London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – City DK

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings wich covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

Deacons Coffee House, Howell, William, 3 Wallbrook, Mansion House, EC
Dicks Coffee House, Allen, S. 8 Fleet street, EC
Dr. Butlers Head Tavern, Cowney, C. 5 Masons avenue, Coleman street, EC
Dolphin, Smith, Anna, 60 Coleman street, EC
Dolphin Tavern, Wright, William John, Dolphin court, Ludgate hill, EC
Dolphin, Wyatt, J. 39 Milk street, Cheapside, EC
Duke of Wellington, Lamb, E. 159 Bishopsgate street, EC
Dyers Arms, Cann, Charles, 78 Cannon street, EC
East India Arms, Jones, Harriet, 67 Fenchurch street, EC
Elephant, Fisher, Thomas, 119 Fenchurch street, EC
Essex Tavern and Coffee House, Lane, George, 41 Aldgate High street, EC
European, Gurney, E. 5 and 6 Mansion house street, EC
Exchange Dining Rooms, Bose, Hy. 2 Change alley, Cornhill, EC
Excise Coffee House, Burton, G. 56 Old Broad street, EC
Excise Tavern, Pink, J. C. 48 and 49 Old Broad street, EC
Falcon, Cate, W. 9 Pemberton row, Gough square, EC
Falcon, White, Elizabeth, 57 Knightrider street, Doctors commons, EC
Falcon Hotel, Clark, W. 1 Falcon square, Aldersgate street, EC
Falcon Tavern, Carter, W. 11 Fetter lone, Fleet street, EC
Farnham Castle, Wells, Augustus, 29 Little Trinity lane, Great Tower street, EC
Faulls Hotel, Faulls, Thomas Kelly, 7 and 8 King street, and Ironmonger lane, Cheapside, EC
Feathers, Coulthard, Richard, 1 High Timber street EC
Feathers, Edwards, W. 22 Temple street, Whitefriars, EC
Five Bells, Collingwood, F. 28 Little Moorfields, EC
Fleece Tavern, Kaston, F. Well court and Queen street EC
Fortune of War, Green, W R. Upper Thames street, EC
Fortune of War, Hough, W. R. 2 Giltspur street, Smithfield, EC
Fountain, Berry, Susannah, 13 Minories, EC
Fountain, Hartridge, W. M. 4 Foster lane, Cheapside, EC
Fountain and Star, Stevens, R. 31 Coleman street, EC
Fountain and Star, Teale, H. Castle court, Birchin lane, EC
Four Swans, Carter, H. 84 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Fox and Goose, Danby, Henry, jun. 3 Brick hill lane, Upper Thames street, EC
French Horn, Alexander, J. 26 Clutched Friars, EC
Furnivals Hotel and Coffee House, Collis, John 139 Holborn bars, EC
Gentleman and Porter, Whaley, S. 17 Great New street, Gough square, EC
George, Clark, F. 8 Goldsmiths row, Gough square, EC
George, Walter, E. W. 2 St. Mary Axe, Leadenhall street, EC
George, Brown, H. 84 Fenchurch street, EC
George, Dewdney, W. Pauls alley, EC
George, Shapcott, Theophilus, 25 Old Bailey, EC
George, Southouse, Robert, 32 Mansel street, EC
George Inn, Newton, W. C. 21 and 22 Aldermanbury, EC
George and Dragon, Hart, M. 104 Houndsditch, EC
George and Dragon, Wroth, David, 13 Beech lane, Barbican, EC
George and Gate, Hornsey, M. 15 Gracechurch street, EC
George and Vulture Tavern, Prior, C. J. 3 Castle court, Birchin lane, EC
Girdlers Arms, Stride, Edward, 16 Sherborne lane. EC
Gladstone, Barker, R, 65 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Globe, Fencott, William, Globe court, Fish street hill, EC
Globe, Ives H. S. 33 Clutched Friars, EC
Globe Tavern, Thorley, B. 29 and 30 Pavement, Finsbury, EC
Golden Axe, Sheppard, W. 30 St. Mary Axe, EC
Golden Last, Hammond, F. T. 11 Cannon street west, EC
Golden Lion, Bray, H. W. 53 West Smithfield, EC
Golden Lion, Liddall, Harriet, 3 Goodmans yard, Minories, EC
Golden Lion, Smith, James, 35 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Goldsmiths Arms, Biggs, T. S. 23 Gutter lane, Cheapside, EC
Goldsmiths Arms, Newman, C. 1 Albion buildings, Aldersgate street, EC
Goose and Gridiron, Making, W. 8 London house yard, St. Pauls churchyard, EC
Grapes, Adams, A. 82 Fenchurch street, EC
Grapes, Cahill, Caroline, 13 Church row, Aldgate High street, EC
Grapes, Cressvrell, H. 16 Farringdon street, EC
Grapes, Clifton, Maria, 20 Jewin street, Aldersgate street, EC
Grapes, England, W. 55 St. Mary Axe, Leadenhall street, EC
Grapes, Fussell, Sarah M. 206 Upper Thames street, EC
Grapes, Robins, E. G. 86 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Grapes, Harris, Philip, Houndsditch, EC
Grapes, Young, J. 45 Aldersgate street, EC
Grapes, Honeycombe, Esther, 5 and 6 George street, Mansion house, EC
Grapes, Eagge, J. 70 Milton street, Finsbury, EC
Grasshopper (Girdlers Anns), Collins, D. F. 13 Gracechurch street, EC
Green Dragon, Bridger, W. H. 86 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Green Dragon (Discussion Hall), Dickinson, A. 57 Fleet street, EC
Green Dragon, Foucar, Clement Charles, 102 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Green Man, Davey, C. 9 Bucklersbury, EC
Green Dragon, Hobday J. 1 and 2 Botolph alley, Bishopsgate street, EC
Green Dragon, Parsons, Rebecca J. 188 Bishopsgate street, EC
Green Dragon, Hillier, William, 10 St. Andrews hill, Doctors commons, EC
Green Dragon and Punch Bowl, Heaverman, Elizabeth, 4 Bulls head passage, Leadenhall street, EC
Gresham, Izant, G. A. 21 Bucklersbury, EC
Gresham House Refreshment Rooms, Mabey, J. C. 103a, Bishopsgate street within, EC
Griffin, Rudkin T. R. Metropolitan Meat market, EC
Guildhall Coffee House, Stenger, A. A. King street and Gresham street, EC
Gun and Star, Moses, Samuel, 51 Petticoat lane, EC
Guy Earl of Warwick, Matthews, H. 37 Warwick lane, Newgate street, EC
Half Moon, Porter, J. T. 88 Gracechurch street, EC
Hall of Commerce, Ward, J. and Son, 10 Old Broad street, EC
Hand and Shears, Gerard and Gardom, 1 Middle street, Cloth fair, Smithfield, EC
Harp, Grant, Henry, 13 Harp lane, Great Tower street, EC
Harrow, Graves, J. 21 Primrose hill, Salisbury square, EC
Hatchett, Howe, James M. 20 Little Trinity lane, Tower street, EC
Haunch of Venison, Stening, J. 1 Bell yard, Temple bar, EC
Hercules, Greenslade, S. P. 119 Leadenhall street EC
His Lordships Larder, Jones, H. T. Ill Cheapside, EC
Hoop and Grapes, Aarons, J. 14 Widegate street, Bishopsgate, EC
Hoop and Grapes, Hill, C. 47 Aldgate High street EC
Hope. Culley, Robert Hitchins, 24 Ivy lane, and 4 Dukes Head passage, Paternoster row, EC
Hope and Anchor, Baker, F. 110 Fore street, Cripplegate, EG
Horn Tavern, Monk, Martha, Little Knightrider street, Doctors commons, EC
Horns, Baber, William, 3 Gutter lane, Cheapside, EC
Horns, Abrahams, Abraham, 28 Petticoat lane, Houndsditch, EC
Horse and Dorsers, Brinn, William, 13 Bread street hill, Upper Thames street, EC
Horse and Trumpeter, Hartwig, A. 1 Crutchedfriars, Mark lane, EC
Horseshoe and Magpie, Poole, Elizabeth, 20 Fetter lane, Fleet street, EC
Hour Glass, Gerhard, F. 89 Upper Thames Street, EC
Howards Coffee House, Raphael, Jos. 3 St. James’s place, Aldgate, EC
Imperial Restaurant, Croxam, Fanny, and Fromm, Samuel, 11 Billiter street, Fenchurch street, EC
Jacobs Well, Mason, G. 65 Milton street, Finsbury, EC
Jamaica Coffee House, Darcy, J. St. Michaels alley, Cornhill, EC
Jerusalem Coffee House, Harper Boulton and Co. 6 Cowpers court, Cornhill, EC
Jolly Butchers, Quick, H. 7 1/2 Warwick lane, Newgate street, EC
Joslands Hotel, Josland, T. P. 7 Falcon street, Aldersgate street, EC
Kennans Hotel, Townend, R. H. Crown court, Cheapside, EC
Kings Arms, Anstiss, H. B. 128 Bishopsgate street EC
Kings Arms, Cooke, J. B. 141 Houndsditch, EC
Kings Arms, Deedy, J. C. 2 to 5 Philip lane, London wall, EC
Kings Arms, Guilford, T. J. 106 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Kings Arms, Heaps, Charles William, 61 Lower Thames street, EC
Kings Arms, Rowell, M. Bishopsgate churchyard. EC
Kings Arms, Ward, J. 27 Aldersgate street, EC
Kings Arms, Pearce, J. E. 25 Golden lane, Barbican, EC
Kings Head, Garratt, Ann, 50 Great Tower street EC
Kings Head, Gordon and Davies, 53 Fenchurch street, EC
Kings Head, Guilford, T. J. 41 Newgate street, EC
Kings Head, Keeble, T. Canon alley, St. Pauls churchyard, EC
Kings Head and Lamb, Knight, Hannah, 49 Upper Thames street, EC
Kings Head, Lavell, J. D. F. 12 Ludgate hill, EC
Kings Head, Newton, A. 43 Eastcheap, EC
Kings Head, Pike, Elizabeth, 12 Pudding lane, Eastcheap, EC
Kings Head, Thurston, R. G. 42 Threadneedle street EC
Kings Head, Timbs, Wm. D. 42 Queen street, Cheapside, EC
King of Denmark, Ansell, W. 18 Old Bailey, EC
Kings and Key, Godfrey, G. W. 142 Fleet street, EC
King Lud, Cox, F. G. Ludgate circus, EC
Krolls Hotel, Kroll, E. P. E. 1 John street, Minories, EC