London pub history in 1981 – D

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1981 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter D.

Dacre Arms, Kingswood Place, SE13 5BU
Dagmar Arms, 47 Danesdale road, E9
Dagmar Arms, 36 Cornwall road, N15
Dandy Roll, Gateway House, Bread street, EC4M 9BH
Dartmouth, 77-79 Laleham road, SE6
Dartmouth Arms, 7 Dartmouth road, SE23
Dartmouth Arms, 35 York Rise, NW5 1SP
Dartmouth Castle, 26 Glenthorne road, W6
De Beauvoir Arms, 28 Stamford road, N1 4JL
De Hems, 11 Macclesfield street, Soho, W1V 7 LB
Deacons, 8 Walbrook EC4N 8DQ
Dean Swift, 2 Deancross street, E1 2QA
Dean Swift, 500 Kings road, SW10 OLE
Denbigh Arms, 3 Denbigh Place, SW1V 2HB
Denman Arms, 86 Denman road, SE15 5NR
Denmark, 115 Denmark road, SE5 8AQ
Denmark, 102 Old Brompton road, SW7
Denmark Arms, 381 Barking road, E6 1LA
Deptford Arms, 52 Deptford High street, SE8 4RT
Derby Arms, 9 Warspite road, SE18 5NU
Derby Arms, Upper Richmond Road West, SW14
Deuragon Arms, Shepherds Lane, E9
Devonshire Arms, 33 Kentish Town road, NW1 8NL
Devonshire Arms, 46 Moreton street, SW1V 2PB
Devonshire Arms, 7 Duke street, W1M 5RD
Devonshire Arms, 17 Denman street, W1V 7RJ
Devonshire Arms, 21a Devonshire street, W1N 1FG
Devonshire Arms, 37 Marloes road, W8 6LA
Devonshire Arms, 90 Notting Hill Gate W11 3HP
Devonshire Castle, 67 Axminster road, N7
Dew Drop, 201-203 Maple road, SE20 8HU
Dewdrop, 58 Stewarts road, SW8
Dew Drop Inn, 72 Clifton Rise SE14 6JW
Dick Turpin, 383 Long lane, N2 8JW
Dickens Inn-by-the-Tower, Ivory House street, Katharines Dock, E1 9AH
Director General, 55 Wellington street, SE18
Dirty Dicks, 202-204 Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NR
Distillers Arms, 64-66 Fulham Palace road, W6
Dive, Southwark street, SE1
Diver, Little Turnstile WC1V 7DX
Dockhead Stores, 146 Tanner street, SE1 2HG
Dog & Duck, 222 Chingford road, E17 5AL
Dog & Duck, 18 Bateman street, W1V 5TB
Dog & Duck, 74 Hoppers road, N21
Dog & Fox, 24 High street, Wimbledon SW19 5DX
Dog & Truck, 72 Back Church Lane, E1 1LX
Dog & Trumpet, 37-38 Great Marlborough street, W1V 1HA
Doggets Coat & Badge, 1 Blackfriars Bridge, SE1 9UD Tel: 01 633 9081
Dolphin, 85 Redchurch street, E2 7DJ
Dolphin, 165 Mare street, E8
Dolphin, 114 Denbigh street, SW1V 2EX
Dolphin, 27 Sirdar road, W 1 1 4EF
Dolphin, 121 Sydenham road, SE26
Dolphin, 47 Tonbridge street, WC1H 9DW
Dolphin Tavern, 44 Red Lion street, WC1R 4PG
Dorset Arms, 379 Manchester road, E14 9HN
Dorset Arms, 124 Clapham road, SW9 OLA
Dove, 19 Upper Mall, W6
Dover Castle, 55 Sutton street, E1 OAY
Dover Castle, 91 Plumstead road, SE18 7DL
Dover Castle, 6a Great Dover street, SE1 4XW
Dover Castle, Library street, SE1
Dover Castle, 43 Weymouth Mews, Portland Place W1N 3FR
Dover Castle, 118 Old Bethnal Green road, E2 9RG
Dover Castle, 7 Deptford Broadway SE8 4PA
Dover Patrol, Rochester Way SE3 8AR
Drapers Arms, 44 Barnsbury street, N1 1ER
Drayton Arms, 153 Old Brompton road, SW5
Drayton Park, 66 Drayton Park N5 1ND
Dreadnought, 251 Lower road, SE8 5DJ
Dreghorn Castle, 157 Queens Crescent, NW5
Drivers Arms, 1 Lawton road, E3 4RA
Drum & Monkey, 86 Junction road, N19
Drum & Monkey, 24 Blenheim Terrace, NW8 OEG
Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway NW1 7AN
Duchess of Clarence, 171 Vauxhall Bridge road, SW1V 1ER
Duchess of Kent, 40 Half Moon Crescent, N1 OTJ
Duchess of Kent, 72 Prebend street, N1 8PR
Duchess of Kent, 441 Liverpool road, N7
Duchess of Kent, 67 Deverell street, SE1 4AB
Duchess of Wellington, 28 Greens End, SE18
Duchess of York, 2 Barlow street, SE17 1HW
Duchess of York, 101 Battersea Park road, SW8
Duchy Arms, 63 Sancroft street, SE11 5UG
Dudley Arms, 147 Harrow road, W2 1JP
Duke, 125 Creek road, SE8 3BU
Duke of Albany, 1 Kitto road, SE14
Duke of Albany, 39 Monson road, SE14
Duke of Albemarle, 6 Stafford street, W1X 3PD
Duke of Argyll, 37 Brewer street, W1R 3FD
Duke of Bridgewater, 65 Graham street, N1 8LA
Duke of Buckingham, 8 Villiers street, WC2N 6NQ
Duke of Cambridge, 25 Felix street, E2 9EJ
Duke of Cambridge, 101 Queensbridge road, E2 8PB
Duke of Cambridge, 28 Loddiges road, E9
Duke of Cambridge, 178 Boundary road, E17
Duke of Cambridge, 30 St Peters street, N1 8JJ
Duke of Cambridge, 72 Market Place, N2 8DA
Duke of Cambridge, 433 West Green road, N15
Duke of Cambridge, 64 Lawford road, NW5
Duke of Cambridge, 71 Cambridge road, NW6
Duke of Cambridge, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11
Duke of Cambridge, 32 Lewisham High street, SE13 5JH
Duke of Cambridge, 36 Bloomfield road, SE18
Duke of Cambridge, Lansdowne Way, SW8
Duke of Cambridge, 228 Battersea Bridge road, SW11 3AB
Duke of Cambridge, Kingston Vale, SW15
Duke of Clarence, 78 Clarence road, E5 8HB
Duke of Clarence, 140 Rotherfield street, N1 3DA
Duke of Clarence, 8 Frampton street, NW8 8LD
Duke of Clarence, 132 London road, SE1 6LF
Duke of Clarence, 69 Tooley street, SE1 2QX
Duke of Clarence, 181 Camberwell road, SE5 OHB
Duke of Clarence, 154 Manor Place, SE17 3BH
Duke of Clarence, 57 Portland road, SE25
Duke of Clarence, 203 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UL
Duke of Cornwall, 89 Lyham road, SW2 5DD
Duke of Cornwall, 1 Ascalon street, SW8
Duke of Cornwall, 48 Fulham Palace road, W6
Duke of Cornwall, 127 Ledbury road, W 1 1 2AQ
Duke of Cumberland, 101 Cumberland road, E13 8LS
Duke of Cumberland, 235 New Kings road, SW6 4XG
Duke of Devonshire, 72 Darnley road, E9
Duke of Devonshire, 39 Balham High road, SW12
Duke of Edinburgh, 79 Nightingale Lane, E11
Duke of Edinburgh, Green street, E13 9AR
Duke of Edinburgh, 9 Jutland road, E18 8JH
Duke of Edinburgh, 20 Fonthill road, N4 3HU
Duke of Edinburgh, 83 Mayes road, N22
Duke of Edinburgh, 81 Malpas road, SE4 1BN
Duke of Edinburgh, 140 Albany road, SE5 ODB
Duke of Edinburgh, 91 Colomb street, SE10
Duke of Edinburgh, 394 Lee High road, SE12 8RW
Duke of Edinburgh, 104 Wells Park road, SE26
Duke of Edinburgh, 204 Ferndale road, SW9 8AG
Duke of Edinburgh, 99 Queensway, W2 4QH
Duke of Edinburgh, 1 Richmond Way, W12
Duke of Fife, 350 Katherine road, E7 8NW
Duke of Hamilton, 23-25 New End, NW3
Duke of Kendal, 38 Connaught street, W2 2AF
Duke of Kent, 365 Old Kent road, SE1 5JH
Duke of Marlborough, 212 Richmond road, E8
Duke of Norfolk, 30 Massingham street, E1 4EW
Duke of Norfolk, 202-204 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RH
Duke of Richmond, 316 Queensbridge road, E8
Duke of Richmond, 270 Caledonian road, N1 1 BA
Duke of Richmond, 180 Earls Court road, SW5 9QG
Duke of St Albans, Highgate road, NW5
Duke of Suffolk, Hawkstone road, SE16 2PE
Duke of Sussex, 94 Goldsmiths Row, E2 8QY
Duke of Sussex, 151 Haggerston road, E8
Duke of Sussex, 23 Baylis road, SE1 7AY
Duke of Sussex, 77 Friary road, SE15 1QS
Duke of Sussex, South Parade, W4
Duke of Sussex, 27 St Anns road, W 1 1 4ST
Duke of Sutherland, 51 Lorrimore road, SE17 3LX
Duke of Wellington, 63 Brady street, E1 5DW
Duke of Wellington, 12 Toynbee street, E1 7NE
Duke of Wellington, 52 Cyprus street, E2 0NN
Duke of Wellington, Newmill House, Devas street, E3 3LL
Duke of Wellington, St Leonards street, E3
Duke of Wellington, 260 Haggerston road, E8
Duke of Wellington, 90 Morning Lane, E9
Duke of Wellington, 21-25 Lever street, EC1V 3QU
Duke of Wellington, 74 Richmond Avenue, N1 ONA
Duke of Wellington, 71 Nile street, N1 7RD
Duke of Wellington, 119 Balls Pond road, N1 4BL
Duke of Wellington, 45 Tarn street, SE1 6PE
Duke of Wellington, 37 McMillan street, SE8 3DJ
Duke of Wellington, 128 Old Woolwich road, SE10
Duke of Wellington, 63 Eaton Terrace, SW1W 8TR
Duke of Wellington, 170 Acre lane, SW2 5UL
Duke of Wellington, 105 Meyrick road, SW11 2UG
Duke of Wellington, 94a Crawford street, W1H 1 AN
Duke of Wellington, 77 Wardour street, W1V 3TH
Duke of Wellington, 5 Whidborne street, WC1H 8ET
Duke of York, 65 Ellsworth street, E2 0AU
Duke of York, 129 Antill road, E3 5BW
Duke of York, 2 Charnwood street, E5 8SH
Duke of York, 156 Clerkenwell road, EC1R 5DU
Duke of York, 33 Downham road, N1 5AA
Duke of York, 24 Wenlock street, N1 7NU
Duke of York, 24 York Way, N1 9AA
Duke of York, 2 Gateforth street, NW8 8EH I
Duke of York, 2 St Anns Terrace, NW8 6PJ
Duke of York, 37 Bagshot street, SE17
Duke of York, 132-134 Victoria street, SW1E 5LA
Duke of York, 184 Larkhall Lane, SW4
Duke of York, 45 Harrowby street, W1H 5HT
Duke of York, 8 Dering street, W1R 9AB
Duke of York,  35 New Cavendish street, W1M 7RL
Duke of York, 47 Rathbone street, W1P 1AG
Duke of York, 86 Steyne road, W3 9NU
Duke of York, 107 Devonshire road, W4
Dukes Head, 112 Wood street, E1 7 3HX
Dukes Head, 16 Highgate High street, N6
Dukes Head, 8 Lower Richmond road, SW15 1JN
Dulwich Wood House, 39 Sydenham Hill, SE26
Dun Cow, 279 Old Kent road, SE1 5LU
Duncannon, 7 Duncannon street, WC2N 4JF
Dundee Arms, 339 Cambridge Heath road, E2 9LH
Dunstan Arms, 50 East road, N1 6AD
Durell Arms, 704 Fulham road, SW6 5SB
Durham Arms, 408 Hackney road, E2 7AP
Durham Arms, 24 Stephenson street, E16 4SA
Durham Arms, 41 Harleyford road, SE11
Durham Castle, 30 Alexander street, W2 5NU
Dutch House Hotel, Sidcup road, SE12 9AL