London Borough of Harrow pubs in August 2018

Some early pubs even change counties at times, and in about 1965 many former couunties near to London did become part of London, as specifically mentioned, now being in a London borough.

I have pages of these pubs in 2018/19, about 51,000 of them in total; and many are now part of London. Others around the country, in the southern end of the country are also listed, some are not. The entire listing is here.

And here is Harow, well some of it .

Harrow .
Everest Spice The Honeypot,Everest Spice The Honeypot, Honeypot Lane, Stanmore,HA7 1EE,Harrow
Barrett’s PH,9 Masons Avenue, Harrow,HA3 5AH,Harrow
Buckley’s,187 Streatfield Road, Harrow,HA3 9DA,Harrow
Circle Lounge,12-13 Station Parade, Kenton Lane,HA3 8SB,Harrow
Cosy Bar,6 Weald Lane, Harrow,HA3 5ES,Harrow
Dalys,100 High Street, Wealdstone,HA3 7AH,Harrow
Doolans, 897 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore,HA7 1AR,Harrow
Duck In The Pond Public House, 660 Kenton Lane, Harrow,HA3 6AA,Harrow
Funky Brownz 2 Ltd,28 Belmont Circle, Belmont Circle,HA3 8RF,Harrow
Jameson’s Bar,34 South Parade, Mollison Way,HA8 5QL,Harrow
Lava Lanes,16 Church Road, Stanmore,HA7 4AR,Harrow
Life of Reilly,7 Warwick Parade, Kenton Lane,HA3 8SA,Harrow
Lokma Meze & Grill,16 College Road, Harrow,HA1 1BE,Harrow
Malibu Club,Floor 1, 119 High Street,HA8 7DB,Harrow
Masons Arms Public House, 75 High Street, Edgware,HA8 7DD,Harrow
Maya Pub,3 Shaftesbury Parade, Shaftesbury Avenue,HA2 0AJ,Harrow
McCafferty’s Freehouse,25 Broadwalk, Pinner Road,HA2 6ED,Harrow
Miller & Carter,Leefe Robinson, 76 Uxbridge Road,HA3 6DL,Harrow
Montesole P F Uxbridge Rd,Montesole Playing Fields, Entrance Opposite 661,HA5 3RX,Harrow
Nineteen Executive Club,10 North Parade, Mollison Way,HA8 5QH,Harrow
Oddfellows Arms PH,2 Waxwell Lane, Pinner,HA5 3EN,Harrow
O’Donnell’s Bar,399 Northolt Road, South Harrow,HA2 8JE,Harrow
Old Lyonian Association,The Lyonian Pavilion, The club House,HA1 3PN,Harrow
O’Neill’s PH,335-339 Station Road, Harrow,HA1 2AA,Harrow
Purple Flame,433-437 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore,HA7 1JJ,Harrow
Rising Sun PH, 138 Greenford Road, Harrow,HA1 3QL,Harrow
Royal Oak, Public House, 86 St Anns Road,HA1 1JP,Harrow
Ruby M’s,466 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow,HA2 9TL,Harrow
Ruffles,16 Canning Road, Wealdstone,HA3 7SJ,Harrow
Sahara Lounge,7 Stanmore Hill, Stanmore,HA7 3DP,Harrow
Spice Rack,The Vintry Public House, 35 Church Road,HA7 4AR,Harrow
Sync,1A Rickmansworth Road, Pinner,HA5 3TE,Harrow
The 19 Club,19 North Parade, Mollison Way,HA8 5QH,Harrow
The Castle, 30 West Street, Harrow,HA1 3EF,Harrow
The Hare Public House,Brookshill, Harrow Weald,HA3 6SD,Harrow
The Harrow, 269-271 Station Road, Harrow,HA1 2TB,Harrow
The Horseshoe Bar,326-326A Eastcote Lane, South Harrow,HA2 9AJ,Harrow
The Junction PH,Gayton Hall, 9 Gay HA1 2JG,Harrow
The Kingsfield Arms Public House, 111 Bessborough Road, Harrow,HA1 3DF,Harrow
The Laurels,337 High Road, Harrow,HA3 5EQ,Harrow
The Man of Aran PH,424-426 Alexandra Avenue, Harrow,HA2 9TW,Harrow
The Moon And Sixpence PH,250 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End,HA5 4NY,Harrow
The Moon On The Hill,Lynwood House, 373-375 Station Road,HA1 2AW,Harrow
The New Moon,25-26 Kenton Park Parade, Kenton Road,HA3 8DN,Harrow
The Page Centre,22 Roxborough Park, Harrow,HA1 3BE,Harrow
The Pinner Arms, Public House, Whittington Way,HA5 5JS,Harrow
The Queens Head Public House,31 High Street, Pinner,HA5 5PJ,Harrow
The Seven Balls, Public House, Kenton Lane,HA3 6AW,Harrow
The Shanakee,91 High Street, Wealdstone,HA3 5DL,Harrow
The Shawl Public House,320 Northolt Road, South Harrow,HA2 8EE,Harrow
The Star Public House,2 South Hill Avenue, Harrow,HA2 0NQ,Harrow
The Three Wishes,20 Broadwalk, Pinner Road,HA2 6ED,Harrow
The VIP Lounge,47A High Street, Edgware,HA8 7DD,Harrow
The White Horse,50 Middle Road, Harrow,HA2 0HL,Harrow
TJ’s Sports Bar,108 High Street, Wealdstone,HA3 7AH,Harrow
Travellers Rest PH,The Travellers Rest, Kenton Road,HA3 8AT,Harrow
Trinity,380 Station Road, Harrow,HA1 2DE,Harrow
Village Inn,Village Inn, 402-408 Rayners Lane,HA5 5DY,Harrow
Vintage Wine Bar,36 High Street, Pinner,HA5 5PW,Harrow
Wards Free House,38-40 Lowlands Road, Harrow,HA1 3AT,Harrow