London Borough of Enfield pubs in August 2018

I have thousands of pages of pub history on my pubwiki, but many places are only updated to about 1937, when the address may have been different from today, or the pub may no longer exist, or it may now be a London postcode, or not a London postcode but in a London borough, or many other reasons.

Some early pubs even change counties at times, and in about 1965 many former couunties near to London did become part of London, as specifically mentioned, now being in a London borough.

I have pages of these pubs in 2018/19, about 51,000 of them in total; and many are now part of London. Others around the country, in the southern end of the country are also listed, some are not. The entire listing is here.

And here is Enfield, well some of it ..

Enfield .
Azure,8-10 Silver Street, ENFIELD,EN1 3ED,Enfield
Bar Form,7 Genotin Road, ENFIELD,EN1 2AA,Enfield
Bar Taps,29 Silver Street, ENFIELD,EN1 3EF,Enfield
Barosi,151 Green Lanes, LONDON,N13 4SP,Enfield
Bassbox,H7, 35 Harbet Road, LONDON,N18 3HT,Enfield
Bush Hill Park PH, Public House, 141 St Marks Road, ENFIELD,EN1 1BA,Enfield
Crown & Horseshoes, Public House, 15 Horseshoe Lane, ENFIELD,EN2 6PZ,Enfield
Crown And Anchor, Public House, 222 Fore Street, LONDON,N18 2QD,Enfield
Dog And Duck, Public House, 74 Hoppers Road, LONDON,N21 3LH,Enfield
Fishmongers Arms,Commercial Premises, Public House, Winchmore Hill Road, LONDON,N14 6AD,Enfield
Harvester,The Navigation Inn, 4 Wharf Road, ENFIELD,EN3 4XX,Enfield
Harvester Gryphon,Public House, 9 Vera Avenue, LONDON,N21 1RE,Enfield
Hop Poles Public House,Public House, 320 Baker Street, ENFIELD,EN1 3LH,Enfield
Inn on the Park,2 Solar Way, ENFIELD,EN3 7XY,Enfield
La Face,169-171 Fore Street, LONDON,N18 2XB,Enfield
LT’s, Public House, 58 Fore Street, LONDON,N18 2SW,Enfield
Mollys Bar,Public House, 380 Bowes Road, LONDON,N11 1AH,Enfield
Moon Under Water,Public House, 115-117 Chase Side, ENFIELD,EN2 6NN,Enfield
NERA`I`DA,236 Green Lanes, LONDON,N13 5UD,Enfield
Oakwood Tavern,155 Bramley Road, LONDON,N14 4XA,Enfield
On Broadway,765 Green Lanes, LONDON,N21 3SA,Enfield
O’Neill’s Enfield,Public House, 5 The Town, ENFIELD,EN2 6LE,Enfield
Prince Albert Enfield, Public House, 611 Hertford Road, ENFIELD,EN3 6UP,Enfield
Queens Head Winchmore Hill,Public House, 41-43 Station Road, Winchmore Hill, LONDON,N21 3NB,Enfield
Rose & Crown P.H,Public House, 185 Clay Hill, ENFIELD,EN2 9AJ,Enfield
Royal Small Arms Angling Club,Rammey Marsh Lock House, Lea Road, Waltham Abbey, WALTHAM ABBEY,EN9 1AL,Enfield
Royal Venue,1 Jute Lane, ENFIELD,EN3 7PJ,Enfield
Salisbury Arms,Sailsbury Arms, Public House, Hoppers Road, LONDON,N21 3NP,Enfield
Sun And Woolpack,Public House, 640 Hertford Road, ENFIELD,EN3 6LZ,Enfield
Talbots Freehouse,161 Silver Street, LONDON,N18 1PY,Enfield
The Alfred Herring,316-322 Green Lanes, LONDON,N13 5TT,Enfield
The Arnos Arms,338 Bowes Road, LONDON,N11 1AN,Enfield
The Beehive PH, 24 Little Bury Street, LONDON,N9 9JZ,Enfield
The Bird in Hand, Public House, 100 Tottenhall Road, LONDON,N13 6DG,Enfield
The Black Horse,Public House, 179 Hertford Road, ENFIELD,EN3 5JH,Enfield
The Cricketers,Public House, 17-19 Chase Side Place, ENFIELD,EN2 6QA,Enfield
The Fox PH, Public House, 413 Green Lanes, LONDON,N13 4JD,Enfield
The Gilpins Bell,50-56 Fore Street, LONDON,N18 2SS,Enfield
The Goat,250 High Street, ENFIELD,EN3 4EZ,Enfield
The Greyhound,Public House, 425 South Ordnance Road, ENFIELD,EN3 6HR,Enfield
The Halfway House Toby Carvery,Public House, 801 Great Cambridge Road, ENFIELD,EN1 3PN,Enfield
The Jolly Butchers,Public House, 168-170 Baker Street, ENFIELD,EN1 3JS,Enfield
The Jolly Farmers,2 Enfield Road, ENFIELD,EN2 7QS,Enfield
The King and Tinker,Public House, 40 Whitewebbs Lane, ENFIELD,EN2 9HJ,Enfield
The Kings Head, 9 Market Place, ENFIELD,EN2 6LL,Enfield
The Kings Head, Public House, The Green, Winchmore Hill, LONDON,N21 1BB,Enfield
The Lamb P.H,52 Church Street, LONDON,N9 9PA,Enfield
The Lincoln Arms, Public House, 155 Percival Road, ENFIELD,EN1 1QT,Enfield
The Little Green Dragon Enfield,928 Green Lanes, LONDON,N21 2AD,Enfield
The New Crown,Public House, 80-84 Chase Side, LONDON,N14 5PH,Enfield
The Occasional Half,Public House, 67-77 Green Lanes, LONDON,N13 4TD,Enfield
The Old Hammam and Spa,17 Church Street, LONDON,N9 9DY,Enfield
The Old Wheatsheaf,Public House, 3 Windmill Hill, ENFIELD,EN2 6SE,Enfield
The Orange Tree,18 Highfield Road, LONDON,N21 3HA,Enfield
The Picture Palace,128 High Street, ENFIELD,EN3 4ES,Enfield
The Pied Bull, Public House, 5 Bulls Cross, ENFIELD,EN2 9HE,Enfield
The Plough,Public House, 12 Cattlegate Road, ENFIELD,EN2 9DJ,Enfield
The Railway Inn,Public House, 229 Ordnance Road, ENFIELD,EN3 6HA,Enfield
The Railway Tavern,Public House, 19-20 Market Square, LONDON,N9 0TZ,Enfield
The Red Lion, Public House, 375 Hertford Road, ENFIELD,EN3 5PP,Enfield
The Ridgeway Tavern,76 The Ridgeway, ENFIELD,EN2 8JF,Enfield
The Rising Sun,Public House, 240 Winchester Road, LONDON,N9 9EF,Enfield
The Robin Hood, Public House, 240 The Ridgeway, ENFIELD,EN2 8AP,Enfield
The Six Bells,Public House, 187 Chase Side, ENFIELD,EN2 0PT,Enfield
The Sporting Green, Public House, 129 Hertford Road, ENFIELD,EN3 5JF,Enfield
The Stag,Public House, 35 Little Park Gardens, ENFIELD,EN2 6PH,Enfield
The Stag And Hounds, Public House, 371 Bury Street West, LONDON,N9 9JW,Enfield
The Three Wishes, Public House, 749 Green Lanes, LONDON,N21 3SA,Enfield
The Wheatsheaf, Public House, 185 Baker Street, ENFIELD,EN1 3JT,Enfield
The White Hart, 290 Chase Road, LONDON,N14 6HA,Enfield
The White Horse, Public House, 105 Fore Street, LONDON,N18 2XF,Enfield
The White House, Public House, 570 Hertford Road, ENFIELD,EN3 5SU,Enfield
The Winchmore, Public House, 235 Winchmore Hill Road, LONDON,N21 1QA,Enfield
The Wonder,1 Batley Road, ENFIELD,EN2 0JG,Enfield
The Woodman, Public House, 128 Bourne Hill, LONDON,N13 4BD,Enfield
Toby Carvery,Restaurant, Whitewebbs House, Whitewebbs Road, ENFIELD,EN2 9HQ,Enfield
Unikat – 2 B6 Restaurant,248A Green Lanes, LONDON,N13 5TU,Enfield
Wishing Well,Public House, 9 Aldermans Hill, LONDON,N13 4YD,Enfield
Ye Olde Cherry Tree, Public House, 22 The Green, New Southgate, LONDON,N14 6EN,Enfield