London pub history in 1981 -R

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1981 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter R.

Rabb Inns Ltd, Faraday House, 8-10 Charing Cross road, WC2H OHG
Radnor Arms, 106 Mildmay Grove, N1 4PJ
Radnor Arms, 247 Warwick road, W14 8PX
Raffles, 244 Barking road, E13 8HR
Railway, 12 Wells Terrace N4 3JU
Railway, 472 Hornsey road, N19
Railway, 16 Blackheath Village, SE3 9LE
Railway Arms, 421 Wick Lane, E3 2JG
Railway Arms, 52 Goldhawk road, W1 2
Railway Bell, 14 Cawnpore street, SE19 1PF
Railway Bell, 87 George Lane, E18
Railway Bell, 284 Mitcham road, SW17
Railway Hotel, 1-3 High street, Acton W3 6NG
Railway Hotel, 2 Connaught road, E16 2DB
Railway Hotel, 5 Tottenham Lane, N8 9DJ
Railway Hotel, 20 Atlantic road, SW9 8JA
Railway Hotel, 2 Greyhound Lane, SW16 5SD
Railway Hotel PH, 100 West End Lane, NW6 2LU
Railway, 19-20 The Market Square N9
Railway, 1 Anerley Station road, SE20
Railway, 325 Kirkdale, SE26
Railway Signal Hotel, 7 Devonshire road, SE23 3HE
Railway Tap, 88 Bishops Bridge road, W2 5AA
Railway Tavern, 15 Liverpool street, EC2M 7NH
Railway Tavern, 35 Chalk Farm road, NW1 8AJ
Railway Tavern, South End road, NW3
Railway Tavern, 129 Hale Lane, NW7 3SB
Railway Tavern, 89 Westbourne Park road, W2 5QH
Railway Tavern, 13-15 Bollo Lane, W4 5LR
Railway Tavern, 55 Goldhawk road, W1 2 8QP
Railway Tavern, 263 New Cross road, SE1 4 5UL
Railway Tavern, 30 Grove road, E3 5AX
RaiIway Tavern, 393 Old Ford road, E3 2LU
Railway Tavern, 59 Kingsland High street, E8 2JS
Railway Tavern, 339 Mare street, E8
Railway Tavern, 576 Commercial road, E14 7JD
Railway Tavern, 131 Angel lane, E15 1DB
Railway Tavern, 8 Bridge road, E15 3LN
Railway Tavern, 196 Plaistow road, E15 3HJ
Railway Tavern, 272 Victoria Dock road, E16 3BY
Railway Tavern, 26 York Way N1 9AB
Railway Telegraph Tavern, 112 Stanstead road, SE23 1 BS
Ram Tavern, 26 North Woolwich road, E16 2AB
Ram & Teasel, 39 Queens Head street, N1 8NQ
Ranelagh, 39 Ranelagh Grove, SW1W 8PB
Ranelagh, 82 Bounds Green road, N i l
Ranelagh Arms, 599 Roman road, E3
Ranger, 205 Cortis road, SW15
Raven, 375 Goldhawk road, W6
Raven Inn,140 Westbridge road, SW11 3JR
Ravensbourne Arms, 47 Albion Hill, SE13
Ravensbourne Hotel, 18-20 Catford Hill SE6 4PX
Ravenscourt Arms, 243 King street, W6
Raymouth Tavern, 302 Southwark Park road, SE16 2HA
Raynes Park Hotel, 32 Coombe Lane, SW20 OLA
Red Anchor, 6 Camera Place, SW10
Red Bull, 116 Peckham High street, SE15 5ED
Red Cow, 157 Hammersmith road, W6
Red Cow, 190 Peckham High street, SE15
Red Deer, 393 Cambridge Heath road, E2 9RA
Red House, 299 Barking road, E13 8EQ
Red House, 2 Elystan street, SW3 3NS
Red House Hotel, 155 Park road, NW8 7HT
Red Lion, 1 Eldon street, EC2M 7LS
Red Lion, 634 High road, Tottenham, N17 9TP
Red Lion, 20 Great Windmill street, W1V 7PH
Red Lion, 149 Boston road, W7 3SA
Red Lion, 41 Hoxton street, N1 6NH
Red Lion, 280 Borough High street, SE1 1JS
Red lion, 198 Lower road, SE8 5DJ
Red Lion, Red Lion Hill, N2 8ED
Red Lion, 160 Union street, SE1 0LH
Red Lion, 140 Balaam street, E13 8RD
Red Lion, 640 High road, Leytonstone, E11
Red Lion, 33-39 Rosoman street, EC1R OHU
Red Lion, 93 The Hyde NW9 6LE
Red Lion, Shooters Hill, SE18 3RN
Red Lion, 1 Waverton street, W1X 7FJ
Red Lion, 13 St Marys road, W5 5RA
Red Lion Hotel, 281 High street, Acton W3 9BP
Red Lion Hotel, 2 Castelnau SW13 9RU
Red Lion, 8 Lombard Court EC3V 9BJ
Red Lion, 253 Cricklewood Lane, NW2
Red Lion, 34 Kilburn High road, NW6
Red Lion, 172 Westminster Bridqe road, SE1 7RW
Red Lion, 17 Watling street, EC4
Red Lion, 132 Stoke Newington Church street, N16
Red Lion & Sun, 25 North road, N6
Red Rover, 470 Upper Richmond road, SW15
Redan, 1 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UA
Redcliffe Hotel, 268 Fulham road, SW10 9EW
Refectory, 911 Finchley road, NW11 7PE
Regent Arms, 53-55 Regency street, SW1 P 4AF
Resolute Tavern, 210 Poplar High street, E14 OBB
Richard Cobden, 34 Repton street, E14 7PX
Richard I , 52-54 Royal Hill SE10
Richmond, 55 Shepherd’s Bush road, W6
Richmond, 3 Netherwood road, W14
Richmond Arms, Orchardson street, NW8
Ridley Arms, 17 Ridley road, E8
Riley Arms, 433 Kings road, SW10 OLR
Ring, 72 Blackfriars road, SE1 8HA
Ringwood Castle, 49 Gosport road, E17 7LX
Rising Sun, 120 Euston road, NW1 2AL
Rising Sun, 98 Harper road, SE1 6AQ
Rising Sun, 24 Blackfriars road, SE1 8NY
Rising Sun, 23 Spa Hill SE19 3TW
Rising Sun, 14 Gillender street, E3 3JW
Rising Sun, 528 Romford road, E7 8AD
Rising Sun, Harlesden road, NW10 4JH
Rising Sun, Woodford New road, E17 3PR
Rising Sun, 61 Carter lane, EC4V 5DY
Rising Sun, 55 Brooksby street, N1 1 EX
Rising Sun, 2 Sandal road, N18 2AL
Rising Sun, 46 Tottenham Court road, W1P 9RE
Rising Sun, 248 Oakleigh Road North N20 OBU
Rising Sun, Highwood Hill NW7
Rising Sun, 88 Rushey Green, SE6
Rising Sun, 226 Morning Lane, E9
Rising Sun, 240 Winchester road, N9
Rising Sun, 7 Chase Side N14
Rising Sun, 189-191 Eltham High street, SE9
Rising Sun, 133 Vauxhall street, SE11 5LL
Riverside Inn, Queen Street Place EC4R 1 AY
Robert Burns, 248 West Ferry road, E14 8RS
Robert E Lee, 344 High road, Tottenham, N15 4BN
Robin Hood, 42 Shacklewell lane, E8 2EZ
Robin Hood, 101 Croydon road, SE20
Robin Hood, Kingston Vale, SW15
Robin Hood & Little John, 450 Chiswick High road, W4
Robin Hood Tavern, High Hill Ferry, E5 9HG
Robinson Crusoe, 177 Green Lanes N16
Rochester Castle, 143-145 Stoke Newington High street, N16
Rock, 374 Walworth road, SE17 2NF
Rocket, 11-13 Churchfield road, W3 6BD
Roding Hotel, Southend road, E6 2AN
Roebuck, 15 Pond street, NW3 2PN
Roebuck, 50 Great Dover street, SE1 4YG
Roebuck, 108a Tottenham Court road, W1P 9HG
Roebuck, 122 Chiswick High road, W4
Roebuck, 293 Kennington road, SE11
Roebuck, 25 Rennell street, SE13
Roebuck, 354 Kings road, SW3 5UZ
Roebuck, 84 Ashmole street, SW8
Rose, 58 Hatton Garden EC1N 8LS
Rose, 123 Snowsfields SE1 3ST
Rose, 78 Edmund street, SE5 7NR
Rose, 2 Waverley road, SE18
Rose, 86 Fulham road, SW3 6HR
Rose, 1 Harwood Terrace SW6 2AF
Rose & Crown, 17 Pennyfields E14 8HP
Rose & Crown, 47 Colombo street, SE1 8DP
Rose & Crown, 65 Union street, SE1 1SG
Rose & Crown, 68 Southwark Park road, SE16 3RS
Rose & Crown, 90 -92 , Lower Sloane street, SW1W 8BU
Rose & Crown, 71 Torriano Avenue NW5 2SG
Rose & Crown, 96 Rodney road, SE17 1BG
Rose & Crown, 2 Devons road, E3 3HA
Rose & Crown, 89 Upper Ground SE1 9PP
Rose & Crown, 134 Wandsworth High street, SW18 4JP
Rose & Crown, 55 High street, Wimbledon, SW19 5BA
Rose & Crown, Church Place, W5 4HN
Rose & Crown, 2 Old Park Lane, W1Y 3LL
Rose & Crown, 13-15 Mare street, E8
Rose & Crown, 86 Highgate High street, N6
Rose & Crown, 80 Church street, N9
Rose & Crown, 199 Stoke Newington Church street, N16
Rose & Crown, 1 Crooms Hill, SE10
Rose & Crown, 95 Thames street, SE10
Rose & Crown, 24 Plumstead High street, SE18
Rose of Denmark, 78 Shirley street, E16 1HU
Rose of Denmark, 296 Woolwich road, SE7 2RW
Rose of Denmark, 612 Roman road, E3
Rose of Denmark, 57 Greenwich High road, SE10
Rose of Denmark, 28 Cross street, SW1 3
Rose of Kent, 156 Trundleys road, SE8 5JG
Rose of Lee, 162 Lee High road, SE13 5PR
Rose & Thistle, 97 Warner road, SE5 9HQ
Rosemary Branch, 44 Lewisham Way SE14
Rosendale Hotel, 65 Rosendale road, SE21 8EZ
Rosslyn Arms, 48 Rosslyn Hill, NW3
Round House, Wandsworth Common, SW18 2QU
Round House, 83-85 Wardour street, W1V 3TG
Round House, 19 Woolwich Manor Way E1 6 2NJ
Round House, 1 Garrick street, WC2E 9AR
Round Table, 26 St Martins Court WC2V 4AL
Royal Albert, 74 Albert road, E16 2NQ
Royal Albert, 78 Blackheath road, SE10
Royal Albert, 51 East street, SE1 7 2DJ
Royal Albert, 42 Westow Hill, SE19 1RX
Royal Albert, 460 New Cross road, SE14
Royal Albert, 43 St Stephens terrace SW8 1DL
Royal Alfred, 267 Kingsland road, E2 8AS
Royal Archer, 1 Egmont street, SE14
Royal Arms, 42 Gaisford street, NW5
Royal Charlie, 116 Chrisp street, E14 6NL
Royal Connaught, 267 High Holborn, WC1V 7EE
Royal Cricketers, 211 Old Ford road, E2 9PT
Royal Duchess, 543-547 Commercial road, E1 OHQ
Royal Duke, 474 Commercial road, E1 OJN
Royal Eltham, Kingsley Wood Drive, SE9
Royal Engineer, Sanders Lane, NW7
Royal Exchange, 57 Hartland road, NW1 8DB
Royal Exchange, 26 Sale place W2 1PU
Royal Fort, 131 Grange road, SE1 3AL
Royal Gardener, 11 Warwick Way, SW1V 1QT
Royal George, 7 Selby street, E1 5BX
Royal George, 30 Bristol gardens, W9 2JQ
Royal George, 85a Tanners Hill SE8 4QD
Royal George, 27 Carlisle lane, SE1 7LH
Royal George, 84 Abbey street, SE1 3NJ
Royal George, 8-14 Eversholt street, NW1 1DG
Royal George, 234 Jamaica road, SE16 4BD
Royal George, Goslett Yard, WC2
Royal George, 2 Bissett street, SE10 8UP
Royal Hotel, Boston road, W7 2AX
Royal Hotel, Lauriston road, E9 7HJ
Royal Hotel, 185 Court road, SE9 4UG
Royal Lancer, 16 Lancefield street, W10
Royal Mail, Myddelton street, EC1
Royal Marine, 116 Prince street, SE8 3JD
Royal Navy, 53 Salmon lane, E14 7NA
Royal Oak, 120 Whitechapel road, El 1JE
Royal Oak, 1117 Finchley road, NW 1 1 OQB
Royal Oak, 45 Loampit Vale SE13 7TF
Royal Oak, 83 Woodman street, E16 2LN
Royal Oak, 73 St James’s lane, N10
Royal Oak, 67 Barking road, E16 4HB
Royal Oak, 73 Columbia road, E2 7RG
Royal Oak, 83 Leytonstone road, E15 1JA
Royal Oak, 44 Tabard street, SE1 4JU
Royal Oak, 99 Tooley street, SE1 2SF
Royal Oak, 54 Charlton Lane, SE7 8 LA
Royal Oak, 67-68 Broadway Ealing W5 5JN
Royal Oak, 58 Milson road, W14 OLH
Royal Oak Hotel, 95 High street, Harlesden, NW10 4TS
Royal Oak, 62 Glenthorne road, W6
Royal Oak, Kings Head Hill, E4
Royal Oak, Sewardstone road, E4 7RG
Royal Oak, 83 Wilton Way, E8
Royal Oak, 143 Sydney road, N10
Royal Oak, 79 Green Lanes, N16
Royal Oak, 355 Kennington Lane, SE1 1
Royal Oak, 78 Fitzalan street, SE11 6QU
Royal Pavilion Hotel, 2 Pier road, E16 2JJ
Royal Saxon, 64 Alfred road, W2 5EU
Royal Scot PH, Apex Corner, Northway Circus, NW7
Royal Six Bells,222 High street, Colliers Wood SW19 2BH
Royal Sovereign, 64 Northwold road, E5 8RL
Royal Standard, 86 Tanners Hill SE8 4PN
Roya] Standard, Harper road, SE1 6AD
Royal Standard, 44 Vanbrugh Park, SE3
Royal Standard, 9 Sale Place W2 1 PH
Royal Standard, 165 Kingsland road, E2 8AL
Royal Standard, 84 Victoria Park road, E9
Royal Standard, 116 Albert road, E16 2NQ
Royal Standard, 1 Blackhorse lane, E17 6DS
Royal Standard, 67 Pelton road, SE10
Royal Standard, 226 Hillingdon street, SE17 3JD
Royal Standard, 1 Ballantine street, SW18 1AL
Royal Standard, 180 High street, Colliers Wood, SW19 2BN
Royal Star, 220 City road, EC1V 2PN
Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington lane, SE11 5HY
Royal Victoria, 131 Waterloo road, SE1
Royal Victoria, 66 Boston road, W7 2ET
Royal Victory, 83-91 Georges road, N7
Royston Arms, Chingford Mount road, E4
Rugby, 19 Great James street, WC1N 3ES
Rumboe, 27 Old Bailey EC4M 7HS
Running Footman, 5 Charles street, W1X 7HA
Running Horse, 50 Davies street, W1Y 1 LB
Ruskin Arms, 386 High Street North, E12 6PH
Russell, Lidlington Place, NW1
Russell Hotel, 116-118 Brixton road, SW9 6BD
Rutland, 9-10 Smithfield (West) EC1
Rutland Hotel, 55 Perry Hill SE6 4LF
Rutland Hotel, 15 Lower Mall W6 9DJ
Rye Hotel, 31 Peckham Rye, SE15 3NX