London pub history in 1981 – P

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1981 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter P.

Pack Horse & Talbot, 145 Chiswick High road, W4
Packington Arms, 125 Packington street, N1 7EA
Paget Arms, Lansdowne Drive, E8
Paget Arms, 197 Middleton road, E8 , closed in 2005, demolished in 2009
Pagoda, 64 Tower Bridge road, SE1 4TR
Painted Wagon Saloon, Upper Tooting road, SW17
Pakenham Arms, 1 Pakenham street, WC1X OLA
Palm Tree, 24-26 Palm street, E3 5RU
Panorama Bar, Alexandra Park & Palace, N22 4AY
Panther, 15 Turin street, E2 6NJ
Pantiles, North Circular road, NW10
Park Estate Tavern, 40 Glyndon road, SE18 7PB
Park Hotel, Park Lane, N17 OHY
Park Tavern, 1 Station road, SE20 9ND
Park Tavern, 164 Tollington Park, N4 3AD
Park Tavern, 45 Passey Place SE9 5DA
Park Tavern, 56 Elder road, SE27 9ND
Park Tavern, 118 Mitcham Lane, SW16 6NR
Park Tavern, 212 Merton road, SW18 5SW
Park Tavern, 23 Greenford Avenue, W7
Parrs Head, 73 Plender street, NW1 OLB
Paulet Arms, 19-21 Paulet road, SE5 9HP
Pavilion, Wood Lane, W12
Pavilion, 135 Battersea Park road, SW8
Paviours Arms, Page street, SW1P 4LR
Pawleyne Arms, 156 High street, Penge, SE20
Paxton, 255 Gipsy road, SE27 9QY
Paxtons Head, 153 Knightsbridge SW1
Peacock, 41 Minories EC3N 1 DY
Peacock, 13-14 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NA
Peacock, 22 Islington High street, N1 8EQ
Pear Tree, 14 Margravine road, W6
Pegasus, 176 Eynsham Drive, SE2
Pegasus, 109 Green Lanes, N16
Pelican, 45 All Saints road, W11 1HE
Pelton Arms, 23 Pelton road, SE10
Pembridge Castle, 45 Ledbury road, W11 2AA
Pembroke Castle, 150 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8JA
Pembury Tavern, 90 Amhurst road, E8 1JH
Penshurst Arms, 25 Penshurst road, E9
Penton Arms, 54 Pentonville road, N1 9HF
Percy Arms, 26 Great Percy street, WC1X 9RD
Perseverance, 112 Pritchards road, E2 9AP
Perseverance, 194 Southgate road, N1 3HQ
Perseverance, 125 Gosset street, E2 6NR
Perseverance, 33 Vicarage lane, E6 4DQ
Perseverance, 11-12 Shroton street, NW1 6UG
Perseverance, 1 Lupus street, SW1V 3AS
Perseverance, 44a Nelsons Row, SW4
Peters Bars, 126 Southampton Row, WC1B 5AA Tel: 01 405 2006
Peterborough, 65 New Kings road, SW6 4SG
Phene Arms,9 Phene street, SW3 5NY
Phoenix, 408 Euston road, NW1
Phoenix, 104 East India Dock road, E14 OBP
Phoenix, 44 Frampton street, NW8 8LG
Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, W1M 9HF
Phoenix,6 Daventry street, NW1 5NX
Phoenix, 14 Palace street, SW1E 5JA
Phoenix, 23 Smith street, SW3 4EE
Phoenix, Fore street, N18
Phoenix, 104 Dorset road, SW8
Pied Bull, 1 Liverpool road, N1 ORP
Pied Bull, 100 Upper street, N1 ONP
Pied Bull, 498 Streatham High road, SW16 3QB
Pied Wagtail, Grovebury road, SE2 9BB
Pier Tavern, 299 Manchester road, E14 9HN
Pig & Whistle, 84 Bramley road, W10 6UG
Pig & Whistle, 14-15 Little Chester street, SW1X 7AP
Pig & Whistle, 481 Merton road, SW18 5LE
Pigeons, 120-122 Romford road, E15 4EH
Pilgrim, 247 Kennington Lane, SE11
Pillar Box, 59 Mount Pleasant, WC1X OAF
Pillars of Hercules, 7 Greek street, W1V 5LE
Pilot, 174 Deptford High street, SE8 3PR
Pilot, 56 Wellesley road, W4
Pilot, 68 River Way, SE10
Pimlico Tram, Tachbrook street, SW1
Pimlico Tram, 6 Charlwood street, SW1V 2EE
Pindar of Wakefield, 328 Grays Inn road, WC1X 8BZ
Pine Apple, 53-55 Hercules road, SE1 7DZ
Pine Apple, 51 Leverton street, NW5
Pineapple, 16 Elephant & Castle, SE1 6TH
Pitts Head, 2 Fords Park road, E16 1NL
Plimsoll Arms, 52 St Thomas’s road, N4 2QW
Plough, St Alphage Highwalk, 2 Fore street, EC2Y 5EL
Plough, 66 Coldharbour lane, SE5 9PU
Plough, 599 Harrow road, W10 4RA
Plough, 27 Museum street, WC1A 1JT
Plough, Mott street, E4
Plough, 23-25 Homerton High street, E9
Plough, 173 Wood street, E17
Plough, 474 High road, Tottenham, N17 9HY
Plough, 354 Hornsey road, N19
Plough, Kingsbury road, NW9 OBH
Plough, 2 Lewisham High street, SE13 5JH
Plough, 381 Lordship Lane, SE22 8JJ
Plough, 196-198 Clapham High street, SW4
Plough, 90 Stockwell road, SW9 9JQ
Plough, 91 St Johns Hill SW11 1TJ
Plough, Christ Church road, SW14
Plough, Plough Lane, SW17
Plough & Harrow, 68 Rushey Green, SE6
Plough & Harrow, 419 High road, Leytonstone, E11
Plough & Harrow, 264 Town road, N9
Plough & Harrow, 140 Newington Butts SE11
Plough Inn, 295-297 Northfield Avenue W5 4XB
Plough Inn, 518-520 Wandsworth road, SW8
Plumbers Arms, 14 Lower Belgrave street, SW1W OLN
Plume of Feathers, 19 Park Vista, SE10 9LZ
Plume of Feathers, 282 Plumstead High street, SE18
Plumes Hotel, Abbey road, NW10 7SB
Pocock Arms, 468 Caledonian road, N7
Podium, St Alphage Highwalk, 2 Fore street, EC2Y 5EL
Polar Bear, 30 Lisle street, WC2H 7BA
Polly Perkins, 16 Bouverie Place, W2 1RB
Pontefract Castle, 48 Chapel street, NW1 5DP
Pontefract Castle, 71-73 Wigmore street, W1H 9LH
Poppinjay, 118 Fleet street, EC4A 2BD
Porcupine, 48 Charing Cross road, WC2H OBS
Porcupine, 24 Mottingham road, SE9
Portland Arms, 60 St Johns Wood High street, NW8 7SH
Portland Arms, 119 Portland road, W11 4LN
Portland Arms, Portland Grove, SW8
Portman Arms, 21 Balcombe street, NW1 6HE
Portman Arms, 422 Edgware road, W2 1ED
Portobello Star, 171 Portobello road, W 1 1 2DY
Pride of Paddington, 1-3 Craven road, W2 3BP
Pride of Pimlico, 85 Tachbrook street, SW1W 2QA
Primrose, 229 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3UD
Prince Albert, 11 Princess road, NW1 5QT
Prince Albert, Royal College street, NW1
Prince Albert, 35 Talacre road, NW5
Prince Albert, Golders Green road, NW 1 1 9PY
Prince Albert, 10 Woodfield road, W9 2BE
Prince Albert, 11 Pembridge road, W 1 1 3HQ
Prince Albert, 2 Acton street, WC1X 9NG
Prince Albert, 507 Roman road, E3
Prince Albert, 1 Old Church road, E4
Prince Albert, 411 Queensbridge road, E8
Prince Albert, 135 Broadway, E13
Prince Albert, 29 Elmore street, N1 3AJ
Prince Albert, 16 Elia street, N1 8DE
Prince Albert, 37 Wharfdale road, N1 9SE
Prince Albert, 72 Royal Hill, SE10
Prince Albert, 111 Bellenden road, SE15 4QY
Prince Albert, 119 Consort road, SE1 5 3RU
Prince Albert, 49 Hare street, SE18
Prince Alfred, 17-18 Goldington Crescent, NW1 1 UA
Prince Alfred, 401 Albany road, SE5 OAA
Prince Allred, 44 Albyn road, SE8 4EF
Prince Alfred, 112 Queensway, W2 3RR
Prince Alfred, Formosa street, W9 2JS
Prince Alfred, 86 Locksley street, E14 7EJ
Prince Alfred, Shirley street, E16 1HU
Prince Alfred, 38 Offord road, N1 1DL
Prince Alfred, 139 Marlborough road, NT9
Prince Alfred, 267 Walworth road, SE17 1RL
Prince Alfred, 178 Sydenham road, SE26
Prince Alfred, 118 Marylebone Lane, W1M 5FX
Prince Arthur, 80-82 Eversholt street, NW1 1BX
Prince Arthur, 10 Golborne road, W10 5PE
Prince Arthur, 123 Uxbridge road, W13
Prince Arthur, 95 Forest road, E8
Prince Arthur, 49 Brunswick Place, N1 6EB
Prince Arthur, 379 Caledonian road, N7
Prince Arthur, 158 Broad Lane, N15
Prince Arthur, 422 Lee High road, SE12
Prince of Denmark, 151 Junction road, N19
Prince of Denmark, 152 Portland road, SE25
Prince Edward, 95 Brent street, NW4
Prince Edward, 97 Wick road, E9
Prince Edward, 38 Parkhurst road, N7
Prince Ernest, 64 Clarissa street, E8
Prince George, 40 Parkholme road, E8
Prince George of Cumberland, 195 Albany street, NW1
Prince George of Cumberland, 41 Mackennal street, NW8 7DH
Prince of Orange, 189 Greenwich High road, SE10
Prince of Orange, 118 Lower road, SE16 2UB
Prince of Orange, 244 Plumstead High street, SE18
Prince & Princess of Wales, 109 Kinglake street, SE17 2RD
Prince Regent, 81 Salmon Lane, E14 7PR
Prince Regent, 201-203 Liverpool road, N1
Prince Regent, Orb street, SE17 1EP
Prince Regent, 69 Dulwich road, SE24
Prince Regent, 71 Marylebone High street, W1M 3AQ
Prince of Teck, 161 Earls Court road, SW5
Prince of Wales, 612 High road, Tottenham N17 9TA
Prince of Wales, 1 Finsbury road, N22 4PA
Prince of Wales, 119 Hampstead road, NW1 3EE
Prince of Wales, 75 Prince of Wales road, NW5
Prince of Wales, 11a Cambridge Gardens, NW6
Prince of Wales, 37 Fortune Green road, NW6
Prince of Wales, 23 Lant street, SE1 1QP
Prince of Wales, 51 St Georges road, SE1 6ER
Prince of Wales, 49 Knatchbull road, SE5 9QR
Prince of Wales, 91 Wilton road, SW1V 1 DW
Prince of Wales, 99 Union road, SW8 2RF
Prince of Wales, 2 Cleveland Terrace, W2 6LH
Prince of Wales, 77-79 Church road, W3 8PX
Prince of Wales, 73 Dalling road, W6
Prince of Wales, 62 Boston road, W7 3TR
Prince of Wales, 8 Kensington Church street, W8 4EP
Prince of Wales, 351 Harrow road, W9 3RA
Prince of Wales, 48 Southern Row, W 1 0 5AN
Prince of Wales, 14 Princedale road, W 1 1 4NJ
Prince of Wales, 150-151 Drury Lane, WC2B 5TB
Prince of Wales, 76 Bishops Way, E2 9HL
Prince of Wales, 1 Teale street, E2 8RA
Prince of Wales Feathers, 8 Warren street, W1P 5DA
Prince of Wales Hotel, 101 Willesden Lane, NW6 7SD
Prince of Wales Hotel, 467 Brixton road, SW9 8HH
Prince of Wales Hotel, 2 Hartfield road, SW19 3TA
Prince William Henry, 216 Blackfriars road, SE1 8JS
Prince of Windsor,  888 Old Kent road, SE15 1NQ
Princes, 73 Princes Square, W2 4NY
Princess Alexandra, 1 Perrers road, W6
Princess Alexandra, 95 Portobello road, W11 2QB
Princess Alexandra, 209 Westbourne Park road, W11 1EA
Princess Alexandra, 219 Barking road, E16 4HH
Princess Alexandra, Park road, N8 8JP
Princess Alice, Romford road, E7 9HA
Princess Alice, 13 Murray Grove, N1 7NN
Princess Amelia, 80 Henniker road, E15 1JZ
Princess Beatrice, 55 Camden High street, NW1 7JH
Princess Louise, 208-209 High Holborn, WC1V 7BW
Princess Royal, 76-78 Paul street, EC2A 4NE
Princess Royal, 11 Circus road, NW8 6NX
Princess Royal, 47 Hereford road, W2 5AH
Princess Royal, 25 Warwick Way SW1V 1QT
Princess Royal, 22 Waterford road, SW6 2DR
Princess Royal, 25 Abbey road, SW19 2LZ
Princess Victoria, 25 Earls Court road, W8 6EB
Princess Victoria, 217 Uxbridge road, W12 9DH
Princess Victoria, 9 Lower road, SE16 2YY
Princess of Wales, 22 Chalcot road, NW1 8LL
Princess of Wales, 1a Montpelier Row, SE3 ORL
Princess of Wales, 88 Grove street, SE8 3AA
Princess of Wales, 27 Villiers street, WC2N 6ND
Princess of Wales, 130 Brownfield street, E14 6NF
Princess of Wales, 25 West Ham Lane, E1 5 4PH
Princess of Wales, 18 Wilmount street, SE18
Princess of Wales, 145 Dovehouse street, SW3 6LB
Printers Devil, 98 Fetter Lane, EC4
Priory Arms, 83 Lansdowne Way, SW8
Priory Tavern, 250 Belsize road, NW6
Priory Tavern, 37 St Leonards street, E3 3BS
Priory Tavern, 57 Elderfield road, E5 OLF
Prodigals Return, 74-76 Battersea Bridge road, SW11 3AG
Prospect of Whitby, 57 Wapping Wall E1 9SP
Pump, 185-187 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3TT
Punch Bowl, 41 Farm street, W1X 7RD
Punch Tavern, 99 Fleet street, EC4Y 1DE
Pymmes Park Inn, 56 Victoria road, N9 9SU
Pyrotechnists Arms, Nunhead Green SE15 3QQ