London pub history in 1981 – M

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1981 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter M.

Mables, 9 Mabledon Place WC1H 9AZ
Macaulay Arms, 129 Kensington Church street, W8 7LP
Macbeth, 70 Hoxton street, N1 6LP
McC-ees Club, 227-229 Northfield Avenue, W13 9QU
Magdala, 211 Lordship lane, SE22 8LR
Magdala Tavern 2a South Hill Park NW3 2SB
Magic Flute, 3 Dart street, W10 4LD
Magnet & Dewdrop, 194 West Ferry road, E14
Magogs, 8 Russia Row EC2V 8BL
Magpie, 12 New street, EC2M 4TP
Magpie & Punch Bowl, 86 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AL
Magpie & Stump, 18 Old Bailey EC4M 7EP
Magpie & Stump, 442 King’s road, SW10 OLQ
Mail Coach, 1 Camomile street, EC3
Mail Coach, 28 Uxbridge road, W12
Maismore Arms, 104 Peckham Park road, SE15 6UZ
Malden Arms, 117 Malden road, NW5
Malt & Hops, 891 High road, North Finchley N12 8QA
Maltese Cat, Aubyn Square, SW15
Malvern, 4 Bevington road, W1 0 5TN
Mamelon Tower, 149 Grafton road, NW5 4AY
Man of Kent, 224 Eltham High street, SE9
Man of Kent, 2-4 Nunhead Green, SE15 3QF
Man of Kent, 173 Sydenham road, SE26
Manby Arms, 19 Water Lane, E1 5 4NL
Manchester Arms, 155 Hackney road, E2 8JL
Man in the Moon, 392 Kings road, SW3 5UZ
Manning’s Lounge, 73-75 Brent street, NW4
Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock road, E14 OBP
Manor Arms, 128 Clapham Manor street, SW4
Manor Arms, 62 Railway Side, SW13
Manor Arms, 13 Mitcham Lane, SW16
Manor Cottage, East End road, N2 OSD
Manor House, 316 Green Lanes N4 1BX
Manor Tavern, 126 Devonshire road, W4 2JJ
Manor Tavern, 11 Rectory road, N16 7QL
Manor Tavern, 78 Galleywall road, SE16 3PB
Mansion House, 204 Evelyn street, SE8 5BZ
Mansion House, 46-48 Kennington Park road, SE11
Marie Lloyd, 24 Chart street, N1 6DD
Marion Arms, 46 Lansdowne Drive E8
Market Gardener, 32 Priests Bridge SW14
Market House, 9 Russell street, WC2B 5HZ
Market House, 30-32 Broadway Market E8
Market Tavern, 144 York Way N1 OAY
Market Tavern, Market Towers New Covent Garden Market SW8
Markham Arms, 138 Kings road, SW3 4XB
Markhouse Arms, 129 Queens road, E17 8PQ
Marksman, 254 Hackney road, E2 7SJ
Marlborough, 710 Holloway road, N19
Marlborough, 67 Sedgmoor Place SE5 7SE
Marlborough Arms, 77 Marlborough Grove, SE1 5JS
Marlborough Arms, 36 Torrington Place, WC1E 7HJ
Marlborough Arms, 43 Elystan street, SW3 3NT
Marlborough Head, 36 Drury Lane, WC2B 5RR
Marlborougn Head, 74 Marmont road, SE15 5TE
Marlborough Head, 24 North Audley street, W1Y 1WD
Marlborough Tavern, 39 Abbey road, NW8 9DA
Marquess Tavern, 32 Canonbury street, N1 2UU
Marquis of Anglesea, 77 Ashmill street, NW1
Marquis of Anglesea, 39 Bow street, WC2E 7AU
Marquis of Clanricarde, 36 Southwick street, W2 1JQ
Marquis Cornwallis, 31 Marchmont street, WC1N 1AP
Marquis of Cornwallis, 304 Bethnal Green road, E2 OAG
Marquis of Granby, 2 Rathbone street, W1P 1AH
Marquis of Granby, 51-52 Chandos Place, WC2N 4HS
Marquis of Granby, 142 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8HJ
Marquis of Granby, 322 New Cross road, SE14
Marquis of Granby, 41 Romney street, SW1P 3RF
Marquis of Lansdowne, 48 Stoke Newington road, N16
Marquis of Lorne, 49a Dalyell road, SW9 9SA
Marquis of Lorne, 117 Haydons road, S W 1 9 1HH
Marquis of Salisbury, 110 Hermit road, E16 4LD
Marquis of Salisbury, 54 Balls Pond road, N1 4AP
Marquis of Salisbury, 64 Freeling street, N1 OBD
Marquis of Wellington, 21 Druid street, SE1 2HH
Marquis of Westminster, 50 Warwick Way SW1V 1RY
Marshal Keate,  29 Prestons road, E14 9QT
Masons Arms, 665 Harrow road, NW10 5NU
Masons Arms, 109 East street, SE17 2SB
Masons Arms, 51 Upper Berkeley street, W1H 7PN
Masons Arms, 38 Maddox street, W1R 9PD
Masons Arms, 58 Devonshire street, W1N 1LT
Masons Arms, 169 Battersea Park road, SW8
Master Gunner, 37 Cathedral Place, EC4M 7ED
Mawbey Arms, 7 Mawbey street, SW8
Mayflower, 117 Rotherhithe street, SE16 4NF
Maynard Arms, 70 Park road, N8 8SX
Maypole Inn, Mantle road, SE4 2DU
Mechanics Arms, 126 Deptford High street, SE8 4NS
Mechanics Arms, 115 Churchfield road, W3 6AH
Medina, 172 Seven Sisters road, N7 7PX
Melbourne Arms, 81-83 Sandy Hill road, SE18
Memphis Belle, 77 Kilburn High road, NW6
Mercers Arms, 34 Belgrave street, E1 ONQ
Merry Cricketers, 276 Lower road, SE8 5DJ
Merry Monarch, Cropley street, N1 7PR
Merryhills, 95 Bramley road, N14
Metropolitan, 60 Great Western road, W11 1AB
Metropolitan Tavern, 95 Farringdon road, EC1R 3BT
Meyrick Arms, 148 Falcon road, SW11 2LW
Mid Kent Tavern, 4 Junction Approach, SE13 7RY
Middleton Arms, 303 Queensbridge road, E8
Midland, 29 Station road, NW4 4PN
Midland Arms, 10 Church road, NW4
Mildmay Tavern, 130 Balls Pond road, N1 4AD
Milford Haven, 214 Caledonian road, N1 ONG
Milford Tavern, 159 Park Lane, N17 OHN
Mill, Holders Hill road, NW7
Mill Hill Tavern, , 61 Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8ED
Milton Arms, 28 Wrights road, E3 5LD
Minstrel, Central House, 1 Ballards lane, N3
Minstrel Boy, 156-160 Colney Hatch Lane, N10
Mitcham Mint, Greyhound Terrace, Streatham Vale SW16
Mitford Castle, 129 Cadogan Terrace E9
Mitford Tavern, 133 Amhurst road, E8
Mitre, 51 Hatfields SE1 8DG
Mitre, 24 Craven Terrace W2 3QH
Mitre, 40 Holland Park Avenue, W11 3QY
Mitre, 130 Upper street, N1 1QP
Mitre, 89-91 High road, Tottenham, N15
Mitre, Greenfell street, SE10
Mitre, 291 Greenwich High road, SE10
Mitre, 145 Woolwich High street, SE18
Mitre, 164 Croydon road, SE20
Mitre, 81 Dawes road, SW6 7DU
Mitre, 183 Copenhagen street, N1 OSR
Mitre Hotel, 130 Mitcham road, SW17 9NH
Mitre Tavern, 38 Fish Street Hill EC3R 6DB
Mitre Tavern, 242 Grafton road, NW5 4AU
Mitre Tavern, 71 Downham road, N1 5AF
Monarch, 49 Chalk Farm road, NW1
Monarch, 68 Green Lanes, N16
Monkey Puzzle, Sussex Gardens, W2 2RW
Montague Arms, 40 Benwell road, N7
Montague Arms, 289 Queens road, SE1 5 2PA
Montague Arms, 3 Medfield street, SW15
Montpelier, 99 Queens road, SE15 2EZ
Montpelier Tavern, 43 Choumert road, SE15 4AR
Monument Tavern, 60 King William street EC4R 9AA
Moore Arms, 61-63 Cadogan street, SW3 2QP
Moore Park Hotel, 110 Wood Vale, SE23 3ER
Moorgate, 85 Moorgate EC2M 6SA
Moorings, 43 East Smithfield, E1 9AP
Mooros, 13 Broadway, E15 4BQ
Moray Arms, 94 Durham road, N7
Morden Arms, 1 Brand street, SE10
Moreton Arms, 65 Kentish Town road, NW1 8NY
Morgan Arms, 43 Morgan street, E3 5AA
Morning Star, 231-235 Rye lane, SE15 4TP
Mornington Arms, 2 Mornington street, NW1 7QD
Morpeth Arms, 58 Millbank, SW1P 4RW
Mortimer Arms, 174 Tottenham Court road, W1P 9LG
Moscow Arms, 51 Moscow road, W2 4AL
Moss Hall Tavern, 283 Ballards Lane, N12 8NR
Mother Bunchs Wine House, Arches F & G, 7 Old Seacoal lane, EC4M 7LR
Mother Red Cap, 174 Camden High street, NW1 ONE
Mother Red Cap, 665 Holloway road, N19
Mother Shipton, 1 Malden road, NW5
Moulders Arms, 50-52 Bromley High street, E3 3EP
Mulberry Tree, 563 Holloway road, N19
Murphy’s, 158 Commercial road, E1 1NL
Murray Arms, 25 Agar Grove, NW1 9SL
Museum Tavern, 49 Great Russell street, WC1B 3BA
Myddleton Arms, 52 Canonbury road, N1 2HS