London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – London North P

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings wich covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

Packenham Hotel, Corner Frederick, Knightsbridge green, SW
Pack Horse, Laws William, Staines
Pack Horse and Talbot, Abbott W. Turnham green, W
Packington Arms, Humphris W. Packington street, Islington, N
Paget Arms, Stones S. Lansdown road, Hackney, E
Pakenham Arms, Payne Susan/ Pakenham street, Kings cross road, WC
Palace Arms, Offord Frederick William, Palace street, Westminster, SW
Palace Hotel, Denipsey J. Buckingham gate, Pimlico, SW
Palm Tree, Hollingsworth A. Palm street, Grove road, E
Pamphilon Hotel, Mallet L. E. 42 Catherine street, Strand, WC
Panther, Sully, T. Hope town, Bethnal green road E
Panton Hotel, Fasolo C. 28 Panton street, Haymarket, SW
Parkers Hotel, Parker J. 27 & 29 Surrey street, Strand WC
Park Road Hotel, Jackson Samuel, High road, Finchley, N
Park Tavern, Hayward G. Tollington park, Islington, N
Parrs Head, Dorvell L. King Street, Camden town, NW
Parrs Head, Parr William, Blythe lane, Hammersmith, W
Parrs Head, Randall E. S. Upper street, Islington, N
Patersons Hotel, Buckland T. J. 43 Brook street, Grosvenor square, W
Pauls Head, Suter T. J. Paul street, Finsbury, EC
Pauls Head, Wellington, A. M. J. Crispin street, Spitalfields, E
Paviours Arms, Burrells Eliza, Johnson street, Milbank, SW
Paxtons Head, Kent John, Knightsbridge, SW
Peabodys Arms, Malone J. High street, Shadwell, E
Peacock, Brandon A. Homerton High street, E
Peacock, Butlc, Mary E. 50 Grays inn road, WC
Peacock, Freeman J. 13 Maiden lane, Covent garden, WC
Peacock, Nicholl J. High street, Islington, Clerkenwell, N
Peacock, Richens E. jun. Montesquieu street, Canning town, E
Peacock, Waller, J. Bethnal green, E
Pearsons Arms, Shead W. Pearson street, Kingsland road, E
Pegasus Tavern, Bales Henry, Green lanes, N
Pelham Arms, Bell C. G. Pelham place, Kensington, W
Pelham Arras, Bevan T. W. 18, George street, Grosvenor square, W
Pelican, Spencer, W. All Saints* road, Kensington, W
Pemberton Arms, Booth G. T. Ashcroft road, Grove road, E
Pembridge Castle, Cripps W. Westbourne grove, Kensington, W
Pembrolce, Clark W. comer of Pembroke road, Kilburn, NW
Pembroke Arms, Flock R. N. Pembroke square Kensington, W
Pembroke Castle, Hancock J. Gloucester road Gloucester gate, NW
Pembroke Castle, Smith W. J. Bingfield street Islington, N
Pembury Tavern, Abbott J. Tyssen ter. Hackney, E
Penshurst Arms, Rous E. Penshurst road, Hackney, E
Penton Arms, Crew A. T. Baron street, Clerkenwell, EC
Percy Arms, Nunn C. T. Soley terrace, Clerkenwell, EC
Perseverance, Gibbons J. Netley street, Hampstead road, NW
Perseverance, Lewis F. Stephen street, Lesson gr. NW
Perseverance, Naylor W. T. Southgate road, N
Perseverance, Steer S. W. 1 Lupus street, Pimlico, SW
Peterborough Arms, Tilley A. H. Parsons green, Fulham, SW
Peto Arms, Bailey Jesse, East street, Barking, E
Petters Hotel, Bassett J. 1 Garrick street, Covent garden, WC
Pewter Platter, Bennett S. St. John street, Clerkenwell, EC
Pewter Platter, Causton J. 41 Charles street, Hatton garden, EC
Pewter Platter, Clarke J. G. Cock hill, Ratcliff, E
Pewter Platter, Fowler J. White Lion street, Norton Folgate, E
Phene Arms, Druggan H Margaretta terrace, Chelsea, SW
Phoenix, Belcher Chas. Twickenham
Phoenix, Goy J. Upper East Smithfield, E
Phoenix, Grey W. Princes street, Cavendish square, W
Phoenix, Guinn, Narrow street, Lisson grove, NW
Phoenix, Hewitt Ursula, Bewley, Staines
Phoenix, Long Jas. Pump yard, Ratcliff, E
Phoenix, Loveband F. North street, Lisson grove, NW
Phoenix, Mitchelmore Henry, Palace street, Westminster, SW
Phoenix, Pinnock J. 12 Stacey street, Soho, WC
Phoenix, Rice J. Smith street, Chelsea, SW
Phoenix, Squier W. H. High street, Shorediteh, E
Pickering Arms, Bullock R. Pickering street, Islington, N
Pickled Egg, Day W. Crawfords passage, Clerkenwell, EC
Pied Bull, Burkin B. Liverpool road, Clerkenwell, N
Pied Bull, Davey W. Upper street, Islington, N
Pied Pull, MinterW. 17 Bury street, Bloomsbury, WC
Pied Bull, Pugh Charles, Bulls cross, Enfield, N
Pied Bull, Stevens G. H. Holloway road, Islington, N
Pied Horse, Middleton S. Chiswell street, St. Lukes, EC
Piexccys Hotel, Russell Isabella, 31 Dover street, Piccadilly, W
Pier Hotel, Groom A. T. Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, SW
Pier Tavern, Brown J. Manchester road, Poplar, E
Pigott Arms, Sawer George, Pigott street, Poplar, E
Pilot, Bromley J. W. Wellesley road, Chiswick, W
Pindar of Wakefield, Brown H. T. Grays inn road WC
Pine Apple, Cope W. J. 30 Westbourne street, Pimlico, SW
Pine Apple, Hewlett John Robert, William street, Westminster, SW
Pine Apple, Smith A. Leverton street, Kentish Town, NW
Pine Apple, Walters J. Morgan, Carlisle street, Portman market, NW
Pitmans Arms, Wakeling J. Pitmans buildings, St. Lukes, EC
Pitts Head, Cope H. R. Old street, St. Lukes, EC
Pitts Head, Hill F. 7 Little Stanhope street, Mnyfair, W
Pitts Head, Langhelt W. Henry street, Portland Town, NW
Pitts Head, Muddyman J. Pitt street, Canning town, E
Pitts Head, Pritchitt, Tyssen street, Bethnal green, E
Pitts Head, Sant J. Broad street, Ratcliff, E
Pitts Head, Shutler C. Brunswick mews, Brunswick square, WC
Pitts Head, Spurgeon T. D. Paddington street, Marylebone, W
Pitts Head, West Maria, Pott street, Bethnal green, E
Plasterers Arms, GriflHhs T. Seymour street, Euston square, NW
Plough, Balch Charles, 305 Oxford street, W
Plough, Barnes William, High rd. Tottenham, N.
Plough, Bass Alfred, Hendon, NW
Plough, Cuthbert H. Homerton High street, E
Plough, Diter James, Mill hill, Hendon, NW
Plough, Garnis P. jun. Hoxton street, Hoxton, N
Plough, Hart Joseph, 7 Herbert passage, Strand WC
Plough, Jams William George, Rochester Row, Westminster, SW
Plough, Kates W. Little Ealing, W
Plough, Lake Alfred, The Hyde, NW
Plough, Lewin A. Homsey road, Islington, N
Plough, Newton S. Keusal green, Kensington, W
Plough, Payne Robert, Turkey street, Enfield, N
Plough, Roberts George, Norwood, Middlesex, W
Plough, Stevens J. Notting hill, Kensington, W
Plough, Summcrsley R. 27 Museum street, Bloomsbury, WC.
Plough, Webb T. Mile end road, E
Plough, Weller E. Cassland road, South Hackney, E
Plough and Harrow, Purdy W. King street, Hammersmith, W
Plough and Harrow, Richards Thomas, Harrow green, Leytonstone, E
Plumbers Arms, Doble J. Lower Belgrave street, Pimlico, SW
Plumbers Arms, Pudney J. Hastings street, Burton crescent, WC
Plume of Feathers, Neal O. Lower Shadwell, E
Plume of Feathers, Wilks James, Loughton
Pocock Arms, Hitchcox E. Caledonian road, Islington, N
Ponsford Arms, Brockman M. A. Maiden road, Prince of Wales road, NW
Ponsonby Arms, Padley Maria, Causton street, Westminster, SW
Pontefract Castle, Hammond Elizabeth, Wigmore street, Marylebone, W
Pontefract Castle Lipscomb G. Marylebone road, NW
Pooles Park Tavern, Francom H. Pooles Park, Islington, N
Popes Grotto Tavern, Powell T. G. Twickenham
Porchester Arms, Williams D. 3 Leinster place, Paddington, W
Porcupine, Read W. 1 Castle street, Leicester square WC
Portland Arms, Andrews Ann, High street, Portland Town NW
Portland Arms, Binks, D. Portland road, Kensington, W
Portman Arms, Childers James Aldie, Wood street, Millbank street, SW
Portland Arms, Hartridge W. Maya, Gt. Portland street, W
Portland Arms, Powell T. Millman st. Bedford row, WC
Portland Arms, Prince Alfred, Gt. Marylebone street, Marylebone, W
Portland Coffee House, Nelson C. J. Great Portland street, Oxford street, W
Portman Arms, Burgess W. Edgware road, W
Portman Arms, Denny F. W. Great Quebec street, Montague square, W
Portman Arms, Grist, J. Milton street, Dorset square NW
Porto Bello, Watts S. Turville street, Bethnal green road E
Porto Bello Arms, Richardson J. E. Kensal new town, Chelsea, SW
Porto Bello Tavern, Carter J. Portobello lane, Kensington, W

Prendergast Aims, Hadley Samuel, St. Leonards road, Bromley, E
Pride of the Isles, Chapman H. Thomas street, Ferry road, Poplar, E
Prince Albert, Atkinson, E. Victoria road, Hornsey, N
Prince Albert, Axten Thomas, Sunbury
Prince Albert, Bliss J. W. Weedington road, Prince of Wales road, NW
Prince Albert, Bliss W. 10 Woodfield road, Paddington, W
Prince Albert, Browning Janet, Hollingsworth street, Islington, N
Prince Albert, Brunsden G. Wharf road, Islington, N
Prince Albert, Charlton J. Sherborne street, Dorset square, NW
Prince Albert, Eldridge C. F. Woodfield road, Harrow road, W
Prince Albert, Hicks P. Mape street, Bethnal green road E
Prince Albert, Jackson A. Princess terrace, Primrose hill, NW
Prince Albert, Lambard Emma S. Lincoln street. Bow, E
Prince Albert, Marshall A. W. Twickenham
Prince Albert, Mock William, 5, Upper St. Martins lane, W
Prince Albert, Moore T. College street, Camden Town, NW
Prince Albert, Oliver J. W. Portobello lane, Kensington, W
Prince Albert, Partiger George H. Chingford
Prince Albert, Patrick R. Orchard place, Blackwall, E
Prince Albert, Peters G. W. Hoxton square, N
Prince Albert, Richards W. Bell, Brushfield street, Bishopsgate without, E
Prince Albert, Shadbolt Ann, Forest row, Hackney, E
Prince Albert, Shore C. F. Alfred street, Islington, N
Prince Albert, Thome T. Elmore street, Oxford road, Islington, N
Prince Albert, Varney J, York street, E
Prince Albert Hotel, Pope C. J. 11 Crown road, Paddington W
Prince Albert Victor, Collins S. Burnham street, Canning town, E
Prince Alfred, Cornish S. Maria, Norwood, W
Prince Alfred, Cossey W. G. Offord road, Islington, N
Prince Alfred, Dowsett, J. Marylebone lane, Marylebone, W
Prince Alfred, Hill J. Formosa street, Maida hill, W
Prince Alfred, Homer C. E. Cotton street, Limehouse, E
Prince Alfred, Linley A. 112 Queens road, Paddington, W
Prince Alfred, Mansfield E. C. Hanley road west, Islington, N
Prince Alfred, Midson F. 13 Park road, Paddington, W
Prince Alfred, Rhodes R. Crowndale road, Camden town, NW
Prince Alfred, Stanton T. G. Eleanor road, Hackney, E
Prince Arthur, Brunsden J. Brunswick road, East India road, E
Prince Arthur, Makein W. A. 36 Boundary road, Hampstead
Prince Arthur, Merry W. Caledonian road, Islington N
Prince Arthur, Morrey H. Golbounie road, Kensal new town, Kensington, W
Prince Arthur, Pilgrim J. Turners road, Limehouse, E
Prince Arthur, Whittaker J. Forest row, Hackney, E
Prince Blucher, Boreham James, Twickenham
Prince Consort, Gabb H. and Elt R. E. Executors of Mr. T. R. Elt, Kings College road, Hampstead
Prince Edward, Johnson J. H. Wick road, Hackney, E
Prince Edward, Yaxley W. West terrace, Holloway, Islington, N
Prince Ernest, Ellis Harriet Princes street, Kingsland, E
Prince George, Winsborrow J. Pigwell road, Dalston, N
Prince George of Cumberland, Abbott G. E. Albany street, Regents park, NW
Prince George of Cumberland, Stallibrass F. Frederick street, Portland Town, NW
Prince of Brunswick, Masters W. Barnsbury road, Islington, N
Prince of Denmark, Fredericks G. H. Graces alley, Wellclose square, E
Prince of Denmark, Hartland C. J. Junction road, Islington, N
Prince of Hesse, Bell John, Fieldgate street, Whitechapel road, E
Prince of Orange, Eaton W. Phillips street, Commercial road, E
Prince of Orange, Last Charles, Artillery terrace, Westminster, SW
Prince of Prussia, Hartwig A. Gowers walk, Whitechapel, E
Prince of Prussia, Waller J. Bruges terrace, Mile End, E
Prince of Teck, Uric J. C. North row, Earls court, Kensington, W
Prince of Wales, Andrews C. Great Barlow street, Marylebone, W
Prince of Wales, Arnold J. W. Star lane, Fulham fields, SW
Prince of Wales, Bammon S. Princes street, Wapping, E
Prince of Wales, Barrow Mrs. Prince of Wales road NW
Prince of Wales, Bayfield Jane S. Exeter street, Chelsea, SW
Prince of Wales, Bentell R. Banner street, St. Lukes, EC
Prince of Wales, Biglestone Thomas, Albion road, Hammersmith, W
Prince of Wales, Bond D. Wellesley road, Kentish Town, NW
Prince of Wales, Broom P. 45, Great Queen street, Lincolns Inn, WC
Prince of Wales, Brown E. Upper North street, Poplar, E
Prince of Wales, Butcher W. Willesden lane, Willesden, NW
Prince of Wales, Champion W. Kings road, Camden Town, SW
Prince of Wales, Chiles J. W. South row, Kensal New Town Chelsea, SW
Prince of Wales, Clark S. Turnham green, W
Prince of Wales, Clarke Mary, Charles street, Mile End, E
Prince of Wales, Clarkson G. Wellington row, Bethnal green, E
Prince of Wales, Cole C. W. Princes road, Nottinghill.W
Prince of Wales, Collins F. R. Church road, Acton, W
Prince of Wales, Curry W. J. Naval row, Blackwall, E
Prince of Wales, Curtis G. 25a, Conduit street, 1 George street, Hanover square, W
Prince of Wales, Day C. Lea bridge, Clapton, E
Prince of Wales, Death Sarah, Hampstead road, NW
Prince of Wales, Diggins A. Grange road, Dalston, E
Prince of Wales, Farthing William, High road,Tottenham, N
Prince of Wales, Field W. Hampton road, Twickenham
Prince of Wales, Fleming W. Sudeley street, Islington, N
Prince of Wales, Gamage R. Holloway road, Islington, N
Prince of Wales, Griffen J. B. Cambridge gardens, Willesden, NW
Prince of Wales, Hall James, 44, Elizabeth street, Eaton square, SW
Prince of Wales, Hamblen W. J. Old Brentford High street
Prince of Wales, Hancock A. Cross street, Mile End New Town, E
Prince of Wales, Hatfield W. Kingsland road, E
Prince of Wales, Hayes J. North street, Clerkenwell, EC
Prince of Wales, Holman, E. J. Marylebone lane, Marylebone, W
Prince of Wales, Jones Agatha Helen, 23 Ebury street, Pimlico, SW
Prince of Wales, Joy C. New North road, Islington, N
Prince of Wales, Layborn W. E. Hyde road, Hoxton, N
Prince of Wales, Le Maitre Harriet, Bury place, E
Prince of Wales, Mallett J. Caroline street east, Camden town, NW
Prince of Wales, Martin Henry, Coburg row, Westminster, SW
Prince of Wales, Martin T. F. Prince Regent lane, Canning town, E
Prince of Wales, Mills C. Regent street, Mile End, E
Prince of Wales, Mills Thomas, Chingford
Prince of Wales, Niven J. East road, City road, N
Prince of Wales, Olley W. Folly Wall, Blackwall, E
Prince of Wales, Pacy Henry, York street, Westminster, SW
Prince of Wales, Pettit T. Queens road, St. Johns wood, NW
Prince of Wales, Prevost, H. Grafton street, Mile End, E
Prince of Wales, Price G. Caledonian road, Islington, N
Prince of Wales, Pritchard J. 1 Westbourno place, Padddington, W
Prince of Wales, Richardson Henry, Leyton, E
Prince of Wales, Richardson W. Bonners road, Victoria park, E
Prince of Wales, Robert Charles W. Buckhurst hill
Prince of Wales, Stoneham William, Vauxhall bridge road, SW
Prince of Wales, Telfer J. S. Church st. Hackney, E
Prince of Wales, Thomas W. F. Colney Hatch road, Wood green, N
Prince of Wales, Towsey J. Holywell lane, Shoreditch, EC
Prince of Wales, Turner H. St. Jamess rd. Islington, N Priuce of Wales, Turner W. Charlotte street, Portland place, W
Prince of Wales, Vandenberg J. Allerd road, Stoke Newington, N
Prince of Wales, Vickress J. A. 1 Bishops road, Paddington, W
Prince of Wales, Warner J. Church street, Kensington, W
Prince of Wales, Wigmore F. Motts pi. Islington, N
Prince Regent, Archer A. Salmon lane, Limehouse, E
Prince Regent, Behring A. D. H. St. Georges street,
London Docks, E Prince Regent, Larke R. E, East road, City road, N
Prince Regent, Rawlins E. S. Seymour place, Marylebone, W
Prince Regent, Richardson, F. and E. Liverpool road, Islington, N
Prince Regent, Rixson Joseph, Wilmington place, Regent square, St. Pancras, NW
Prince Regent, West J. High street, Hounslow
Prince Regent, Whiter G. Globe lane, Mile End, E
Princes Cricket Club Ground, Prince G. Chelsea, SW
Princes Head, Blatchley Edwin, Princes street, Westminster, SW
Princes Head, Smith W. 2 Buckingham street, Strand, WC
Princes Hotel, Chipp J. 73 Princes square Paddington, W
Princess Alexandra, Connelly P. J. 69 Cornwall road, Paddington, W
Princess Alexandra, Goodchild William, Park road, Crouch end, N
Princess Alexandra, Grimston Elijah, 1 York road, Albion road, Hammersmith, W
Princess Alexandra, Jutermann H. Charnock road, Hackney, E
Princess Alexandra, Nicholls C. W. Barking road, Canning town, E
Princess Alice, Blumson J. Murray street, New North road, N
Princess Alice, Bndden Ann, Commercial street, Whitechapel, E
Princess Alice, Bunsback C. Romford road, Stratford, E
Princess Alice, Moll Charlotte, York road, St. Lukes, EC
Princess Beatrice, Chubb J. F. High street, Camden town, NW
Princess Louise, Whale, 209 High Holbom, WC
Princess of Wales, Chamberlayne J. T. 24 Villiers street, Strand, WC
Princess of Wales, Hall L. South parade, Chelsea, SW
Princess of Wales, McMahon W. P. Manchester road, Isle of Dogs, E
Princess of Wales, Miller A. 84 Cirencester street, Paddington, W
Princess of Wales, Pulley H. J. Copley street, Stepney, E
Princess of Wales, Trew A. West Ham lane, Stratford, E
Princess of Wales, Varney J. Abbey road, Kilburn, NW
Princess of Wales, Winder W. C. St. Georges road, Regents park, NW
Princess Royal, Bertin S. G. Paul street, Finsbury, EC
Princess Royal, Gascoyne C. Mary, Cochrane street, St. Johns wood, NW
Princess Royal, Harrison J. Landsend lane, Fulham, SW
Princess Royal, Humphrys S. Sidney square, Commercial road, E
Princess Royal, Maynard Matthew, Ealing lane, Old Brentford
Princess Royal, Mitchell W. 47 Hereford road, Paddington, W
Princess Royal, Newstead T. H. Johnson street, Mile end road, E
Princess Royal, Young Mary S. 37 Warwick street, Pimlico, SW
Princess Victoria, Bower G. Ernest street, Regents park, NW
Princess Victoria, Walker C. Earls court road, Kensington, W
Princess Victoria, Wilcox W. J. Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, W
Priory Tavern, Brown Richard, St. Leonards street, Bow, E
Priory Tavern, Harbour J. 12 St. Georges terrace, Hampstead, N
Priory Tavern, Smyth R. Blurton road, Hackney, N
Pritchard Arms, Gibbons J. Sf Matthews place, 439 Hackney road, E
Prospect of Whitby, Brown E. Wapping wall, Wapping, E
Pulteney Hotel, Ford T. J. 13 Albemarle street, Piccadilly, W
Pump, Fox W. J. Paul street, Portman market, W
Punch Bowl, Carter Henry, 3 Fann street, Berkeley square, W
Punch Bowl, Trehern James, Stanwell