London pub history in 1961 – A

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1961 in London, nothing particularly special, except it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time.

Do you have additional detail about any of these London pubs, their history, your own photographs of yesteryear, e.g. in the 1960s and 1970s? Please let me know.

London pub history in 1961: A

Abbey Arms, 384 Barking road E13
Abbey Arms, 31 Harrow manorway SE2
Abbey Hotel, North Circular road NW10
Abbey Tavern, 124 Kentish town road NW1
Abbey Tavern, 8 Violet hill NW8
Aberfeldy Tavern, Aberfeldy street E14
Abingdon Tavern, 54 Abingdon road W8
Abyssinian, 18 Spencer road N8
Acorn, 149 Queensbridge road E2
Acton Arms, 296 Kingsland road E8
Adam & Eve, Abbey road E15
Adam & Eve, 1 Hampstead road NW1
Adam & Eve, 155 Homerton High street E9
Adam & Eve, 163 Kensington High street W8
Adam & Eve, 489 Liverpool road N7
Adam & Eve, 14 Peckham High street SE15
Adam & Eve, 81/82 Petty France SW1
Adam & Eve, The Ridgeway NW7
Adam & Eve, 47 Swan road SE16
Adams Arms, 4 Conway street W1
Addington Arms, 25 Addington road E3
Adelaide, 575 Kings road SW6
Adelaide, 385 Liverpool road N1
Adelaide Tavern, 1 Adelaide road NW3
Admiral, 61 Frances street SE18
Admiral Blake, 355 Ladbroke grove W10
Admiral Blakeneys Head, 56 Cable street El
Admiral Codrington, 17 Mossop street SW3
Admiral Codrington, 28 New Church road SE5
Admiral Duncan, 503 New Cross road SE14
Admiral Duncan, 54 Old Compton street W1
Admiral Hardy, 7 College approach SE10
Admiral Keppel, 77 Fulham road SW3
Admiral Keppel, 232 Hoxton street N1
Admiral Mann, 9 Hargrave place N7
Admiral Napier, 48 Amersham vale SE14
Admiral Napier, 84 Weedington road NW5
Admiral Nelson, 93 Carlton vale NW6
African Tavern, 46 Grundy street E14
Agricultural Hotel, 13 Liverpool road N1
Albany Arms, 237 Albany road SE5
Albany Tap, 71 Albany road SE5
Albany Tavern, 240/242 Great Portland street W1
Albert, 40/42 Porchester road W2
Albert, 52 Victoria street SW1
Albert Arms, 1 Gladstone street SE1
Albert Edward, 75 Albert road NW6
Albert Edward, 29 Bolton road NW8
Albert Hotel, 11 Craven road W2
Albert House, 39 Forest lane E15
Albion, 20 Albion street SE16
Albion, 423 Bethnal green road E2
Albion, 102 Blundei street N7
Albion, 26 Bridge road E15
Albion, 33 Caledonian road N1
Albion, 413 Church road, Merton Abbey SW19
Albion, 2 Churchfield road W3
Albion, 16 Dingley road EC1
Albion, 121 Hammersmith road W14
Albion, 137 Harrow road W2
Albion, High street, South Norwood SE25
Albion, 36 Lauriston road E9
Albion, 129 Lewisham High street SE13
Albion, 149 Long lane SE1
Albion, 22 Nelson terrace N1
Albion, 2/3 New Bridge street EC4
Albion, 52 Rodney road SE17
Albion, 25 St Pauls way E3
Albion, 17 Sussex street SW1
Albion, 10 Thornhill road N1
Albion Hotel, 141 Boleyn road E7
Albion Hotel, 2 Clissoid road N16
Albion Hotel, 4 Gillingham street SW1
Albion Hotel, 48 Woolwich Church street SE18
Albion Tavern, 33 Albion drive E8
Alderman, 37 Stannary street SE11
Alexandra, 21 Alexandra road NW8
Alexandra, 1 Church lane N2
Alexandra, 96 Fortis green N10
Alexandra, 578 Old Kent road SE1
Alexandra, 163 Parish lane SE20
Alexandra, 162 Victoria park road E9
Alexandra Arms, 1 Cromwell road N10
Alexandra Hotel, 14 South side, Clapham common SW4
Alexandra Hotel, 31/33 Wimbledon hill road SW19
Alexandra Palace & Railway Hotel, Station road, Wood green N22
Alexandra Park Tavern, 94 High road, Wood green N22
Alexandra Tavern, 33 Commercial road N22
Alfred Tavern, 47 Roman way N7
Alfreds Head, 13/15 Brushfleld street E1
Alfreds Head, 140 Newington causeway SEl
Allen Arms, 8 Allen road N16
Alleyn Head, Park hall road SE21
Alliance, 91 High street, South Norwood SE25
Alliance, 40/42 Mill lane NW6
Alliance, 260 Sumner road SE15
Allsop Arms, 145 Gloucester place W1
Alma, 41 Barnabas road E9
Alma, 78 Chapel Market N1
Alma, 50 Church road E10
Alma, 95 Church road SE19
Alma, 96 Grundy street E14
Alma, 48 Kings highway SE18
Alma, 51 Parsons green lane SW6
Alma, 41 Spelman street El
Alma, 16 West India dock road E14
Alma, 175 Westbourne grove W11
Alma Tavern, 59 Newington green road N1
Alma Tavern, 499 York road SW18
Alscot Arms, 128 Alscot road SE1
Alwyne Castle, 83 St, Pauls road N1
Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross road SE14
Amhurst Arms, 240 Amhurst road E8
Anchor, 1 Bankside SE1
Anchor, 170 Boilo bridge road W3
Anchor, 130 Chalton street NW1
Anchor, 162 Chrisp street E14
Anchor, 61 Holgate avenue SW11
Anchor, 165 Lewisham road SE13
Anchor, 20 Star lane E16
Anchor, 94 Uxbridge road, West Ealing W13
Anchor & Hope, 36 The Cut SE1
Anchor & Hope, 90 Duckett street E1
Anchor & Hope, 15 High Hill ferry E5
Anchor & Hope, 8 Jamaica street E1
Anchor & Hope, 83 New Church road SE5
Anchor & Hope, Riverside SE7
Anchor & Hope, 63 Sancroft street, Kennington road SE11
Anchor & Hope, 57 Watney street E1
Anchor & Hope, 41 West Ferry road E14
Anchor Tap (luncheons, snacks), 28 Horselydown lane SE1 —Phone, HOP 2280
Ancient Briton, 44 Glaucus street E3
Ancient Briton, 6 Wilds rents SE1
Ancient Foresters, 282 Southwark park road SE16
Andover Arms, 57 Aldensley road W6
Anerley Arms, Ridsdale road SE20
Angel, 21 Church street E15
Angel, 354 Coldharbour lane SW9
Angel, 14 Crosswall EC3
Angel, Fore street N18
Angel, 81 King street W6
Angel, 73 Lambeth walk SE11
Angel, 11 Roehampton High street SW15
Angel, 21 Rotherhithe street SEl6
Angel, 61 St Giles High street WC2
Angel, 29 Tooting High street SW17
Angel, 41 Upper ground SE1
Angel & Crown, 170 Roman road E2
Angel & Crown, 58 St, Martins lane WC2
Angel & Crown, 235 Upper street N1
Angel & Crown, 36 Warwick street W1
Angel Hotel, 73 City road EC1
Angel Inn, 11 Loampit hill SE13
Angell Arms, 69 Binfield road SW4
Angell Arms, 2 Loughborough road SW9
Angerstein Hotel, 108 Woolwich road SE10
Anglesea, 15 Selwood terrace SW7
Anglesea Arms, 35 Wingate road W6
Anglesea Arms, 91 Woolwich New road SEl8
Antelope, 201 Church road E10
Antelope, 22 Eaton terrace SW1
Antigallican, 155 Tooley street SE1
Antigallican, 428 Woolwich road SE7
Antwerp Arms, 168 Church road N17
Apollo, 59 Jamestown road NW1
Apollo, 28 Paddington street W1
Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant WC1
Apple Tree, 107 Sumner road SE15
Approach Tavern, 47 Approach road, Victoria park E2
Approach Tavern, 11 Railway approach SE1
Arab Boy, 289 Upper Richmond road SW15
Arabian Arms, 234 Cambridge heath road E2
Archduke Charles, 1 Rodney road SE17
Archers Tavern, 42 Osborn street E1
Archery Tavern, 4 Bathurst street, Hyde park W2
Archway Tavern, 1 Archway road N19
Archway Tavern, 2 Highgate hill N19
Argyll Arms, 18 Argyll street W1
Army House, 45 Artillery place SE18
Army & Navy, 26 Addington square SE5
Army & Navy, 1/3 Matthias road N16
Army & Navy, 12 New Barn street E13
Arnos Arms, 338 Bowes road N11
Arrows, 24 Pomeroy street SEl4
Arsenal Tavern, 175 Blackstock road N4
Artesian, 80 Chepstow road W2
Artichoke, 25 Camberwell Church street SE5
Artichoke, 50 The Highway E1
Artichoke, 121 Lower marsh SE1
Artichoke, 55 Newington causeway SE1
Artichoke, 91 Stepney way El
Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill row EC1
Artillery Arms, 102 Rochester row SW1
Arundel Arms, 146/148 Boieyn road N16
Arundel Arms, 14 Westbourne road N7
Ashburnham Arms, 25 Ashburnham grove SE10
Askew Arms, 269 Uxbridge road W12
Assembly House, 292/294 Kentish town road NW5
Astbury Arms, 59 Astbury road SE15
Asylum Tavern, 40 Asylum road SE15
Athenaeum, 332 Camberwell New road SE5
Atlantic Hotel, 389 Coldharbour ia SW9
Atlas, 16 Seagrave road SW6
Atlas Tavern, 25 Winston road N16
Atwell Arms, 58 Atweil road SEl5
Audley Hotel, 41/43 Mount street W1
Aunt Sally, 2 Midlothian road E3
Australian, 29 Milner street SW3
Australian Arms, 18 Bigland street E1
Avenue Arms, 108 Sandy hill road SE18
Avenue Bar, Shaftesbury avenue W1
Avenue Hotel, Church road E12