London pub history in 1981 – C

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1981 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter C.

Cadeleigh Arms, 125 Shenley road, SE5 8NF, closed
Cadogan Arms, 298 Kings road, SW3 §UG, closed
Cafe De La Gare, 19 York road, SE1 7NS
Caledonian, 102 Stoke Newington road, N16, closed
Caledonian Arms, 62 Fairfield road, E3 2QP, Converted to residential by 2013 having closed by 2000
Caledonian Arms, 419 Caledonian road, N7 9DD, closed, now a cafe
California Tavern, Albert road, E16,  closed about 2007, now demolished
Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn road, WC1X 8JR
Cambria, 40 Kemerton road, SE5 9AR
Cambridge, 48 Newman street, W1P 3PA
Cambridge, 93 Charing Cross road, WC2H ODP
Cambridge, North Circular road, N13 6EA
Cambridge, 2 Church road, SE19 2ET
Cambridge Arms, 54 Cambridge Grove, W6
Camden, Camden street, NW1 OHG
Camden Arms, 70 Field road, E7 9DL
Camden Arms, 1 Randolph street, NW1 OSS
Camden Head, Camden Walk, N1 8DY
Camden Head, 100 Camden High street, NW1 OLU
Camden Stores, 25 Parkway, NW1 7PG
Camdens Head, 456 Bethnal Green road, E2 OEA
Camel, 277 Globe road, E2 OJD
Cannon, 95 Cannon street, EC4
Canonbury Tavern, 21 Canonbury Place, N1 2NS
Canteen, 195 Vicarage Lane, E15 4HJ
Canterbury Arms, 20 Fish Street Hill EC3R 6BY
Canterbury Arms, Carlton Vale, NW6
Canterbury Arms, 871 Old Kent road, SE15 1 NX
Canterbury Arms, 2-4 Maddock Way SE17 3NH
Canterbury Hotel, 8 Canterbury Crescent, SW9 7QE
Canton, 177 South Lambeth road, SW8 1XP
Cape of Good Hope, 78 Albany street, NW1 4EE
Capel Arms, Osborne road, W3
Captain Coram, 2 Brunswick Shopping Centre, Marchmont street, WC1N 1AE
Captains Cabin, 4-7 Norris street, SW1Y 4RS
Cardinal, 23 Francis street, SW1P 10N
Carlisle Arms, 2 Bateman street, W1V 5TT
Carlton, Carlton Vale NW6 5EU
Carlton Arms, 238 Bancroft road, E1 4BS
Carlton Bridge Tavern, 45 Woodfield road, W9 2BA
Carlton Tavern, 45 Culmore road, SE15 2RQ
Carlton Tavern, 73 Grafton road, NW5
Carnarvon Castle, 7-8 Chalk Farm road, NW1 8AA
Carnarvon Castle, 310 Portobello road, W10 5TA
Carpenters Arms, 135 Cambridge Heath road, E1 5RN
Carpenters Arms, 73 Cheshire street, E2 6EG
Carpenters Arms, Carpenters road, E15 2JH
Carpenters Arms, 21 Bridport Place, N1 5DX
Carpenters Arms, 162 Eltham High street, SE9
Carpenters Arms, Bowling Green street, SE11 5BY
Carpenters Arms, 12 Seymour Place, W1H 5WF
Carpenters Arms, 68-70 Whitfield street, W1P 5RM
Carpenters Arms, 91 Black Lion lane, W6 9BG
Carpenters Arms, 105 Kings Cross road, WC1X 9LR
Cart & Horses, 1 Maryland Point E15 1PF
Cart Overthrown, Montagu road, N9
Case is Altered,  305 High road, NW10 2JT
Cask & Glass, 39 Palace street, SW1E 5HN
Castle, 44 Commercial road, E1 1LN
Castle, 546 Barking road, E13 9JU
Castle, 156 Leyton road, E15 1 DR
Castle, 15 Grosvenor Rise East, E17 9LB
Castle, 34-35 Cowcross street, EC1M 6DB
Castle, 26 Furnival street, EC4
Castle, 81 Holloway road, N7
Castle, 147 Kentish Town road, NW1 8PB
Castle, 205-209 Old Kent road, SE1 5NA
Castle, 188 Camberwell road, SE5 OED
Castle, 286 Lewisham High street, SE13 6JZ
Castle, 179 Powis street, SE18
Castle, 280 Crystal Palace road, SE22 9JJ
Castle, 115 Battersea High street, SW11 3JS
Castle, 220 Putney Bridge road, SW15
Castle, 38 Tooting High street, SW17
Castle, 27 Church road, SW19 5DQ
Castle, 36 St Marys road, W5 5EU
Castle, 100 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UA
Castle Hotel, 452 Finchley road, NW11 1DG
Castle Hotel, 140 Eltham High street, SE9 1BJ
Castle Hotel, Victoria road, W3 6UL
Castle, 148 Kingsland High street, E8
Cat & Mutton, 76 Broadway Market, E8
Catford Ram, 9 Winslade Way, SE6 4JU
Catherine Wheel, 23 Kensington Church street, W8 4LF
Cavendish Arms, Hartington road, SW8 2HJ
Cedar Tree, 231 Putney Bridge road, SW15
Cedars, 5 Lavender Hill SW1 15QW
Central, 150 Barking road, E6 3BD
Centurion, 1 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PA
Chalk Farm Tavern, 89 Regents Park road, NW1 8UY
Champion, 44-45 Upper street, N1
Champion, 12-13 Wells street, W1 P 3FP
Champion, 1 Wellington Terrace, W2 4LW
Chancellors, 25 Crisp road, W6
Chandelier, 61 Victoria Dock road, E16 1DH
Chandos, 56 Brockley Rise, SE23
Chandos, 29 St Martins lane, WC2R ORA
Charles The First, 57 Northdown street, N1 9BL
Charleston, 16 Leytonstone road, E15 1JA,  It closed in 2000 and was demolished in around 2005
Charlie Browns, 116 West India Dock road, E14 8JD
Charlie Butler, 40 Mortlake High street, SW14
Charlie Chaplin, 26 New Kent road, SE1
Chase Side Tavern, Winchmore Hill road, N14 1QA
Chatsworth Arms, 27 Chatsworth road, E15 1RE
Cheeky Chappie, 89 Vassall road, SW9 6NA
Chelsea Drugstore, 49 Kings road, SW3 4ND
Chelsea Potter, 119 Kings road, SW3 4PL
Chepstow, 39 Chepstow Place W2 4TS
Chequers, 145 High street, Waltham Forest, E17 7BX
Chequers, 44 Old street, EC1V 9AQ
Chequers, 841 High road, Tottenham, N17 8EY
Chequers, Church End NW4
Chequers, 34 Eltham High street, SE9
Chequers,, 16 Duke Street, St James’s, SW1
Cherry Trees, 32 Station road, SE25 5AG
Chesham Arms, 15 Mehetabel road, E9
Chestnut, Upper Tulse Hill SW2 2NS
Chestnut Tree, 757 Lea Bridge road, E17 9DZ
Chevy Chase, 11 Leytonstone road, E15 1JA
Chiltern, Station Approach, Marylebone road, NW1 5LD
Chimes, 212 Hind Grove E14 6HP
China Hall, 141 Lower road, SE16 2XL
China Ship, 4 Orton street, E1 9LN
Chinbrook, Marvels lane, SE12 9PP
Chippenham Hotel, 207 Shirland road, W9 2EX
Chiswell street Vaults, Chiswell street, EC1
Chobham Arms, 62 Chobham road, E15 1LU
Chopper, York road, SW11 3QF
Christy’s, 74 St Stephens road, E3 5JL
Christys, 11 Princess road, NW1
Churchill Arms, 119 Kensington Church street, W8 7LN
City Arms, 1 West Ferry road, E14 8JH
City Arms, 273 City road, EC1Y 1LA
City Arms, 162 High Cross road, N17 9PD
City Barge Inn, 27 Strand on the Green, W4 3PH
City of Carlisle, 61 Royal Mint street, E1 8LG
City of London Tavern, 107 York Way, N7 9QE
City of London Yeoman, Railway Place EC3M 4AJ
City of Paris, 178 Old Ford road, E2 9PW
City Pride, 84 Bishopsgate EC2N 4AU
City of Quebec, 12 Old Quebec street, W1H 7AF
City of Rome, 114 Roman Way, N7
City of York, 126 York Way N1 OAX
Clachan, 34 Kingly street, W1R 5 LA
Clachan, Old Mitre Court, Fleet street, EC4Y 7BP
Clanger, 104 Houndsditch, EC3A 7BD
Clapton Park Tavern,  9 Chatsworth road, E5 OLH
Claremont, 32 Dunton road, SE1 5TW
Clarence, 102 Stoke Newington Church street, N16
Clarence, 99 Kentish Town road, NW1 8PB
Clarence, 4 Dover street, W1X 3PJ
Clarence, 148 North End road, W1 4 9PP
Clarence, 34 Jeffreys road, SW4 6QX
Clarence, 148 Old Brompton road, SW5
Clarence Tavern, 53 Whitehall SW1A 2HP
Clarendon, 92 Mildmay Park N1 4PR
Clarendon, 52 Cambridge street, SW1V 4QQ
Clarendon Arms, 86 Balcorne street, E9
Clarendon Arms, 225 Camberwell New road, SE5 OTH
Clarendon Hotel, 237 Lewisham Way, SE4 1UY
Clarkson Arms, 61 Carlton Grove, SE15 2UD
Clayton Arms, 1 Clayton road, SE15
Clem Attlee, 1-2 St Thomass Way SW6 7JA
Clerkenwell Tavern, 106 Farringdon road, EC1R 3EA
Cleveland, 125 Cleveland street, W1P 5PN
Cleveland Arms, 28 Chilworth street, W2 6DT
Clifton, 96 Clifton Hill NW3 OJT
Clifton Arms, 21 Clifton road, SE25
Cliftonville Tavern, 128 llderton road, SE16 3JY
Clissold Arms, Fortis Green N2 9HR
Clock House, 82 Leather lane, EC1N 7TR
Clock House, 441 Battersea Park road, SW11 4LW
Clock House, 196a Peckham Rye, SE22 9QA
Clock House, 156 Clapham Park road, SW4 7DE
Coach & Eight, 167 Upper Richmond road, SW15
Coach & Horses, 63 St James street, E17 7PJ
Coach & Horses, 100 High street, Plaistow, E13 OAJ
Coach & Horses, 26-28 Ray street, EC1R 3DJ
Coach & Horses, 391 High road, Leyton, E10 5NA
Coach & Horses, 35 Whitefriars street, EC4Y 8BH
Coach & Horses, 862 High road, Tottenham, N17 OEY
Coach & Horses, Hillside NW10 8LL
Coach & Horses, 323 Lewisham High street, SE13 6NR
Coach & Horses, 35 Willow Place, SW1P 1JH
Coach & Horses, 84 Uxbridge road, W13 8RA
Coach & Horses, 178 Stoke Newington High street, N16
Coach & Horses, 4 St Johns Square EC1M 4DE
Coach & Horses, 99 Heath street, NW3
Coach & Horses, 107-109 Blackheath road, SE10
Coach & Horses, 13 Greenwich Market SE10
Coach & Horses, 125 Pomeroy street, SE14
Coach & Horses, 173-175 Clapham Park road, SW4 7 EX
Coach & Horses, 348 Clapham road, SW9 9AR
Coach & Horses, 443-445 Coldharbour lane, SW9 8LN
Coachmakers Arms, 88 Marylebone Lane, W1M 5FJ
Coachmakers Arms, 135 King street, W6 OQU
Coal Hole, 91-92 Strand WC2R ODW
Coat & Badge, 8 Lacy road, SW15
Coborn Arms, 8 Coborn road, E3 2DA
Cock, 56 High Street North E6 2HJ
Cock, 269 Hertford road, N9
Cock, 88 Green Lanes N13 5UP
Cock, Chalton street, NW1
Cock, 2 Diana Place, NW1 3HJ
Cock Hotel, 125 Kilburn High road, NW6 6JH
Cock Hotel, 360 North End road, SW6 1LY
Cock & Lion, 62 Wigmore street, W1H 9DJ
Cock & Monkey, 86-92 Neptune street, SE16 1AT
Cock Tavern, Central Markets, Smithfield, EC1A 9LH
Cock Tavern, 596 Holloway road, N7 6LB
Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix road, NW1 1TB
Cock Tavern, 340 Kennington road, SE11 4LD
Cock Tavern, 32 Pavement, SW4 OJE
Cock Tavern, 27 Great Portland street, W1N 5DD
Cock Tavern, 67 High street, Waltham Forest, E17 7DB
Cock & Woolpack, 6 Finch Lane, EC3V 3NA
Cockney Pride Tavern, 224 Piccadilly W1V 9LB
Cockpit, 7 St Andrews Hill EC4V 5BY
Colby Arms, 132 Gipsy Hill SE19 1PW
Colegrave Arms, Cann Hall road, Ell
Coleherne Hotel, 261 Old Brompton road, SW5
Colet Arms, 94 White Horse road, E1 ONL
College Arms, 1 Royal College street, NW1 ORU
College Park Hotel, 873 Harrow road, NW10 5NG
Colleen Bawn,  196 Southwark Park road, SE16 3RP
Colonies, 25 Wilfred street, SW1
Colton Arms, 187 Greyhound road, W14 9SD
Colville, 186 Portobello road, W11 1LA
Commercial Hotel, 212 Railton road, SE24 OJT
Commercial Tavern, 142 Commercial street, E1 6NU
Compton Arms, 4 Compton Avenue N1 2XD
Conant Arms, 41a Stainsby road, E14 6JP
Coningham Arms,  191 Uxbridge road, W12 9RA
Connaught Tavern, Connaught road, E16 2RP
Conquering Hero, 262 Beulah Hill, SE19 3HF
Conqueror, 2-4 Austin street, E2 7NB
Constitution, 42 St Pancras Way NW1 OQT
Constitution, 91 Bell street, NW1 6TL
Cooks Ferry Inn, Angel road, N18 3AA
Coopers Arms, Bucklersbury House, 83 Cannon street, EC4
Coopers arms, 87 Flood street, SW3 5TB
Coopers Arms, Bucklersbury House, EC4N 8EL
Coopers Arms, 164 Kilburn High road, NW6
Coopers arms, 120 Woolwich High street, SE18
Copenhagen, Camden road, N7
Copper, 208 Tower Bridge road, SE1 2UP
Copperfield, Catford Bridge, SE6 4RE
Corner Pin, 732 High road, Tottenham, N17 OAG
Corner Pin, 10 Summerstown SW17
Cornet of Horse, 49-51 Lavender Gardens, SW11 1DY
Cottage, 21 Colehill Lane, SW6 5EF
Cotton Arms, 92 St Pauls Way, E3 4AL
Country House, 4 Groton road, SW18 4EP
County Arms, 420 Hale End road, E4
County Arms Hotel, 345 Trinity road, SW18 3SH
County Terrace Tavern, 93 New Kent road, SE1 6RF
Court Tavern, 42 Renfrew road, SE11 4NA
Courtfield, 187 Earls Court road, SW5
Cowley Arms, 483 High road, Leytonstone E11
Cowley Arms, 20 Normandy road, SW9 6JH
Crabtree, Rainville road, W6
Cranbrook, 65 Cranbrook road, SE8 4EJ
Crane Inn, 14 Armoury Way SW18 1EZ
Cranley, 2 Fulham road, SW3 6HH
Craven Arms, 45 Lavender Hill, SW 1 1 5QW
Cricketers, 713 High road, North Finchley N12 0BP
Cricketers, 18 Northwold road, N16
Cricketers, 22 King William Walk, SE10
Cricketers, Kennington Oval, SE11
Cricketers, 148 Newington Butts, SE11
Cricketers, 317 Battersea Park road, SW11 4LS
Cricklewood Tavern, 75 Cricklewood Lane, NW2
Crimea, 36 Inkerman road, NW5
Crispin, 18 Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PD
Crooked Billet, Chingford road, E4
Crooked Billet, 84 Upper Clapton road, E5 9JP
Crooked Billet, 99 High street, Penge, SE20
Crooked Billet, 15 Crooked Billet, SW19
Crosby Head, 243 Old street, EC1V 9EY
Cross Keys, 31 Endell street, WC2H 9BA
Cross Keys, 2 Lawrence street, SW3 5NB
Cross Keys, 57 Black Lion Lane, W6 9BG
Crossways Hotel, Sidcup road, SE9 3NS
Crown, 667 Commercial road, E14 7HA
Crown, 43 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R OEB
Crown, 144 Whiston road, E2 8RR
Crown, 103 Copenhagen street, N1 OJN
Crown, 116 Cloudesley road, N1 OEB
Crown, 100 Arlington road, NW1 7HP
Crown, 335-339 High road, NW10 2JT
Crown, 87 Allitsen road, NW8 7AS
Crown, 49 Tranquil Vale, SE3 OBS
Crown, 119 Peckham High street, SE15 5SE
Crown, 34 Redchurch street, E2 7DP
Crown, 108 Blackfriars road, SE1 8HW
Crown, 440 Southwark Park road, SE16 2EW
Crown, 115-117 Brandon street, SE17 1AL
Crown & Anchor, 246 Brixton road, SW9 6AQ
Crown & Anchor, 43-45 Cross street, N1 2BB
Crown & Anchor, 222 Fore street, N18 2QD
Crown & Anchor, 116 New Kent road, SE1 6TU
Crown & Anchor, 1 Belmont Close, SW4
Crown & Anchor, 137 Drummond street, NW1 2HL
Crown & Anchor, 22 Neal street, WC2H 9PS
Crown & Anchor, 43 Brookbank road, SE13 7DA
Crown & Anchor, 374 Chiswick High road, W4
Crown & Anchor, 43 New Cross road, SE14 5DS
Crown & Castle,  600 Kingsland road, E8 4AH
Crown & Cushion, 37 Woolwich High street, SE18
Crown & Dolphin, 56 Cannon Street road, E1 OBH
Crown & Greyhound, 73 Dulwich Village, SE21
Crown & Horseshoes, 321 Fore street, N9
Crown Hotel, 223 Grove road, E3 5SN
Crown Hotel, 117 Burnt Ash Hill, SE1 2 OAJ
Crown Hotel, 102 Lavender Hill, SW11 5RD
Crown Hotel, 51 New Oxford street, WC1A 1 BL
Crown & Leek, Deal street, E1
Crows Nest PH, Pepys Estate, 230 Grove street, SE8 3QR
Crown,  692 High road, E11
Crown, 418 Mare street, E8
Crown, 622 Holloway road, N19
Crown, 158 Prince of Wales road, NW5
Crown, 11 Court Yard, SE9
Crown, 176 Trafalgar road, SE10
Crown, 495 New Cross road, SE14
Crown & Sceptre, 92 Friendly street, SE8 4DR
Crown & Sceptre, 57 Melina road, W12
Crown & Sceptre, 84 Ben Jonson road, E1 4QH
Crown & Sceptre, 2 Streatham Hill SW2 4AH
Crown & Sceptre, 132 Brompton road, SW3 1HY
Crown & Sceptre, 86 Great Titchfield street, W1P 7AG
Crown & Sceptre, 34 Holland road, W14 8BA
Crown & Seven Stars, 47 Royal Mint street, E1 8LG
Crown & Shuttle, 226 Shoreditch High street, E1 6PJ
Crown Tavern, 35 Albert Embankment SE1 7TL
Crown Tavern, 64 Brewer street, W1R 3PJ
Crown & Thistle, 152 Old South Lambeth road, SW8 1XX
Crown & Two Chairmen, 32 Dean street, W1V 5AN
Crown & Woolpack, 394 St John street, EC1V 4NJ
Crowndale, 10 Ferdinand street, NW1 8ER
Crystal Palace Hotel, Anerley Hill, SE19
Crystal Palace Tavern, 105 Tanners Hill SE8 4QD
Crystal Palace Tavern, 193 Crystal Palace road, SE22 9EP
Crystal Tavern, 25 Burdett road, E3 4TU
Crystal Tavern, 32 Rotherhithe New road, SE16 2AD
Cubitt Arms, 262 Manchester road, E14 9DP
Cuckfield, 31 High street, Wanstead, E11 2AA
Cuckoo, 97 Wapping Lane, E1 9RW
Cumberland Arms, 29 North End road, W14 8SZ
Cumberland Stores, 15 Beak street, W1R 3LB
Custom House Hotel, 277 Victoria Dock road, E16 1DH
Cutty Sark Tavern, Riverside, SE10