London 1874 Licensed Victuallers & Hotel Keepers – South S

This is a listing from the London 1874 Licensed Victuallers and Hotel Keepers Directory for London and suburbs. The directory is one of the more diverse listings which covers the City of London, London north and south etc.

St. Georges Coffee House, Alsford J. A. Coleman street, Southampton street, Camberwell SE
St. Georges Coffee House, Bundock E. Blackman street, Borough, SE
St. Georges Tavern, Brooks J. Lambeth road, SE
St. Georges Tavern, Daniels P. E. Fort road, St. Georges road, Southwark, SE
St. Germains Tavern, Fensham D. W. St. Germain road, Brockley lane, SE
St. Helena, Preece Fred. Deptford Lower road, SE
St. Jamess Tavern, Shacklock E. Blue Anchor road, Bermondsey, SE
St. Johns Tavern, Temple J. J. M. Tooley street, London bridge, SE
St. Paul, Hughes T. Walworth common, SE
Salmon, Walker George, Union street, Borough SE
Salutation, Marsley William, Greens end, Woolwich, SE
Salutation, White J. (exors ) Princes street, Stamford street, Lambeth, SE
Sampsons Castle, Grubb J. 210 Grange road, Bermondsey, SE
Sandrock Hotel, Owen J. T. Croydon
Sea Lion, Duck John jr. Wootton street, Cornwall road, Lambeth, SE
Sea Witch, Barrett M. T. March wall, Greenwich, SE
Selhurst Arms, Mitchell George, Croydon
Shaftesbury Hotel, Saycr G. J. St. Andrew street, Battersea, SW
Shakespeare, Field J. Lower Richmond road, Mortlake
Shakespeare, Fitt R. Meyrick road, Battersea, SW
Shakespeare, Pagden A. J. Powis street, Woolwich, SE
Shard Arms, Corbett Robert, Old Kent road, SE
Sheer Hulk, Alcock C. W. Church street, Woolwich, SE
Sheldon Arms, Lockyer Susanna E. Croydon
Ship, Cooper Henry, Queen street, Rotherhithe, SE
Ship, Goldsmith George, Norwood, Croydon
Ship, Griffiths J. Waterside, Wandsworth, SW
Ship, Harris R. Shad Thames, SE
Ship, Hayes D. V. Church street, Rotherhithe, SE
Ship, Knowles Joseph, Croydon
Ship, Martrell Alice, Waterside, Mortlake
Ship, Newman W. F. H. Long Iane, Bermondsey, SE
Ship, Nuttall J. Walcot place, Kennington road, SE
Ship, Pyscroft T. Garden stairs, Greenwich, SE
Ship, Richardson Benjamin, Newington butts, SE
Ship, Shepherd Joseph, Rotherhithe street, Rotherhithe, SE
Ship Aground, Grace A. Edward street, Dockhead, SE
Ship and Billet, Neate W. Woolwich road, SE
Ship and Blue Coat Boy, Hodson E. T. Walworth road, SE
Ship and Camel, Coles G. Fashion street, Dockhead, SE
Ship and Half Moon, Hart C. Nelson street, Woolwich, SE
Ship and Mermaid, Parrish J. R. Snowsfields, Bermondsey, SE
Ship and Pilot, Jones C. H. Bermondsey wall, Bermondsey, SE
Ship and Punchbowl, Greenfield M. Church street, Woolwich, SE
Ship and Sailor, Barker A. G. Church street, Greenwich SE
Ship and Shovel, Gabb W. Steel yard, Southwark, SE
Ship and Whale, Smith Richard, Russell street, Rotherhithe, SE
Ship Argo, Wheatley J. W. Rotherhithe street, Rotherhithe, SE
Ship Defiance, Mullins D. Grove street, Deptford, SE
Ship in Distress, Askew J. Marigold street, Bermondsey, SE
Ship Tavern, Sloman Ellan, George street, Woolwich, SE
Shipwrights Arms, Dobinson S. Friendly street, Deptford, SE
Shipwrights Arms, Smith J. Bermondsey street, Bermondsey, SE
Ship York, Cobley William. Lower York street, Rotherhithe, SE
Signal, Fage G. A., Croydon
Simon the Tanner, Wooding M. Long lane, Bermondsey, SE
Sir John Faistaff, Betts J. E. Kent street, Borough SE
Sir John Morden, Rose Mary A. Ladywell, Lewisham, SE
Sir Robert Peel, Plaisted B. Crescent road, Plumstead, SE
Sir Sidney Smith, Gissing G. J. Chester street, Kennington road, SE
Sir Wm. of Walworth, Wilson Jas. Walworth road SE
Six Bells, Taylor Henry, Mitcbam
Skinners Arms, Curtis A. D. K. Great Suffolk street, Borough SE
Skinners Arms, _,Camberwell New road SE
Smiths Amis, Hawkesley G. New Church street, Lower road, SE
Smiths Arms, Smith E. Maid lane, Southwark, SE
Southampton Arms, Lane J. Nine Elms lane, Wandsworth, SW
Southampton Railway Hotel, Caddell J. Nine Elms lane, Battersea, SW
South London Music Hall, Speedy Hy. and Poole John, London road, SE
South Norwood Railway Hotel, Boyd John, Croydon
Southwark Arms, Hart Henry, Southwark street, SE
Southwark Arms, Wright C. Tooley street, London bridge SE
Southwark Park Tavern, Freeland G. Jamaica level, Bermondsey, SE
Spanish Galleon, Wilson E. S. Church street, Greenwich, SE
Spanish Patriots, Archer W. New cut, Lambeth, SE
Spa Tavern, Garrett G. F. Spa road, Bermondsey, SE
Spencer Arms, Davies J. Lower common, Putney, SW
Sportsman, Buckland E. Great Union street, Southwark, SE
Spotted Cow, Walker H. W. Hither green, Lewisham, SE
Spotted Horse, Harcourt E. High street, Putney, SW
Spread Eagle, Brewer Jno. Rotherhithe street, Rotherhithe, SE
Spread Eagle, Brown E. Pratt street, Lambeth road, SE
Spread Eagle, Davis C. Usk road, Battersea, SW
Spread Eagle, Denyer J. M’G. Kennington lane, SE
Spread Eagle, Dougherty H. High street, Wandsworth, SW
Spread Eagle, Peacey E. Mason street, Lambeth, SE
Spread Eagle, Wakelin R. T. Stockwell street, Greenwich, SE
Spread Eagle, Watson Maria S. Hill street, Richmond
Spur, Richardson Joseph, Queens road, Mortlake
Stag and Hounds, Roffey James, Croydon
Stag Inn, Hendry L. C. Wandsworth road, SW
Stamford Arms, Warmaner Caroline, Stamford street, Lambeth, SE
Stanley, Mansell H. J. Borough High street, SE
Stanley Hotel, Jones G. W. Carshalton
Star, Day Henry, Bluckman street, Borough SE
Star, Gilbertson T. Wellington street, Woolwich, SE
Star, Moynham D. W. Plumstead common, SE
Star, Randell Frances, Croydon
Star, Westbrooke Eliza, Penge
Star and Garter, Allen R. Church road Battersea, SW
Star and Garter, Arkwell E. Pattison road, Plumstead, SE
Star and Garter, Cook G. St. Anns hill, Wandsworth, SW
Star and Garter, Hammond J. Powis street, Woolwich, SE
Star and Garter, Hayes T. Leckinga road, Bermondsey, SE
Star and Garter, Slinn G. Lower Richmond road, Putney, SW
Star and Garter, Smelt Henry, Petersham
Star and Garter, Waterhouse Rosanah J. Old Woolwich road, SE
Star and Garter, Woods Francis G. High street, Bromley
Star and Windmill, Keymer A. Star corner, Bermondsey, SE
Star in the East, Salmon F. Blackwall lane, Greenwich, SE
Star of India, Vail W. Gordon road, Peckham, SE
Station Bar, Bertram J. and Roberts Hy. Queens road station, Peckham, SE.
Station Tavern, Ashwell A. Beresford street, Walworth, SE
Stave Porters, Meadows W. J. Jacob street, Bermondsey, SE
Steam Packet, Buckley B. S. Nine Elms lane, Battersea, SW
Steam Packet, Hawkes Maria, Bell Watergate, Woolwich, SE
Steam Packet, Shepherd C. J. Stowage, Deptford, SE
Stirling Castle, Wright Thomas. Church street, Camberwell green, SE
Sugar Loaf, Forrest W. S. Billingsgate street, Greenwich, SE
Sultan, Goldsmith W. comer of Norman and De Burgh roads, Wimbledon, SW
Sultan, Hablett John, Sultan street, Avenue road, Camberwell, SE
Sultan Tavern, Garrett L. B. St. James’s road, SE
Summerfield Tavern, Pound R. Bromley road, SE
Sun, Arnold T. Wood wharf, Greenwich, SE
Sun, Beecroft W. H. Carshalton
Sun, Culverwell J. The Green, Barnes
Sun, Hall Edward. Park Shot, Richmond
Sun, Macloms William. 47 Old Town, Clapham, SW
Sun, Maguire Thomas. Union street, Borough, SE
Sun and Doves, Skiller W. Mason street, Lambeth, SE
Sun and Doves, Turner W. Coldharbour lane, Camberwell, SE
Sun in the Sands, Agate William. Shooters Hill road, SE
Surrey Arms, Campion, W. T. Thomas street, Kennington, SE
Surrey Arms, Hill Francis, Croydon
Surrey Arms, Rowe H. A. Surrey square, Old Kent road SE
Surrey Canal House, Cutts Jesse, Peckham footpath, Peckham, SE
Surrey Dock Tavern, Hose S. J. Surrey Commercial Dock, SE
Surrey Drovers, Baker Edward. Croydon
Surrey Gardens Arms, Elliott John W. Chapter road, Walworth, SE
Surrey Hounds, Southon J. St. Johns hill, Battereea.SE
Surrey Tavern, Bonner J. T. Wandsworth common, SW
Surrey View, Easton Ed. Commercial road, Peckham, SE
Sussex Arms, Chapman R. G. Sussex road, Coldharbour lane, SE
Sussex Arms, Harrison Elisha, Plumstead road, SE
Sussex Coffee House, Bolton G. Duke street, Southwark, SE
Swallow Galley, Cann Walter William, Rotherhithe street, Rotherhithe, SE
Swan, Bishop S. R. Mitcham Swan, Dowden George, Croydon
Swan, Fownes G. Ridgway, Wimbledon, SW
Swan, Hockley George. Old Kent road, SE
Swan, Jones T. High street, Wandsworth, SW
Swan, McDaniel William, West Wickham
Swan, Marfleet, Thomas. Carshalton
Swan, Fitzgerald John, High road, Lee, SE
Swan, Turner R. Church road, Battersea, SW
Swan, Yardley W. Stockwell, SW
Swan and Magpie, Knight J. Battersea Bridge road SW
Swan and Sugar Loaf, Davis John, Croydon
Swan and Sugar Loaf, Wood A. Hickmans Folly, Dockhead, SE
Swan Inn, Adams W. S. Great Dover street, Borough, SE
Swan Inn, Campion W. R. High street, Bromley
Swan Inn, Salter W. B. Park road, Old Kent road SE
Swiss Cottage, Edwards W. J. Forest Hill, SE
Sydney Arms, Watson G. Sydney terrace, Blackheath SE