London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – City LR

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings wich covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

Lakes Dining Rooms, Turner, G. A. 49 Cheapside, EC
Lamb, Pardy, W. Leadenhall market, EC
Lamb and Lark, Phillips, T. F. 5 Printing house lane, Blackfriars, EC
Langbourn Coffee House, Phillips, Goodman, and Jackson, Ball alley, Lombard street, EC
Lion, Gravitt, E. 151 Metropolitan Meat market, West Smithfield, EC
Lion and Key, Cockroft, George, 55 Lower Thames street, EC
Lloyds Coffee House, Mabey, W. E. Royal Exchange, EC
Lock and Key, Walker, H. 62 West Smithfield, EC
Lombard, Brown, George, Lombard chambers, EC
London, Reed and Cavell, 191 Fleet street, EC
London Coffee House, Jones, J. 25 Ludgate hill, EC
London Commercial Salerooms, Allard, William Rose, 32 Mincing lane, Fenchurch street, EC
London Tavern, Whitfield, Hy. 123 Bishopsgate street within, EC
London Stone, Smith, George, 109 Cannon street EC
Lord Nelson, Bowen, J. R. 114 Bishopsgate street EC
Magpie, Staley, W. 12 New street, Bishopsgate, EC
Magpie and Punch Bowl, Guest, Thomas William, 53 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Magpie and Stump, Dawson, J. J. 56 Fetter lane, Fleet street, EC
Mail Coach, Simpson, Samuel, 1 Camomile street, Bishopsgate, EC
Mail Coach, Newton J. 60 Farringdon street, EC
Mansion House Restaurant, Spiers and Pond, 40 Cannon street, EC
Marlborough Head, Waterworth, W. F. 97 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Marthas Tavern, Krehl, J. G. 48 Coleman street EC
Masons Hall Tavern, Gosden, Charles, Masons avenue, Basinghall street, EC
Mercantile, Bland, J. 27 Leadenhall street, EC
Mercantile Restaurant, Bibra, Gesine and Ernest, 125 Fenchurch street, EC
Metropolitan Refreshment Room, Spiers, F. W. Railway station, Aldersgate street, EC
Metropolitan Refreshment Rooms, Spiers, F. W. Little Moorfields, EC
Mitre, Sadler, Sarah Ann, 38 Fish street hill, EC
Mitre Tavern, Hallett, J. (Chairman of Licensed Victuallers Asylum, 1874) 125 Chancery lane, WC
Mitre Tavern, Richardson, R. 11 Mitre court, Fleet street, EC
Monument, Parkman, H. 48 Fish street hill, EC
Mullens Hotel, Smith, J. 11 Ironmonger lane, Cheapside, EC
Nags Head, Hartridge, G. G. 137 Houndsditch, EC
Neds Chop House, Hibberd, R. 20 Finch lane, Cornhill, EC
New Gresham, Chartres, E. and H. 12 Gresham street, EC
New Corn Exchange Coffee House, Heginbotham, Chas. 58 Mark lane, EC
New Inn, Osmond, Mary, 52 Old Bailey, EC
New Market Hotel, Butt, T. 26 King street, Snowhill, EC
North London Railway Refreshment Rooms, Morgan, H. Liverpool street, EC
Nottingham Castle, Crayton, James G. 79 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Old Catherine Wheel, Crout, L. B. Catherine wheel yard, Bishopsgate street, EC
Old Furnivals Hotel, Collis, John, 139 Holborn bars, EC
Old Grapes, Ball, William, 7 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Old Jerusalem, Barker, G. 48 Bishopsgate street EC
Old Kings Head Tavern, Bailey, J. 29 and 30 Old Jewry, EC
Old Parrs Head, Powell, C. 32 Little Knightrider street, Doctors commons, EC
Old Parrs Head, Winkley, W. E. 166 Aldersgate street, EC
Old Red Cow, Palmer, Thomas, 72, Long lane. West Smithfield, EC
Old Red Lion, Bourne, Hy. 137 Cannon street west, EC
Old Ship Tavern, Bibra, Gesine and Ernest, 6 Beer lane, Thames street, EC
Old Swan, Hetherington, J. Swan lane, London bridge, EC
One Swan, Langenscheid, Carl Wm. One Swan yard, Bishopsgate without, EC
Old White Horse, Row, J. 64 London wall, EC
Oriental, Hartmann, A. 12 Rood lane, Eastcheap, EC
Original Red Cow, Turner, R. 22 Long lane, West Smithfield, EC
Oxford Arms, Briden, W. Oxford Arms passage, Warwick lane, EC
Palmerston Buildings Restaurant, Manero, A. 90 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Parisien, Nancy, Janet J. and Fearon, Paul, 10 Castle street, Holborn, EC
Parrot, Brooke, G. W. 1 Green Arbour court, Old Bailey, EC
Paul Pindar, Hadway, J. 169 Bishopsgate street, EC
Peacock, North, William, 44 Minories, EC
Peacock, Stanton, W. H. 34 Whitecross street, EC
Peahen, Stevens, G. 78 Bishopsgate street within, EC
Peels Coffee House, Winterbotham, T. 177 Fleet street EC
Pimms, Bell, C. 3 4 and 5 Poultry, EC
Pitts Head, Benson, John T. 53 Old Bailey, EC
Plough, Godfrey, W. 63 Fore street, Cripplegate, EC
Plough, Davis, Susan, 20 Giltspur street, EC
Pompion, Bouts, Frank, 21 Seething lane, Great Tower street, EC
Portland Arms, Smith, A. 2 Long lane, West Smithfield, EC
Portugal Hotel, Giannella and Thorn, 155 Fleet street, EC
Post Office Hotel, Payne, H. 2 Noble street, Cheapside, EC
Poulterers Arms, Evans, W. L. 2 Freemans court, Cornhill, EC
Primrose, Medcalf, William and Alfred,,109 Bishopsgate street, EC
Prince Albert, Cooke, Pamela, 11 Coopers row, Tower hill, EC
Purssells Restaurant, Purssell & Co. 78 Cornhill, EC
Queens Arms, Chard, W. P. A. G. 3 & 4 Bird-in-hand court, Cheapside, EC
Queens Arms, Harling, Harriet, 31 Queen street, Cheapside, EC
Queens Head, Rivera, J. 3 Water lane, Blackfriars, EC
Queens Head, Knight, W. 12 Whitecross street. Barbican, EC
Queens Head, Janaway, George, 19 and 20 Great Tower street, EC
Queens Head, Cuthbert, Win. R. 208 Upper Thames street, EC
Queens Head, C. Cole, 8 Queens Head passage, Newgate street, EC
Queens Head and French Horn, Abbey, J. J. 14 Duke street, West Smithfield, EC
Queens Hotel, East, W. Quartermain, St. Martins le-Grand, EC
Raglan Hotel, Smith, Richard, 61 St. Martins-le-Grand, EC
Railway Tavern, Cuwse, G. M. 9a Liverpool street EC. (Licence removed to 37 Broad street buildings, EC, May 24.)
Railway Tavern, Coulton, Walter H. Railway place, Fenchurch street, EC
Rainbow Tavern, Cooper H. 15 Fleet street, EC
Rainbow, Boyce B. 24 Newgate street, EC
Rayments Hotel, Rayment, F. 18 London wall, EC
Red Cow, Davidson, R. 4 King street, Snow hill, EC
Red Cow, Palmer, Thomas. 72 Long lane, West Smithfield, EC
Red Cross, Pendry, H. 19 Newgate market, Newgate street, EG
Red Hart, Simms, J. E. 111 Fetter lane, EC
Red Lion, Bartholomew, H. J. W. 52 & 53 Basinghall street, EC
Red Lion, Bloxam, R. 17 Bevis Marks, Houndsditch, EC
Red Lion, Cowell, Ann, 115 Fenchurch street, EC
Red Lion, Drawbridge, W. 51 Shoe lane, Fleet street EC
Red Lion, Guyer, F. 109 Aldersgate street, EC
Red Lion, Bedding, Emma, Lombard court, Clements lane, Lombard street, EC
Red Lion, Lee, W. C. 31 Poppins court, Fleet street EC
Red Lion, Rhodes, W. 6 Red Lion court, Fleet street EC
Refreshment Rooms, Spiers & Pond, London, Chatham, and Dover Railway, Bridge street, EC
Refreshment Rooms, Stierle, Mary Ann, Coal Exchange, Lower Thames street, EC
Reicharts Restaurant, Bell, 0. 4 Bucklersbury, EC
Reubens, Hibberd, R. 20 Finch lane, Cornhill, EC
Rising Sun, Godfrey, H. 38 Cloth Fair, West Smithfield, EC
Rising Sun, Garner, F. 61 Carter lane, Doctors commons, EC
Robin Hood and Little John, Pannell, J. 67 Skinner street, Snow hill, EC
Robin Hood, Bannister, T. 5 Robin Hood court, Shoe lane, EC.
Rockingham Arms, Jordan, R. 31 Hosier lane, West Smithfield, EC
Roebuck, Young, Jane, 48 Duke street, West Smithfield, EC
Rose and Crown, Chapman, Jas. 56 Lower Thames street, EC
Rose and Crown, Crabb, Isaac, 78 Aldgate High street EC
Rose and Crown, Minter, Elizabeth, 8 New wharf, Whitefriars EC
Rose and Crown, Knight, J. 26 Little Britain, EC
Rose and Crown, Hayward, Thomas. 9 London house yard, St. Pauls, EC
Rose and Crown, Ilitle, C. 22 Cullum street, Fenchurch street, EC
Rose and Crown, Finch, T. 39 Bartholomew close, West Smithfield, EC
Rose and Crown, Einerton, R. 46 Dorset street, Salisbury square, EC
Rose and Crown, Belworthy, Jemima, 17 Love lane, Cheapside, EC
Rose and Crown, Schrader, J. II. Ship Tavern passage, Leadenhall market, EC
Rose and French Horn, Maurice, W. 58 Wood street, Cheapside, EC
Rose Tavern, Minion, J. L. 57 Old Bailey, EC
Royal Hotel, De Keyser, Polydore, 26 New Bridge street, and 8 Chatham place, EC
Royal Mail, Marner, Harry G. 17 Noble street, Cheapside, EC
Rutland, Crowson, G. 9 & 10 West Smithfield, EC