London pub history in 1961 – G

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1961 in London, nothing particularly special, except it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time.

London pub history in 1961: G

Galatea, 208 Consort Road SE15
Gallant Hussar, 69 Carr street E14
Galleons Hotel, Royal Albert Dock E16
Galloway Arms, 43 Thomas road E14
Garden Gate, Old Bromley road, Bromley, Kent
Gardeners Arms, 180 Boundary road E17
Gardeners Arms, 109 Chatham Road SW11
Gardeners Arms, 268 Merton Road SW18
Garrick, 70 Leman Street E1
Gate House, 149 & 151 Hampstead Road NW1
General Abercrombie, 94 Webber Street SE1
General Gordon, 27 Detmold road E5
General Grant, 3-5 Hallsville park road SW11
General Havelock, 292 Hornsey Road N7
General Havelock, 39 Ranelagh grove SW1
General Havelock, 28 Westgate Street E8
General Havelock, 136 Woolwich Church Street SE18
General Jackson, 48 Oakfield road SE20
General Napier, 73 Bovill Road SE23
General Picton, 2 & 4 Wharfedale Road N1
General Simpson, 54 Hawthorne grove SE20
General Smuts, Bloemfontein road W12
George, 16 Balham Hill SW12
George, 40 Bolingbroke walk SW11
George, 234 Church lane NW9
George, 1 D’Arblay Street W1
George, 9 Eden Grove N7
George, George court WC2
George, 19 George Row SE16
George, 114 Glengall Grove E14
George, 171 Glyn Road E5
George, 55 Great Portland Street W1
George, 28 Hammersmith Broadway W6
George, 250 Haverstock Hill NW3
George, 61 High road, South Woodford E18
George, 29 Keyworth street SE1
George, 169 Lambeth Walk SE11
George, 57 Liverpool Road N1
George, 113 Long lane SE1
George, 32 Mansell Street E1
George, 25 Old Bailey EC4
George, 231 St Georges way SE15
George, 180 St John Street EC1
George, 213 Strand WC2
George, 40 Tower Bridge road SE1
George, 31 Trinity Square EC3
George Canning, 95 Effra Road SW2
George Canning, 123 Grove Lane SE5
George & Devonshire Arms, Burlington Lane, Great Chertsey Road W4
George & Dragon, 82 Albert Embankment SE11
George & Dragon, 15 Bishops way E2
George & Dragon, 2 Blackheath Hill SE10
George & Dragon, 151 Cleveland Street W1
George & Dragon, 2 & 4 Hackney Road E2
George & Dragon, 183 High Street, Acton W3
George & Dragon, 104 Houndsditch EC3
George & Dragon, 18 New North Street WC1
George & Dragon, 14 St Georges Way SE15
George & Dragon, 240 St John Street EC1
George & Dragon, 64 Shaftesbury Avenue W1
George & Dragon, 16 Vauxhall Street SE11
George & Dragon, 97 York Rad SW11
George IV, 60 Copenhagen street N1
George IV, 153 East street SE17
George IV, 39 Goswell Road EC1
George IV, 7 Ida Street E14
George IV, 141 Kingsman Street SE18
George IV, 319 New North Road N1
George IV, 156 Pentonville Road N1
George IV, 28 Portugal Street WC2
George IV, 76 Willes Road NW5
George IV Hotel, 144 Brixton Hill SW2
George the Fourth, 185 Chiswick High Road W4
George Hotel, 86 Fenchurch Street EC3
George Hotel, 506 Fulham Road SW6
George Hotel, High street, Wanstead E11
George Inn, 35 Market place N2
George Inn, 1 Rushey Green SE6
George Tavern, 373 Commercial Road E1
George & Vulture, 490 High Road, Tottenham N17
George & Vulture, 63 Pitfield Street N1
Gerrard Arms, 41 Gerrard Road N1
Gipsy Hill Hotel, 79 Gipsy Hill SE19
Gipsy Queen, 166 Malden Road NW5
Gipsy Queen, 20 Norwood High Street SE27
Giraffe, 45 Penton Place SE17
Gladstone, 298 Hornsey road N19
Gladstone, 24 King & Queen street SE17
Gladstone, 64 Plough Road SW11
Gladstone, 167 Portland road SE25
Gladstone, 129 St Leonards road E14
Gladstone, 1 Wilcox road SW8
Gladstone Arms, 64 Lant street SE1
Gladstone Tavern, 212 & 214 Brompton Road SW3
Glasshouse Stores, 55 Brewer Street W1
Glen, 135 Stephendale road SW6
Glengall Arms, 41 Glengall Road SE15
Glengall Tavern, 1 Bird in Bush Road SE15
Globe, 9 Bedale Street SE1
Globe, 204 Blackstock Road N5
Globe, 27 Brierly Street E2
Globe, 106 Chapel street E15
Globe, 109 Columbia road E2
Globe, 20 Darwin Street SE17
Globe, 321 Evelyn Street SE8
Globe, 25 Eversholt Road NW1
Globe, 202 Fore street N18
Globe, 91 Hatton Garden EC1

Globe, 383a Kings road SW10
Globe, 47 Lisson grove NW1
Globe, 47 Marylebone road NW1
Globe, 83 Moorgate EC2
Globe, 58 Peckham Hill street SE15
Globe, 7 Smithfield street EC1
Globe, 107 Tollington road N7
Globe Tavern, 37 Bow street WC2
Gloucester, Gloucester road SW7
Gloster, 59 / 61 Leighton road NW5
Gloucester, 24 Mason street SE17
Gloster Arms, 93 / 95 Commercial road E1
Gloucester Arms, 212 Gloucester terrace W2
Gloster Arms, 5 Ivor place NW1
Gloucester Arms, 74 Rolls road SEI
Gloucester Hotel, 1 King William walk SE10
Gloster Tavern, 187 Sloane street SW1
Glyn Arms, 55 Mandeville street E5
Goat, 3a Kensington High street W8
Goat In Boots, 333 Fulham road SW10
Goat in Boots, 31 Stanhope street NW1
Goat & Compasses, 60 Fitzroy street W1
Goat House, Penge road SE25
Goat Tavern, 3 Stafford street W1
Gold Diggers Arms, 75 Consort road SE15
Golden Anchor, 16 Evelina road SE15
Golden Cross, 74 Lancaster road W11
Golden Dragon, 48 St Norbert road SE4
Golden Eagle, 56 Cleveland way E1
Golden Eagle, 59 Marylebone lane W1
Golden Eagle, 128 Trafalgar avenue SE15
Golden Fleece, 166 Capel road E12
Golden Fleece, 271 Fore street N9
Golden Fleece, Law street SE1
Golden Fleece, 9 Queen street EC4
Golden Heart, 110 Commercial street E1
Golden Horse, 111 Forest lane E7
Golden Lion, 343 Barking road E13
Golden Lion, 2 Britannia street WC1
Golden Lion, 135 Cannon street road E1
Golden Lion, 51 Dean street W1
Golden Lion, 23 Denmark hill SE5
Golden Lion, 57 Fulham High street SW6
Golden Lion, 25 King street SW1
Golden Lion, 61 Maple road SE20
Golden Lion, 88 Royal College street NW1
Golden Lion, 133 Sumner road SE15
Golden Lion, 116 Sydenham road SE26
Golden Lion, 42 The Green N9
Golden Shoe, 47 Meeson street E5
Goldhawk Hotel, 122/124 Goldhawk road W12
Goldsmiths Arms, 3 Croydon road SE20
Goldsmiths Arms, 130 East Acton lane W3
Goldsmiths Arms, 91 Goldsmiths row E2
Goldsmiths Arms, 96 Southwark bridge road SE1
Good Intent, 24 East street SE17
Good Intent, 12 Mansford street E2
Good Intent, 52 Wedmore street N19
Good Samaritan, 87 Turner street E1
Goring Arms, 24 Broadway Market E8
Gorringe Park Hotel, London road SW17
Gospel Oak, 62 Southampton road NW5
Gosset Arms, 111 Gosset street E2
Gosterwood Tavern, 111 Gosterwood street SE8
Gowlett Arms, 62 Gowlett road SE15
Grafton Arms, Eburne road N7
Grafton Arms, 72 Grafton way W1
Grafton Arms, 20 Prince of Wales road NW5
Graftons, 2 Strutton ground SW1
Graham Arms, 103 Graham street N1
Grand Junction Arms, Acton lane NW10
Grand Junction Arms, 28 Praed street W2
Grange, 29 Ealing common W5
Grange, 56 Mayfield road E8
Grange Tavern, 103 Grange road SE1
Granville, Uxbridge road, Ealing common W5
Grapes, 121 Borough High street SE1
Grapes, 30 Curlew street SE1
Grapes, 39 Fairfield street SW18
Grapes, 26 Great Marlborough street W1
Grapes, 5 India street EC3
Grapes, 21 James street WC2
Grapes, 27 London road SE1
Grapes, 76 Narrow street E14
Grapes, 15 St Mary axe EC3
Grapes, 2 St Thomas street SE1
Grapes, 16 Shepherd Market W1
Grave Maurice, 18 St Leonards road E14
Grave Maurice, 269 Whitechapel road E1
Graving Dock Tavern, 353 North Woolwich road E16
Great Northern Railway Tavern, 67 High street, Hornsey N8
Great Western, 57 Hampden crescent W2
Great Western, 31 Praed street W2
Green Coat Boy, 2 Greencoat place SW1
Green Dragon, 889 Green lanes N21
Green Gate, 523 Barking road E13
Green Gate, 228/230 Bethnal green road E2
Green Gate, 225/227 High street, Stratford E15
Green Gate, 492 West Green road N15
Green Man, 45 Bedford street WC2
Green Man, 57 Berwick street W1
Green Man, 359 Bromley road SE6
Green Man, 7/9 Bucklersbury EC4
Green Man, 287 Cambridge heath road E2
Green Man, 225 Coldharbour lane SW9
Green Man, 1 Dartmouth row SE10
Green Man, 308 Edgware road W2
Green Man, 144a Essex road N1
Green Man, 383 Euston road NW1
Green Man, 32 Haliday walk N1
Green Man, 394 High road, East Finchley N2
Green Man, 762 High road, Leytonstone E11
Green Man, High street, Harlesden NW10
Green Man, 196 High street, Stratford E15
Green Man, 257 Hoxton street N1
Green Man, Muswell hill N10
Green Man, Old Church road E4
Green Man, 276 Old Kent road SE1
Green Man, 190 Plashet grove E6
Green Man, 67 Plumstead High street SE18
Green Man, 72 Poplar High street E14
Green Man, Putney heath SW15
Green Man, 36 Riding house street W1
Green Man, 71 Shacklewell lane E8
Green Man, Slough lane NW9
Green Man, 64 The Broadway, West Ealing W13
Green Man & French Horn, 54 St Martins lane WC2
Green Man & Still, 161 Whitecross street EC1
Greendale, Wanley road SE5
Greenwich Pensioner, 2 Bazely street E14
Gregorian Arms, 96 Jamaica road SE16
Grenadier, 18 Wilton row SW1
Gresham Tavern, 3 Fyfield road SW9
Grey Coat Boy, 92 Roan street SE10
Grey Eagle, 52 Grey Eagle street E1
Grey Horse, 5 Regent street NW10
Greyhound, 174 Balaam street E13
Greyhound, 72 Balls pond road N1
Greyhound, 136 Battersea High street SW11
Greyhound, 49 Becklow road W12
Greyhound, 13 Cambridge street SW1
Greyhound, Church end NW4
Greyhound, 86 Eltham High street SE9
Greyhound, 175/177 Fulham palace road W6
Greyhound, 151/153 Greyhound lane SW16
Greyhound, 14 Holland road SE25
Greyhound, 336 Kennington park road SE11
Greyhound, 1 Kensington square W8
Greyhound, 315 Kirkdale SE26
Greyhound, 91 Lea bridge road E10
Greyhound, 32 Old Ford road E2
Greyhound, 109 Peckham High street SE15
Greyhound, 143 Philip lane N15
Greyhound, 136 West Ham lane E15
Greyhound, 246 Woolwich Church street SE1
Greystoke, 7 Queens parade, Hanger lane W5
Griffin, 125 Clerkenwell road EC1
Griffin, 1262 High road, Whetstone N20
Griffin, 93 Leonard street EC2
Griffin Tavern, 9/11 Villiers street WC2
Grosvenor, 75 Grosvenor avenue N5
Grosvenor, 127 Oaklands road W7
Grosvenor Arms, 204 Garratt lane SW18
Grosvenor Arms, 2 Grosvenor street W1
Grosvenor Arms, 108 Grosvenor terrace SE17
Grosvenor Arms, 17 Sidney road SW9
Grosvenor Basin, 29 Wilton road SW1
Ground Rent Tavern, 62 Rogers road E16
Grove Hotel, 2 Morden road SW19
Grove Hotel, Oldridge road SW12
Grove House Tavern, 26 Camberwell grove SE6
Grove Park Hotel, 2 Grove park road W4
Grove Tavern, 275 Battersea park road SW11
Grove Tavern, 43/44 Beauchamp place SW3
Grove Tavern, 26 Gloucester grove SE15
Grove Tavern, 74 Grove road E17
Grove Tavern, 83 Hammersmith grove W6
Grove Tavern, 522 Lordship lane SE22
Grove Tavern, 51 Snells park N18
Gryphon, Vera avenue N21
Guildford Arms, 93 Godalming road E14
Guildford Arms, 55 Guildford grove SE10
Guilford Arms, 83 Guilford street WC1
Guinea, 30 Bruton place W1
Gun, 54 Brushfield street E1
Gun, 235 Well street E9
Gun Tavern, 27 Cold harbour, Poplar E14
Gun Tavern, 137 Lupus street SW1
Gunmakers Arms, 13 Eyre street hill EC1
Gunnersbury Tavern, Popes lane W5
Gunter Arms, 451 Fulham road SW10
Guy, Earl of Warwick, 5 Chrisp street E14
Guys Arms, 52 Kipling street SE1