EC3V 0DN,City of London
The Old Bell Tavern, Public House, 95 Fleet Street, London,EC4Y 1DH,City of London
The Old Doctor Butler’s Head, Public House, 2 Mason’s Avenue, London,EC2V 5BT,City of London
The Old Tea Warehouse, Public House, 4-8 Creechurch Lane, London,EC3A 5AY,City of London
The Olde Wine Shades, Public House, 6 Martin Lane, London,EC4R 0DJ,City of London
The Paternoster, 2 Queen’s Head Passage, London,EC4M 7DZ,City of London
The Peacock, Public House, 41 Minories, London,EC3N 1DT,City of London
The Pelt Trader, Arch 3, 23 Dowgate Hill, London,EC4R 2SU,City of London
The Phoenix, Retail Unit, 26 Throgmorton Street, London,EC2N 2AN,City of London
The Pregnant Man, 40 Chancery Lane, London,WC2A 1JA,City of London
The Rack & Tenter, Public House, Tenter House, 45 Moorfields, London,EC2Y 9AE,City of London
The Railway Tavern, Public House, 15 Liverpool Street, London,EC2M 7NX,City of London
The Red Lion, Public House, 1 Eldon Street, London,EC2M 7LS,City of London
The Rising Sun, Public House, 61 Carter Lane, London,EC4V 5DY,City of London
The Rising Sun Public House,38 Cloth Fair, London,EC1A 7JQ,City of London
The Saint, Retail Unit, 1 Rose Street, London,EC4M 7DQ,City of London
The Sea Horse PH, Public House, 64 Queen Victoria Street, London,EC4N 4SJ,City of London
The Shakespeare, Public House, 2 Goswell Road, London,EC1M 7AA,City of London
The Ship, Public House, 3 Hart Street, London,EC3R 7NB,City of London
The Ship Public House,11 Talbot Court, London,EC3V 0BP,City of London
The St Barts Brewery, 66 West Smithfield, London,EC1A 9DY,City of London
The Steel Yard, 13-16 Allhallows Lane, London,EC4R 3UL,City of London
The Sterling, 30 St Mary Axe, London,EC3A 8BF,City of London
The Still & Star, Public House, 1 Little Somerset Street, London,E1 8AH,City of London
The Sugarloaf, Retail Unit, 65 Cannon Street, London,EC4N 5AA,City of London
The Swan PH, Retail Unit, 77-80 Gracechurch Street, London,EC3V 0AS,City of London
The Telegraph, Public House, 11 Telegraph Street, London,EC2R 7AR,City of London
The Three Cranes, 28 Garlick Hill, London,EC4V 2BA,City of London
The Three Lords, Public House, 27 Minories, London,EC3N 1DE,City of London
The Union Ludgate, 35 Old Bailey, London,EC4M 7AU,City of London
The Walrus & The Carpenter PH, Public House, 45 Monument Street, London,EC3R 8BU,City of London
The White Horse, 2 Exchange Place, London,EC2A 2EH,City of London
The White Swan,108 Fetter Lane, London,EC4A 1ES,City of London
The Windsor, Public House, 2 New London Street, London EC3R 7NA,City of London – former CITY OF LONDON YEOMAN: 2 New London Street
The Woodins Shades, Public House, 212 Bishopsgate, London,EC2M 4PT,City of London
Three Tuns, Public House, 36 Jewry Street, London,EC3N 2ET,City of London
Tipperary, Public House, 66 Fleet Street, London,EC4Y 1HT,City of London
Tokenhouse,Retail Unit, 4 Moorgate, London,EC2R 6DA,City of London
TOSI (Vino and Vino),16 West Smithfield, London EC1A 9HY,City of London
Veeno, Unit SU41,13 Upper Cheapside Passage, London,EC2V 6AG,City of London
Vertigo 42,Tower 42, International Financial Centre, 25 Old Broad Street, London,EC2N 1HQ,City of London
Viaduct Tavern Public House,126 Newgate Street, London,EC1A 7AA,City of London
Vinyl Bar Live,2 Old Change Court, London,EC4M 8EN,City of London
Voltaire, Crowne Plaza Hotel,Blackfriars House, 19 New Bridge Street, London,EC4V 6DB,City of London
We Are Bar, 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3TQ,City of London
Williams Ale and Cider House,22-24 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS,City of London
Williamsons Tavern, Public House, 1 Groveland Court, London,EC4M 9EH,City of London
Willys Wine Bar,Basement Retail Unit, 107 Fenchurch Street, London,EC3M 5JF,City of London
Wine Lodge Public House,143 Fenchurch Street, London,EC3M 6BL,City of London
Wolfgang’s Beer Haus,2-3 Creed Lane, London EC4V 5BR,City of London
Wood Street Bar and Restaurant,53 Fore Street, London,EC2Y 5EJ,City of London
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Public House, 145 Fleet Street, London,EC4A 2BU,City of London
Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Public House, 22 Fleet Street, London,EC4Y 1AA,City of London
Ye Olde London, Public House, 42 Ludgate Hill, London,EC4M 7DE,City of London
Ye Olde Watling, Public House, 29 Watling Street, London EC4M 9BR,City of London
The Old Bank Of England,194 Fleet Street, London,EC4A 2LT,City of London