London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – South G

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings which covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

Gardeners Arms, Ware W. H. Chatham road, Battersea, SW
General Abercrombie, Mould W. Artillery place, Woolwich, SE
General Abercrombie, Scott G. Friar street, Blackfriars road, SE
General Havelock, Jones T. Parkstone road, Rye lane, Peckham, SE
General Moore, Smith S. Stewarts lane, Battersea, SW
General Napier, Selwood C. W. Bovill road, Brockley lane, SE
General Simpson, Foster Ann, Penge
George, Wikeman N. W. Grove street, Deptford, SE
George, Boulend T. N. West lane, Bermondsey, SE
George, Brittain Charles, Borough High street, SE
George, Dakin William, George street, Blackfriars road, SE
George, Fifield J. Maize hill, Greenwich, SE
George, Giuseppe C. St. Georges place, Water lane, Brixton, SW
George, Hammond J. K. Kent street, Borough, SE
George, Harris T. Morgans lane, Tooley street, SE
George, Howe H. Lambeth walk, Lambeth, SE
George, Kibblewhite A. A. Shad Thames, SE
George, Allan David, Gravel lane, Southwark, SE
George, Osgood P. Balham hill, SW
George, Roffey Robert, Old Town, Croydon
George, Sawyers Thomas, Morden
George, Smith W. Lewisham, SE
George, Squires John, Waterloo road, SE
George, Watkins C. T. George row, Bermondsey, SE
George and Dragon, Carll J. West hill, Wandsworth, SW
George and Dragon, Clarke G. T. St. Georges road, Southwark, SE
George and Dragon, Davey J. York road, Battersea, SW
George and Dragon, Gordon J. High street, Woolwich, SE
George and Dragon, Morris J. H. High street, Camberwell, SE
George and Dragon, Peall J. Blackheath hill, SE
George and Dragon, Potter R. High street, Vauxhall, SW
George and Dragon, Price Ann, Conduit vale, Greenwich, SE
George and Dragon, Smith C. Barratt street, Princes road, Lambeth, SE
George Canning, Anstey S. Water lane, Brixton, SW
George Canning, Hudson H. (exors. of) Grove hill terrace, Camberwell, SE
George Inn, Grimslade R. and Potter G. High street, Borough SE
George the Fourth, Biddle J. W. Russell street, Brixton, SW
George the Fourth, Fox W. Brixton hill, SW
George the Fourth, Pym William, Croydon
George the Fourth, Rose Ann Mary, King street, Woolwich SE
George the Fourth, Wrougham M. J. Southwark bridge road SE
Gibraltar, Cruddock W. T. Prospect place, St. Georges, Southwark, SE
Gibraltar, Smee F. Gibraltar street, Deptford, SE
Gipsy Hill Hotel, Gill W. Gipsy hill, Norwood, SE
Gipsy Queen, Callahan J. Gloster road, Lower Norwood, SE
Giraffe, Collins James jun. Penton place, Newington butts, SE
Gladstone Arms, Hunter J. Plough lane, Battersea, SW
Glengall Arms, King David, Glengall road, Peckham SE
Glengall Tavern, Ward William, Glengall road, Peckham SE
Globe, Burton K. D. Royal hill, Greenwich, SE
Globe, James John, Borough road, SE
Globe, Gray Nathan, Great Dover street, Borough SE
Globe, Langridge E. Hill street, Peckham, SE
Globe, Newman Chas. Rotherhithe street, Rotherhithe, SE
Globe, Peek L. J. Grays walk, Lambeth, SE
Globe, Shelley P. J. Lower road, Deptford, SE
Globe, Slatter John, Croydon
Globe, Turpin William B. York street, Borough, SE
Globe, Whitton G. S. Church street, Woolwich, SE
Gloster Arms, Gray Robert, Mason street, Southwark, SE
Gloster Arms, Lovesey A. Gloucester road, Old Kent road SE
Gloucester Tavern, Everard Alfred, Croydon
Gloucester Tavern, Fisher Kate H. King street, Greenwich, SE
Goat, Masters Talbot, Mitcham
Goat, Pogson J. Queen street, Southwark, SE
Goat House Hotel, Pollen Mary A. Croydon
Golden Anchor, Hurley A. Crowleys wharf, Greenwich, SE
Golden Anchor, King Humphry, Lausanne road
Golden Anchor, Ruddin George, Park street, Borough market, SE
Golden Cross, Moore J. W. Church street, Woolwich, SE
Golden Fleece, Davis J. Bermondsey wall, Bermondsey, SE
Golden Fleece, Fosdike J. Mill lane, Deptford, SE
Golden Fleece, Holford G. Clarendon street, Old Kent road, SE
Golden Lion, Arthur A. Stoney street, Borough, SE
Golden Lion, Day W. Cramer road, Brixton, SW
Golden Lion, Eason George, High street, Peckham SE
Golden Lion, Field A. Sydenham, SE
Golden Lion, Hall George, Gravel lane, Southwark, SE
Golden Lion, Skipp William Jas. Summer road, Commercial road, SE
Golden Lion, Snowling Benjamin, Croydon
Golden Lion, Tippet Henry, Kent street, Borough SE
Goldsmiths Arms, Bull G, Southwark bridge road SE
Goldsmiths Arms, Harrison J. Penge
Grange, Haskiss A. H. Croydon
Grapes, Clements J. Bermondsey street, Bermondsey, SE
Grapes, Edmonds Eliza, St. Thomas street, Borough SE
Grapes, Elden Richard, Queen street, Southwark, SE
Grapes, Fletcher William, High street, Borough, SE
Grapes, Franklin George, High street, Borough, SE
Grapes, Friswell R. Gainsford street, Horselydown, SE
Grapes, Mackenzie T. Rotherhithe wall, Rotherhithe, SE
Grapes, Marks James R. London road, SE
Grapes, Morse J. Bermondsey wall, Bermondsey, SE
Grapes, Reeves William, White street, Southwark, SE
Grapes, Shipwright J. North street, Wandsworth, SW
Grapes, Shortlands Sarah A. J. Tooley street, London bridge, SE
Green Dragon, Green R. S. Belvedere road, Lambeth, SE
Green Dragon, Bateman A. E. and Hammond W. H, Bermondsey street, Bermondsey, SE
Green Dragon, Yates Henry, Croydon
Green Man, Both C. Southend, Lewisham, SE
Green Man, Carter W. H. Tooley street, London bridge, SE
Green Man, Hull John, Putney common, SW
Green Man, Payne Alice E. Coldharbour lane, Camberwell, SE
Green Man, Pettit H. J. Blackheath, SE
Green Man, Pond Samuel, Old Kent road, SE
Green Man, Welham John, Prices street, Blackfriars road, SE
Green Man, Williamson W. Village, Plumstead, SE
Gregorian, Partridge D. M. St. James’s place, Lower road, Rotherhithe, SE
Gresham, Alston T. S. Wilsher road, Angell town, Stockwell, SE
Grey Coat Boy, Sevenoaks A. Roan street, Greenwich, SE
Greyhound, Budden J. L. Croydon
Greyhound, Castle T. T. Kennington common, SE
Greyhound, Deacon C. Stockwell street, Greenwich, SE
Greyhound, King James E. High street, Peckham, SE
Greyhound, Jones E. Streatham common, SW
Greyhound, Lavell J. D. F. Sydenham, Lewisham, SE
Greyhound, Maguire Jane, High road, Eltham, SE
Greyhound, Margetson Hy. Carshalton
Greyhound, Middlecott William, Dulwich
Greyhound, Falmer Thomas. George street, Richmond
Greyhound, Perkins Emma, Upper Grange road, Bermondsey, SE
Greyhound, Sanders Isaac, High street, Bromley
Greyhound, Young E. High street, Battersea, SW
Griffin, Mawer W. R. Church street, Newington, SE
Grosvenor Arms, Bennett R. Garrett lane, Wandsworth, SW
Grosvenor Arms, Okey W. Sidney street, Stockwell, SW
Grosvenor Arms, Poole William, Grosvenor park, Camberwell, SW
Grove House, Watkins Rachel, Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, SE
Grove Tavern, Caius C. near Double Gates, Merton, SW
Grove Tavern, Kesterton H. Lower Wandsworth road, Battersea, SW
Grove Tavern, Stannard W. T. and Sands Thos. Bow Corner, Dulwich, SE
Guildford Arms, Payne G. A. Guildford road, Greenwich, SE
Gun, Bennett W. Croydon
Gun, Dovey J. R. New road, Woolwich, SE