London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – South R

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings which covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

Railway Arms, Friend C. J. Croydon
Railway Bar, Swinstead John, Station road, New Kent road, SE
Railway Bell, Ford W. H. Croydon
Railway Hotel, Clipson J. Y. Upper Richmond road, Putney, SW
Railway Hotel, Evans William, Croydon
Railway Hotel, Mason R. 1 High street, Battersea, SW
Railway Hotel, Moore E. D. Blackheath railway station, SE
Railway Hotel, Packham L. Queens road, Camberwell, SE
Railway Hotel, Parsons R. H. Champion hill, East Dulwich, SE
Railway Refreshment Rooms, Munro John, railway station, Richmond
Railway Refreshment Rooms, Kew gardens station, Clark William H. Kew gardens railway station, Mortlake
Railway Signal, Fulford R. Lewisham road, Forest hill, SE
Railway Station, Clark W. H. Waterloo road, SE
Railway Tavern, Bailey John, New Cross, SE
Railwav Tavern, Blackman C. North street, Wandsworth, SW
Railway Tavern, Brazier Henry, Shortlands, Bromley
Railway Tavern, Brown C, Cemetery road, Nuuhead, SE
Railway Tavern, Early Mary J. Penge
Railway Tavern, Haine J. W. Water lane, Dulwich, SE
Railway Tavern, Harding W. H. Catford bridge, SE
Railway Tavern, Harwood C. W. St. James’s road, North Bermondsey, SE
Railway Tavern, Whiffen William, Hamilton street, Deptford, SE
Railway Tavern, Kuhlke Annie, Kew road, Richmond
Railway Tavern, Lamb W. Bell green, Sydenham, SE
Railway Tavern, Neyler T. Plumstead road, SE
Railway Tavern, Osborne C. J. Penge station
Railway Tavern, Pugh M. A. High st. Clapham, SW
Railway Tavern, Sealey W. Battersea rise, SW
Railway Tavern, Silcock W. G. Blackfriars road, SE
Railway Tavern, Wass George, Masons hill, Bromley
Railway Telegraph, Butt E. Croydon
Railway Telegraph, Williams William. Forest hill, SE
Railway Terminus Hotel, Gearing A. St. Thomas street, Borough, SE
Ram, Nobes J. G. High street, Wandsworth, SW
Raven and Low, Taylor J. Russell street Bermondsey, SE
Raven, Ambrose W. Battersea square, SW
Ravensbourne, Davis T. Catford hill, SE
Ravensbourne Arms, Woodwell W. J. Allen street, Greenwich, SE
Ravensbury Tavern, Dent John, Mitcham
Rayinouth Tavern, Hawkins G. Raymouth road, Rotherhithe, SE
Bavnes Park Tavern, Tebbutt S. Lambton road, Wimbledon, SW
Bed Bull, Berry Josh. High street, Peckham, SE
Red Cap, Job Jacob, Camberwell green, SE
Red Cock, Fortescne W. M. Mill lane, Rotherhithe, SE
Red Cow, Bonnella J. Marsh gate, Richmond
Red Cow, Bromley M. W. King street, Deptford, SE
Red Cow, Stratton J. H. High street, Deptford
Red Cow, Cross R. Princes street, Lambeth, SE
Red Cow, Morrall G. Grange road, Bermondsey, SE
Red Cow, Neat Major, High street, Peckham, SE
Red Cross, Mosedale Ed. High street, Borough, SE
Red Deer, Weaver Emma J. Croydon
Red Lion, Annett W. the younger, Red Lion street, Wandsworth, SW
Red Lion, Bentley James, Coulsdon
Red Lion, Boxshall T. Shooters hill, SE
Red Lion, Davies Reese, Wallington
Red Lion, Dean R. Horselydown lane, SE
Red Lion, Devenish D. Bridge road, Lambeth, SE
Red Lion, Evans W. High street, Putney, SW
Red Lion, Ford J. Kennington road, SE
Red Lion, Gilbert J. King street, Deptford, SE
Red Lion, Graham G. T. Village, Plumstead, SE
Red Lion, Gurney G. Walworth road, SE
Red Lion, Norton E. Mulgrave place, Woolwich, SE
Red Lion, Overton A. H. Greenwich road, SE
Red Lion, Payne Henry, Paradise street, Rotherhithe, SE
Red Lion, Penfold J. M. Mitcham
Red Lion, Phillips B. G. East street, Greenwich, SE
Red Lion, Porter Emma, Dockhead, SE
Red Lion, Selth Zach. Blackman street, Borough SE
Red Lion, Swinden William, Union street, Borough SE
Red Lion, Spring Mary, Red Lion street, Richmond
Red Lion, Thompson Henry, Bridge road, Barnes
Red Lion, Wilton George, Deptford Lower road, SE
Red Lion and Key, Brent E. Mill lane, Rotherhithe, SE
Red Lion and Wheatsheaf, Green W. High street, Deptford, SE
Reform, Nichols J. S. Croydon
Refreshment Bar, Bertram J. and Roberts H. railway station, Rye lane, Peckham, SE
Refreshment Rooms, Clark W. H. Vauxhall station, Vauxhall cross, SW
Refreshment Rooms (LB & SC Ry.), Cripps John, Clapham junction, SW
Refreshment Rooms (L & SW Ry.), Harmsworth J. H. and Goodwin Frederick, Clapham junction, SW
Refreshment Rooms, Perret J. Terminus South Eastern Railway, London bridge, SC
Befreshment Rooms, Spiers F. W. Herne hill, station, SE
Befreshment Rooms, Spiers F. W. High Level station, Upper Norwood, SE
Refreshment Rooms, Spiers F. W. railway station, Blackfriars road, SE
Reindeer Tavern, Wilson William. Rye lane, Peckham, SE
Retreat, Hill Francis, Penge
Rip House, White George, Peckham Rye, Peckham.SE
Rising Sun, Barker E. High road, Eltham SE
Rising Sun, Rapley Frederick, Larkhall lane, Clapham, SW
Rising Sun, Beaver G. J. Penge
Rising Sun, Cairn J. Princes road, Lambeth, SE
Rising Sun, Coleman C. Popes buildings. Deptford, SE
Rising Sun, Creasy L. York road, Lambeth, SE
Rising Sun, Gamon 1!. B. Rushey green, Lewisham, SE
Rising Sun, Hadden John, High street, Bromley
Rising Sun, Keyner J. Battersea bridge road, SW
Rising Sun, Lumsden J. East lane, Bermondsey, SE
Rising Sun, Maidwell T. J. Harper street, New Kent road, SE
Rising Sun, Oakes W. H. Croydon
Rising Sun, Seward Allied, Old Kent road, SE
Rising Sun, Stevens J. E. Printers place, Bermondsey, SE
Rising Sun, Waller W. S. Blackfriars road, SE
Robin Hood, Triebner Gertrude M. Penge
Robin Hood and Little John, Marshall Emma, Church street, Deptford, SE
Robin Hood and Little John, Mister J. B. Denmark street, Cold harbour lane, Camberwell, SE
Rock, Wright W. C. Walworth road, SE
Rock House Tavern, Bowie A. Lower Wandsworth road, Battersea, SW
Rockingham Arms, Edwards H. J. Newington causeway, SE
Rodney, Bax H. Westminster bridge road, SE
Roebuck, Bayfield, D. S. Kennington lane, SE
Roebuck, Drummond John, Union street, Borough SE.
Roebuck, Fountain F. W. Great Dover street, Borough SE
Roebuck, Isaac G. Church street, Woolwich, SE
Roebuck, Mitchell G, Church street, Kennington road SE
Roebuck, Smith W. Tooley street, Loudon bridge, SE
Roebuck, Wooff R. Lewisham, SE
Roebuck Hotel, Winslet Thomas. Terrace, Richmond
Rose, Goodenough R. H. Saville place, Lambeth walk, SE
Rose, Miller W. D. Edmond street, Camberwell, SE
Rose, Slade E. Rose street, Plumstead, SE
Rose, Tilley J. Snow fields, Bermondsey, SE
Rose and Crown, Allen W. Surrey street, Lambeth, SE
Rose and Crown, Axfoid R. High street, Wimbledon, SW
Rose and Crown, Crowder C. S. Stockwell street, Greenwich, SE
Rose and Crown, Breach S. High street, Putney, SW
Rose and Crown, Deekes E. Thames street, Greenwich, SE
Rose and Crown, Grimes T. Orchard road, Plumstead, SE
Rose and Crown, Harding H. Commercial road, Lambeth, SE
Rose and Crown, Martin E. Norwood, SE
Rose and Crown, Messenger T. Collingwood street, Blackfriars road, SE
Rose and Crown, Peart W. Long lane, Bermondsey, SE
Roso and Crown, Ratclille R. The Square, Richmond
Rose and Crown, Ruttcr Chas. The Green, Kew
Rose and Crown, Russell Jane, Croydon
Rose and Crown, Rutter W. High street, Wandsworth, SW
Rose and Crown, Sacker Edwin, Coulsdon
Rose and Crown, Skilton H. Blue Anchor road, Bermondsey, SE
Rose and Crown, Waller W. H. Blackheath road SE
Rose and Crown, Wilson N. J. Union street, Borough SE
Rose and Lilley, Davey R. Drummond road, Bermondsey, SE
Rose and Thistle, Bower W. C. Wellington place, Coldharbour lane, Camberwell, SE
Rosemary Branch, Boxell E. Counter hill, Deptford, SE
Rosemary Branch, Garness T. J. Southampton street, Camberwell, SE
Rosendale, Bell H. Park road, Dulwich, SE
Rosendale Arms, Dipple T. Roseberry street, Blue Anchor road, Bermondsey, SE
Rose of Lee, Martin J. High road, Lee, SE
Rouel Tavern, McDonald A. Rouel road, Bermondsey, SE
Roupell Arms, Cuthbert R. corner Woolwich road SE
Royal Albert, Davey J. Wandsworth road, SW
Royal Albert, Frelont L. F. New Cross road, Deptford, SE
Boyal Albert, Maffey Jno. T. East lane, Bermondsey wall, SE
Royal Albert, Stearn Martha, Prospect row, Woolwich, SE
Royal Albert Tavern, Redgrave S. St. Stephens place, Albert square, Clapham road, SW
Royal Arms, Cross Jemima, Lower Wandsworth road, Battersea, SW
Royal Arms, Wood Henry G. Hill street, Richmond
Royal Assembly Rooms, Mulberry Thomas. Richmond
Royal Canteen, Brown G. Camp, Woolwich common SE
Royal Champion, Foules T. W. Portland street, Walworth, SE
Royal Fort, Brook Jane, Grange road, Bermondsey, SE
Royal George, Barker T. New street, Blackfriars, SE
Royal George, Cole A. Rotherhithe New road, SE
Royal George, Druce M. W. Carlisle lane, Lambeth, SE
Royal George, Hare J. Tanners hill, Deptford, SE
Royal George, Kennard Mark, George street, Bermondsey, SE
Royal George, Kilshall Ann, Bath place, Greenwich, SE
Royal Hotel, Howard William, opposite railway station, Eltham, SE
Royal Marine, Messer Louisa H. Dock street, Deptford, SE
Royal Mortar, Howard C. W. London road, SE
Royal Mortar, Mason H. New road, Woolwich, SE
Royal Oak, Austin D. Tooley street, London bridge, SE
Royal Oak, Broden Archibald. Deptford Lower road SE
Royal Oak, Holledge Edward. Penge
Royal Oak, McRae Harriet, Cross street, Blackfriars road, SE
Royal Oak, Maltby Chas. Croydon
Royal Oak, Marshall G. R. 1 Leigham road, Clapham, SW
Royal Oak, Randall J. New road, Woolwich, SE
Royal Oak, Sewell H. Princes road, Common, Plumstead, SE
Royal Oak, Turner Rt. High street, Deptford, SE
Royal Oak, Wright C. G. Kent street, Borough SE
Royal Oak, Wright G. Church street, Lee, SE
Royal Pavilion, Holland William, North Woolwich, SE
Royal Rifleman, Newnham B. Nine Elms, Battersea, SW
Royal Standard, Bangham R. F. A. York road, Battersea, SW
Royal Standard, Clamp G. High street, Woolwich, SE
Royal Standard, Edingtou Ann, Myrtle place, Blackheath, SE
Royal Standard, Freeman R. A. White st. Long lane, Southwark, SE
Royal Standard, Hannah T. H. Tanners hill, Deptford, SE
Royal Standard, Lomas W. T. Ann street, Plumstead, SE
Royal Standard, Sargent J. High street, Woolwich, SE
Royal Surrey Gardens, Simpson T. Penton place, Newington butts, SE
Royal Victoria Tavern, Green street, Waterloo road SE
Royal William, Eldridge A. South Lambeth new road, SW
Ruby Castle, Pullman Elizabeth, Wynyard street, Kennington lane, SE
Running Horse, Watson John, Croydon
Running Horses, Newby George, Blackfriars road SE
Russell Hotel, Hugall C. Brixton road, SW
Rutland Taverns, Brown W. S. Perry hill, Lewisham, SE