London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – City AC

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings wich covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

A1 Tower, Mouflet, Louis A. Metropolitan Meat market. West Smithfield, EC
Acorn, Cuttriss, H. K. 1 Nicholas passage, Abchurch lane, EC
Adam and Eve, Back, R. 52 Jewin street, Aldersgate street, EC
Admiral Carter, Foster, C. J. 3 Bartholomew close, West Smithfield, EC
Albion Hotel, Parker, Thomas, 2 and 3 New Bridge street, Blackfriars, EC
Albion Hotel, Staples, J. S. and T. H. 153 Aldersgate street, EC
Albion Tavern, Hodges, G. H. 46 Threadneedle street EC
Alliance, Moth, T. W. 16 Angel court, Throgmorton street, EC
American Stores, Davies, H. D. 54 Fenchurch street EC
Anchor, Green, Henry, 11 Temple street, Whitefriars, EC
Anchor, Lake, J. 66 and 67 Cheapside, EC
Anchor and Hope, Wencker, Francis, 54 Lower Thames street, EC
Andertons Hotel, Clemow, F. H. 164 Fleet street EC
Angel, Fisher, Charlotte, 14 John street, Minories, EC
Artichoke, Briggs, Elizabeth, 34 Farringdon street EC
Auction Mart Tavern, Ashwell, T. 19 Tokenhouse yard, EC
Axe Inn, Knowles,J.J. Three Nun court, Aldermanbury, EC
Bakers Coffee House, Cross, W. M. 1 Change alley, Cornhill, EC
Baltic Coffee House, Dyer, D. 54 Threadneedle street, EC
Baltic, Oxley, W. C. 40 Threadneedle street, EC
Bank Tavern, Simon, G. Y. 37 Throgmorton street, EC
Barleymow, Deverall, Jas. 50 Long lane, West Smithfield, EC
Barleymow, Ford, William Marshall, 135 Salisbury court, Fleet street, EC
Barleymow, Jones, James, 210 Upper Thames street, EC
Barnards Inn Tavern, Fowler, Ann, 20 Holborn hill, EC
Bartholomew Coffee House, Cole, W. 39 West Smithfield, EC
Basinghall Hotel, Perkins, B. 5 and 6 New Basinghall street, EC
Bay Tree, Dowell, Jane, 33 Swithins lane, Lombard street, EC
Bear and Wheatsheaf, New, Henry, 72 Lower Thames street, EC
Beehive, Bryan, W. J. Leadenhall market, EC
Bell, Culley, R. H. 6 Addle hill, Doctors commons, EC
Bell, Goswell, F. 43 Carter lane, Doctors commons, EC
Bell, Wall, C. 4 and 5 Bell yard, Gracechurch street, EC
Bell, Cox, Arthur W. 29 Bush lane, Cannon street EC
Bell, Thompson, W. J. 95 Fleet street, EC
Bell, Rose, W. M. 11 Noble street, Falcon square EC
Bell, Elworthy, John T. 3 Lower Thames street EC
Bell, Elliot, John, 12 Basinghall street, EC
Bell, Warwick, T. B. 2 and 3, Church row, Aldgate, E
Bell and Crown, Ellis, E. 123 Holborn hill, EC
Bell and Three Tuns, Nelson, F. J. 61 Old Bailey, EC
Bengal Arms Tavern, Dunnett and Stoctrueler, 2 3 and 4 White Lion court, EC
Ben Jonson, Catchpole, C. 2 Westmorland buildings, Aldersgate street, EC
Ben Jonson, Sprengell, Elizabeth, 95 Houndsditch, EC
Ben Jonsons Head, Smith, W. W. 3 Shoe lane, Fleet street, EC
Birchs, Brymer, Ring, and Co. 15 Cornhill, EC
Bird Cage, Taylor, T. J. 81 Wood street, EC
Black Bull, Clarke, Caroline, 122 Holborn hill, EC
Black Bull, Pallett, J. 98 Upper Thames street, EC
Black Bull, Wilce, E. 39 Dunnings alley, Bishopsgate street, EC
Black Dog, Walker, M. 1 Little New street, East Harding street, EC
Black Horse, Hawkins, T. W. 47 Barbican, EC
Black Lion, Mason, W. T. 10 Whitefriars street, Fleet street, EC
Black Lion, Smith, Ann, 6 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Black Raven, Jupp, P. 136 Bishopsgate street, EC
Black Swan, Lavell, J. J. Little Carter lane, Doctors commons, EC
Blackwall Railway Tavern, Austin, O. 7 London street, Fenchurch street, EC
Blakeneys Head, Cluly, A. 34 Bartholomew close, West Smithfield, EC
Blue Anchor, Brind, J. W. 26 St. Mary at hill, Doctors commons, EC
Blue Anchor, Green, Henry, 11 Temple street, Whitefriars, EC
Blue Anchor, Rennick, Ann, Bell court, Fenchureh street, EC
Blue Anchor, Jeffries J. S., 3 Coleman street. Gresham street, EC
Blue Last, Bliss, F. 1 Broadway, Ludgate hill, EC
Blue Last, Entwislo, C. 7 Little Bell alley, Moorgate street, EC
Blue Last, Whittaker, J. L. 55 Dorset street, Salisbury square, EC
Boars Head, Jones, Robert, 157 Cannon street, EC
Boars Head, Warrington, W. 66 Fleet street, EC
Bolt in Tun, Jones, J. 64 Fleet street, EC
Box Tree, Policy, Alfred, 5 Gravel lane, Houndsditch, EC
Britannia, Carter, Anna Maria, 41 and 42 Duke street, Smithfield, EC
Britannia, Ferrar, Arthur Joseph, 11 Britannia place, Bishopsgate street, EC
Britannia, Harris, C. C. 36 Fish street hill, EC
Brown Bear, Wykes, F. W. 79 Aldersgate street EC
Bull, Heylaud, A. H. 25 Aldgate High street, EC
Bull, North, J. 18 Devonshire street, Devonshire square, EC
Bulls Head, Benson, J. T. 3 Bread street, Cheapside, EC
Bulls Head, Bevans, H. 94 Wood street, EC
Bulls Head, Billinghurst, J. 80 Leadenhall street EC
Bulls Head, Wainwright, Jane, 6 Crescent, Jewin street, EC
Bunch of Grapes, Bull, H. 22 Primrose hill, Salisbury square, EC
Bunch of Grapes, Carpenter, J. 14 Lime street, Fenchureh street, EC
Bunch of Grapes, Cox, T. 13 Dowgate hill, Cannon street, EC
Bunch of Grapes and Hoop, Gurney, Emma, 80 Farringdon street, EC
Burton Coffee House, Moore, E. Freemans court, Cheapside, EC
Butlers Head, Simmons, J. J. 11 Great Bell alley, Moorgate street, EC
Cannon Tavern, Hancock, John, 89 Cannon street, EC
Castle, Sidney Henry, 26 Castle street, Holborn, EC
Castle and Falcon, Benskin, J. 5 Aldersgate street EC
Castle Tavern, Crawford, G. W. P. 11 and 12 Gresham street, EC
Castle Tavern, Lawrence, Sarah E. 58 and 59 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Cathedral Coffee House, Silk, W. B. 47 and 48 St. Pauls churchyard, EC
Central, The, Spiers and Pond, 38 Bridge street, Blackfriars, EC
Champions Hotel, Champion, R. 15a Aldersgate street, EC
Chapter Coffee House, Smith, Samuel A. 45 and 50 Paternoster row, EC
Cheshire Cheese (Old), Moore, Beaufoy A. 16 Wine office court, Fleet street, EC
Cheshire Cheese, Mackenzie, Catherine H. 33 Addle street, Wood street, EC
Cheshire Cheese, Wright, J. 50 Crutched Friars, EC
Clarence Hotel, Percy, J. L. 38 Aldersgate street EC
City Arms, Cowen, Charles, 22 King street, Aldgate EC
City Arms, Hearne, Thomas, 31 Great Tower street, EC
City Arms, Reeves, George, 3, 4 and 5 Popes Head alley, Lombard street, EC
City Arms Tavern, Jones, J. 6 Bloomfield street, London wall, EC
City of London Coffee House, Hay, A. W. 5 and 6 Bucklersbury, EC
City of London Dining Rooms, Mellison, Sarah Ann, 11, Bishopsgate street within, EC
City of London Larder, Sculthorpe, Amelia Rose, 21 Throgmorton street, EC
City Restaurant, Gordon, A. 34 Milk street, and 3 and 4 Mitre court, Cheapside, EC
City Scotch Stores, Klussman, Henry, 1 Godliman street, Doctors commons, EC
City Terminus Hotel, Spencer, Sidney, Cannon street, EC
City of Wellington, Hadden, Alexander, 60 Fleet street, EC
Citizen, Beeby, J. 70 Houndsditch, EC
Coach and Horses, Baxter, Edwin, 56 Minories, EC
Coach and Horses, Atkins, Thomas Broadley 70 Bartholomew close, Smithfield, EC
Coach and Horses, Faulkner, T. R. J. 133 Aldersgate street, EC
Coach and Horses, Linschmidt, J. H. H. 33 Whitefriars street, Fleet street, EC
Cock, Grant, Robert, 20 Love lane, Cheapside, EC
Cock Tavern, Colnett, Eliza, 201 Fleet street, EC
Cock Tavern, Gabb, George, 3 and 4 St. Martins court, Ludgate hill, EC
Cock Tavern, Moth, G. F. 2 St. Michaels alley, Cornhill, EC
Cock and Bottle, Northcote, George A. 96 Cannon street, EC
Cock and Crown, Wieland, J. F. St. Andrews hill, Doctors commons, EC
Cock and Woolpack, Gilling, W. 6 Finch lane, Cornhill, EC
Coffee Pot, Head, George, 1 White Hart square. Newgate street, EC
Colonial Coffee House, Boydon, Frederick James, 9 Mincing lane, EC
Colonial Tavern, Hay, Samuel, 19 Gracechurch street, EC
Commercial Coffee House, Allard, William Rose, 32 Mincing lane, EC
Coopers Arms, Brown, George, 19 Budge row, Cannon street, EC
Coopers Arms, Davison, W. 13 Silver street, Cheapside, EC
Coopers Arms, Kimpton, G. 12 Miles’s lane, Upper Thames street, EC
Corner Stone, Gravatt, E. 162 Metropolitan Meat market, West Smithfield, EC
Cornfactors Coffee House, Heginbotham, Charles, 53 Mark lane, EC
Cow and Calf, Irish, Elizabeth, 36 Eastcheap, EC
Crooked Billet, Dunning, George, Crooked lane, King William street, EC
Crosby Hall Dining Rooms, Smith, T. 32 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Crown, Lowman, G. 75 Basinghall street, EC
Crown, Chambers, Charles, 1 Pauls alley, EC
Crown, Crawford, G. C. 24 Redcross street, Barbican, EC
Crown, Potts, J. 22 King Edward street, Newgate street, EC
Crown, Brooks, E. P. 1 Crown court, Fleet street EC
Crown, York, F. A. J. 22 West Smithfield, EC
Crown and Anchor, Garland, C. and T. L. 43 Leadenhall street, EC
Crown and Anchor, Hughes, G. 1 Pavement, Finsbury, EC
Crown and Anchor, Outram, J. 4 New street hill, Shoe lane, EC
Crown and Anchor, Peacock, G. 28 Farringdon street, EC
Crown and Anvil, Hill, Henry Goodwin, 8 Swan street, Minories, EC
Crown and Coopers Arms, Richards, H. 17 Golden lane, Barbican, EC
Crown and Cushion, Leigh, M. L. 73 London wall, EC
Crown and Sceptre, Adams, J. J. 22 Old Change, Cheapside, EC
Crown and Shears, Brinkman, George, Sparrow corner, Minories, EC
Crown and Sugar Loaf, Beeton, F. A. 99 Fleet street, EC
Crown and Sugar Loaf, Dore, Thomas J. 5 College street, Dowgate hill, EC
Crown Prince, Hartmaun, M. 1 Cullum street, EC
Cutlers Arms, Morris, M. 2 and 3 Cutler street, Houudsditch, EC
Czars Head, Gosheron, Robert, 48 Great Tower street, EC