London Borough of Havering pubs in August 2018

These pubs are all in the London Borough of Havering, as listed by the Foods Standards Agency at August 2018. Index of all Boroughs

Alderman Arms,46 Chippenham Road, Romford,RM3 8HX,Havering
Archers,194-204 Main Road, Romford,RM2 5HA,Havering
Aspen Tree,73 Gobions Avenue, Romford,RM5 3SP,Havering
ATIK,108 South Street, Romford,RM1 1SS,Havering
Bell & Gate,248 Collier Row Lane, Romford,RM5 3JB,Havering
Chequers Inn,121 North Street, Hornchurch,RM11 1ST,Havering
Colley Rowe Inn,54-56 Collier Row Road, Romford,RM5 3PA,Havering
Crumpled Horn,33-37 Corbets Tey Road, Upminster,RM14 2AJ,Havering
Durham Arms,101 Brentwood Road, Romford,RM1 2EH,Havering
Frankies Wine Bar,29 Station Lane, Hornchurch,RM12 6JL,Havering
Gidea Park Micropub,236 Main Road, Romford,RM2 5HA,Havering
Golden Crane,117 Avon Road, Upminster,RM14 1RQ,Havering
Good Intent,South End Road, Rainham,RM12 5NU,Havering
Goose,143 South Street, Romford,RM1 1PL,Havering
Harrow,130 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch,RM11 1DP,Havering
Harvester,125 Abbs Cross Lane, Hornchurch,RM12 4XS,Havering
Harvester Gidea Park,91 Main Road, Romford,RM2 5EL,Havering
Havering Well,148 Rush Green Road, Romford,RM7 0QA,Havering
Huntsman & Hounds,Ockendon Road, Upminster,RM14 2DN,Havering
Imperium 38,36-38 North Street, Romford,RM1 1BH,Havering
J J Moons,50-54 High Street, Hornchurch,RM12 4UN,Havering
Jobbers Rest,St Mary’s Lane, Upminster,RM14 3LT,Havering
King Harold,51 Station Road, Harold Wood,RM3 0BS,Havering
Kosho,72-74 South Street, Romford,RM1 1NL,Havering
Lennards,New Road, Rainham,RM13 9EB,Havering
Liberty Bell Public House,Mercury Gardens, Romford,RM1 3EN,Havering
Mawney Arms,44 Mawney Road, Romford,RM7 7HT,Havering
Missoula,105-111 South Street, Romford,RM1 1NX,Havering
Monty’s Bar,155 Billet Lane, Hornchurch,RM11 1UR,Havering
Moon & Stars,99-103 South Street, Romford,RM1 1NX,Havering
New Angel Inn,31 Broadway, Rainham,RM13 9YW,Havering
New Inn,45 Squirrels Heath Lane, Hornchurch,RM2 6DP,Havering
Orange Tree,Orange Tree Hill, Havering-Atte-Bower,RM4 1PJ,Havering
Orange Tree (Wet Pub only),67 Orange Tree Hill, Havering-Atte-Bower,RM4 1PJ,Havering
P & B’s Kitchen,83 Front Lane, Upminster,RM14 1XL,Havering
Phoenix Public House,Broadway, Rainham,RM13 9YW,Havering
Prince Albert,32 St Andrews Road, Romford,RM7 9BB,Havering
Railway Hotel,Station Lane, Hornchurch,RM12 6SB,Havering
Shepherd & Dog,91 Shepherds Hill, Romford,RM3 0NP,Havering
Slaters Arms,164 London Road, Romford,RM7 9EU,Havering
Thatched House,St Mary’s Lane, Upminster,RM14 3LT,Havering
The Albion,2 Rainham Road, Rainham,RM13 8SS,Havering
The Ardleigh,124 Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch,RM11 2SH,Havering
The Bear,Noak Hill Road, Romford,RM3 7LL,Havering
The Bull,74-76 Market Place, Romford,RM1 3ER,Havering
The Crown,260 London Road, Romford,RM7 9NA,Havering
The Crown,360 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch,RM12 4TW,Havering
The Drill Hotel,400 Brentwood Road, Romford,RM2 5TD,Havering
The Fatling,109 High Street, Hornchurch,RM11 1TX,Havering
The George 11,64-68 High Street, Hornchurch,RM12 4UW,Havering
The Golden Lion,2 High Street, Romford,RM1 1HR,Havering
The Junction,70 Station Road, Upminster,RM14 2TD,Havering
The Lamb,5 Market Place, Romford,RM1 3AB,Havering
The Old White Horse,Ockendon Road, Upminster,RM14 3PS,Havering
The Optimist Tavern,Hacton Lane, Hornchurch,RM14 2XY,Havering
The Plough Public House,83 Front Lane, Upminster,RM14 1XL,Havering
The Royal Oak,North Road, Havering-Atte-Bower,RM4 1PP,Havering
The Saxon Horn,Upminster Road North, Rainham,RM13 9RY,Havering
The Saxon King,Petersfield Avenue, Romford,RM3 9PP,Havering
The Ship,93 Main Road, Romford,RM2 5EL,Havering
The Sun,47 London Road, Romford,RM7 9QA,Havering
The Sutton Arms,14-16 Station Lane, Hornchurch,RM12 6NJ,Havering
The Victoria,122 Victoria Road, Romford,RM1 2PA,Havering
The Windmill,167 Upminster Road, Hornchurch,RM14 2RB,Havering
V Bar,197a High Street, Hornchurch,RM11 3XT,Havering
Vertigo Lounge,17-19 Station Lane, Hornchurch,RM12 6JL,Havering
Wheatsheaf,45 Wheatsheaf Road, Romford,RM1 2HD,Havering
Winchesters,119-121 Cross Road, Mawneys,RM7 8EA,Havering
World’s Inn,113-117 South Street, Romford,RM1 1NX,Havering
Yates Wine Lodge,89 South Street, Romford,RM1 1NX,Havering