London pub history in 1981 – S

This is quite simply a list of pubs which existed in 1981 in London, it confirms their existence, and also their address at the time. These are starting with letter S.

Sabbarton Arms, 99 Upper North street, E14 6DT
Sailor Prince, 86 Gordon road, SE15 3RG
St Brides Tavern, Bridewell Place, EC4V 6AP
St Georges Tavern, 44-46 Lambeth road, SE1 7BS
St Georges Tavern, 14 Coleman road, SE5 7TG
St Georges Tavern, 14 Belgrave road, SW1V 1QD
St Georges Tavern, 63 Camilla road, SE16 3NL
St Germains Hotel, 1 St Germans road, SE23 1RH
St James Tavern, 45-46 Great Windmill street, W1V 7 PA
St James Tavern, 72 St James’s road, SE16 4QZ
St John of Jerusalem, 156-170 St John Street EC1V 4JY
St Johns Tavern, 171 Tooley street, SE1 2JP
SSt Johns Tavern, 91 Junction road, N19 5QU
St Martins Tavern, 35 Pratt street, NW1 OBG
St Pauls Tavern, 56 Chiswell street, EC1Y 4SA
St Stephens Tavern, 10 Bridge street, SW1A 2JR
Salisbury, Grand Parade, Green Lanes, N4
Salisbury, 90 St Martins Lane, WC2N 4AP
Salisbury Arms, Hoppers road, N21
Salisbury Tavern, 21 Sherbrooke road, SW6 7HX
Sailor Prince, 332 Garratt lane, SW18 4EL
Salmon & Compasses, 58 Penton street, N1 9PZ
Salutation Inn, 154 King street, W6 OQU
Samsons Castle, 210 Grange road, SE1 3AA
Samuel Pepys, Brooks Wharf, Upper Thames street, EC4V 3DE
Samuel Pepys, 29 Clarges street, W1Y 7PL
Saxon Tavern, Southend lane, SE6
Scarborough Arms,  35 St Mark street, E1 8DJ
Scarsdale Arms, 23a Edwardes Square W8 6HE
Schooner Inn, 419 Streatham High road, SW16
Scots Arms, 1 Wapping High street, E1 9LS
Scottish Stores, 2-4 Caledonian road, N1 9DU
Sea Horse, Queen Victoria street, EC4
Sebright Arms, 31-35 Coate street, E2
Sekforde Arms, 34 Sekforde street, EC1R OHA
Selhurst Arms, 38 Selhurst road, SE25
Selkirk, 60 Selkirk road, SW17 OES
Seven Oaks, 96 White Hart Lane, N22
Seven Sisters Hotel, 37 Broad lane, N15 4DJ
Seven Stars, 112 Whitechapel High street, E1 7PT
Seven Stars, 49 Brick Lane, E1 6PU
Seven Stars, 94 Bromley High street, E3 3EG
Seven Stars, 253 North End road, W14 9NS
Seven Stars, 53-54 Carey street, WC2A 2JB
Seven Stars & Half Moon, 243 Goldhawk road, W12
Seymour Arms, 162 Eversholt street, NW1 1BL
Shaftesbury, 534 Hornsey road, N19
Shaftesbury, 74 St Rule street, SW8
Shaftesbury Arms, 38 Shaftesbury street, N1 7HE
Shakespeare, 460 Bethnal Green road, E2 OEA
Shakespeare, 342 Upper street, N1 OPB
Shakespeare, 91-93 Buckingham Palace Road SW1W ORP
Shakespeare, 2 Goswell road, EC1M 7AA
Shakespeare, 65 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UJ
Shakespeare, 12 Powis street, SE18
Shakespeare Tavern, 57 Allen road, N16 8RY
Shakespeares Head, 1 Arlington Way, EC1R 1XA
Shakespeares Head, 46 Percival street, EC1V OHS
Shakespeares Head, 29 Great Marlborough Street W1V 1HD
Shakespeares Head, 29 Roscoe road, E16 1JA
Shamps, 181 Clarence road, E5 8EE
Shard Arms, 610 Old Kent road, SE15 1JB
Sheep Shank, 7 Swanscombe road, W11
Shelleys, 10 Stafford street, W1X 3PF
Shepherd & Flock, 84 Goldhawk road, W12
Sherlock Holmes, 10-11 Northumberland Street WC2N 5DA
Ship, 22-24 Artillery lane, E1 7LS
Ship, 17 Barnes street, E14 7NW
Ship, 3 Hart street, EC3R 7NB
Ship, 11 Talbot Court EC3V OBP
Ship, 499 High road, Tottenham N17 6QA
Ship, 41 Jews Row SW18 1TB
Ship, 228 Long lane, SE1 4QB
Ship, 562 Rotherhithe street, SE16 1 EX
Ship, St Marychurch street, SE16 4JE
Ship, 116 Wardour street, W1V 3 LA
Ship Aground, 33 Wolseley street, SE1 2BP
Ship Aground, 144 Lea Bridge road, E5
Ship & Billet, 1 Woolwich road, SE10
Ship & Blue Ball, 13 Boundary street, E2 7JE
Ship & Compass, 18 London street, EC3R 7JP
Ship Hotel, Ship lane, SW14 7QW
Ship, 55 High street, South Norwood SE25
Ship, 134 New Cavendish street, W1M 7FF
Ship, 387 Cable street, E1 OAH
Ship, Bethnal Green road, E2
Ship, 290 West Ferry road, E14
Ship, 171 Kennington road, SE1 1
Ship, 205 Plumstead Common road, SE18
Ship & Shovel, Craven Passage WC2N 5PH
Ship Tavern, 27 Lime street, EC3M 7HR
Ship Tavern, 12 Gate street, WC2A 3HP
Ship & Turtle, P & 0 Building 122-138 Leadenhall street, EC3V 4PT
Ship & Whale, 2 Gulliver street, SE16 1LT
Ship York, 15-16 Redriff road, SE16 1LJ
Shipwrights Arms, 88 Tooley street, SE1 2TF
Shirland Arms,55 Shirland road, W9 2JD
Shorts of London, 13 Shepherd’s Bush Green W12 8PH
Shuckburgh Arms, 47 Denyer street, SW3 2LX
Sidmouth Arms, 102 Bird-in-Bush road, SE15 1 BQ
Sidney Arms, 9-10 Wakley street, EC1V 7LT
Signal Hotel, Portland road, SE25 4UF
Silver Buckle, 19 Camberwell Green SE5 7AA
Silver Bullet, 4 Station Place N4 2DH
Silver Cross, 33 Whitehall, SW1A 2BX
Simon the Tanner, 231 Long lane, SE1 4PR
Simpsons Of Cornhill, 38 /2 Cornhill, EC3V 9DR
Sir Charles Napier, 697 Commercial road, E14 7 LA
Sir Christopher Wren, 17-19 Cathedral Place, EC4M 7EA
Sir Christopher Wren, 17-19 Paternoster Square, EC4M 7DX
Sir Colin Campbell, 266 Kilburn High road, NW6
Sir David Brewster, 117 Courthill road, SE13 6DW
Sir Ernest Shackleton PH, Bowen Drive SE21
Sir George Robey, 240 Seven Sisters road, N4 2HX
Sir Isaac Newton, 120 street, Johns Wood Hiqh St NW8 7SG
Sir John Falstaff, 111 Cannon Street road, E1 2LX
Sir John Franklin, 269 East India Dock road, E14
Sir John Lawrence, 2 High road, N11
Sir John Morden, 62 Campshill road, SE13 6QT
Sir Richard Steele, 97 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4RL
Sir Robert Peel, 108 Malden road, NW5 4DA
Sir Robert Peel, Peel Precinct NW6
Sir Robert Peel, 29 Eagle Wharf road, N1
Sir Robert Peel, 10 Hillingdon street, SE17 3UW
Sir Walter Scott, 2 Broadway Market E8 4QJ
Sir Walter Scott, 17a Perth road, N4 3HB
Sirloin, Friday Hill, E4
Six Bells, 195-197 Kings road, SW3 5BD
Six Bells, 211 High street, Acton W3 9DD
Skiddaw, 46 Chippenham road, W9 2AF
Skinners Arms, 60 Camberwell New road, SE5 ORS
Skinners Arms, 125 Great Suffolk street, SE1 1 PQ
Skinners Arms, 114 Judd street, WC1
Smithfield Tavern, 105 Charterhouse street, EC1M 6HR
Smugglers Tavern, 28 Warren street, W1P 5DG
Sols Arms, 65 Hampstead road, NW1 2PN
Somers Arms, 2a Rochelle Close, SW11 2RX
Somers Town Coffee House, 60 Chalton street, NW1 1HS
Somerset, 214 Fulham road, SW10 9NB
South Western, 2-2a Wimbledon Hill road, SW19 7NS
Southampton Arms, 1 Camden High street, NW1 7JE
Southampton Arms, 139 Highgate road, NW5
Southgate Arms, 1 Southgate road, N1
Southwark Park Tavern, 395 Southwark Park road, SE16 2JH
Southwark Tavern, 22 Southwark street, SE1 1TJ
Sovereign, Stanhope Parade, Stanhope street, NW1 3RD
Spaniards Inn, Spaniards road, NW3 7JJ
Spanish Galleon, 48 Greenwich Church street, SE10
Spanish Patriot, 34 Lower Marsh, SE1 7RG
Spanish Steps, Woodpecker road, SE14
Spencer Arms, 237 Lower Richmond road, SW15 1HJ
Spice of Life, 38 Romilly street, W1V 5TP
Sportsman, 181 Whiston road, E2 8RP
Sportsman, 47 Durnsford road, SW19 8HG
Spotted Cow, 104 Hither Green Lane, SE13 6QA
Spotted Dog, 212 Upton Lane, E7 9NP
Spotted Dog, 38 High road, NW10 2QD
Spotted Dog, 52 Garratt Lane, SW18 4DJ
Spread Eagle, Leywick street, E15 3DD
Spread Eagle, 3 Kingsland road, E2 8AA
Spread Eagle, 142 Whitecross street, EC1Y 8QJ
Spread Eagle, 59 Parkway, NW1
Spread Eagle, 141 Albert street, NW1 7NB
Spread Eagle, Grosvenor road, SW1
Spread Eagle Hotel, 71 Wandsworth High street, SW18 2PT
Spread Eagle, 224 Homerton High street, E9
Spread Eagle, 224 Portland road, SE25
Spread Eagle, 8 Woodstock street, W1 R 1 HD
Springbok, South Africa road, W12 7 PA
Springfield, 133 Bounds Green road, N 1 1
Springfield Tavern, 48 Kepler road, SW4 7PQ
Spur, 34-36 South Worple Way, SW14
Spurs, The Roundway, N17 7HA
Spurstowe Arms, 68 Greenwood road, E8
Square Rigger, 2 Arthur street, EC4R 9BS
Squire, 350 Bromley road, SE6
Stag, 67 Fleet road, NW3
Stag, 177 Acton Lane, W4
Stag, 37 Brooksbys Walk, E9
Stag, 15 Bressenden Place, SW1E 5DD
Stag, 96 Westbridge road, SW11 3JR
Stag & Hounds, 371 Bury Street West N9
Stags Head, 35 Hawley road, NW1 8RE
Stags Head, 102 New Cavendish street, W1M 7FB
Stags Head, 55 Orsman road, N1 5RA
Stage Door, 3 Allington street, SW1E 5EB
Stamford Arms, 62 Stamford street, SE1 9LX
Stanhope Arms, 97 Gloucester road, SW7
Stanley Arms, 37 Landseer road, N19
Stanley Arms, 418 Southwark Park road, SE16 2ET
Stanley Arms, 147 Lupus street, SW1V 3HD
Stapleton, 2 Crouch Hill, N4 4AU
Star, 44-48 Queensdale road, W 1 1 3SA
Star, 30 Snowshill road, E12 6BB
Star, 38 St Johns Wood Terrace, NW8 6LS
Star, 84 Wellington street, SE18
Star of the East, 805a Commercial road, E14 7HG
Star & Garter, 62 Poland street, W1V 3DF
Star & Garter, 233 Whitechapel road, E1 1DB
Star & Garter, 60 Old Woolwich road, SE10
Star & Garter, 490 New Cross road, SE14
Star & Garter, 200 St Anns Hill SW18 2RU
Star & Garter Hotel, 4 Lower Richmond road, SW15
Star of India, 26 Gordon road, SE15 3RG
Star Inn, 158 Plumstead Common road, SE18 2UL
Star Tavern, 6 Belgrave Mews West, SW1 8HT
Starting Gate, Station road, N22
Station, 296a Camberwell New road, SE5 OTF
Station Hotel, 14 Staplehurst road, SE13 5NB
Station Tavern, 18 John Ruskin street, SE5 ONS
Station Tavern, 41 Bramley road, W10 6SZ
Steam Engine, 41-42 Cosser street, SE1 7BU
Steam Packet Hotel, 85 Strand on the Green, W4 3NN
Steamship, 24 Naval Row, E14 9PS
Steamship, 14 Bramall Close, E15 1RR
Stewart Arms, 26 Norland road, W 1 1 4TR
Still & Star, 1 Little Somerset street, E1 8AH
Stirling Castle, 50 London Wall, EC2M 5TE
Stirling Castle, 65 Camberwell Church street, SE5 8TR
Stonebridge Park Hotel, 16 Hillside, NW10 8BN
Sturt Arms, 55 New North road, N1 6JB
Sugar Loaf, 40 Great Queen street, WC2B 5AA
Sugar Loaf, 65 Cannon street, EC4
Sultan, 112 Grange road, E13 OEP
Sultan, 14 Lee High road, SE13 5LQ
Sultan, 37 New Park road, SW2 4DU
Sultan, Norman road, SW19
Sultan Tavern, 238 St James’s road, SE1 5LJ
Summerfield, 60 Baring road, SE12
Sun, 120-122 Askew road, W1 2
Sun, 441 Bethnal Green road, E2 OAN
Sun, 63 Lambs Conduit street, WC1N 3NB
Sun & Doves, 61 Coldharbour Lane, SE5 9PU
Sun Inn, 7 Church road, SW13 9HE
Sun, 47 Old Town, SW4
Sun in the Sands, 123 Shooters Hill road, SE3 8UQ
Sun in Splendour, 7 Portobello road, W 1 1 3DA
Sun Tavern, 66 Long Acre WC2E 9JH
Sun & 13 Cantons, 21 Great Pulteney street, W1R 3DB
Surprise, 16 Southville, SW8
Surprise, 6 Christchurch terrace, Christchurch street, SW3 4AJ
Surprise, 110 Vauxhall Bridge road, SW1
Surrey Arms, 63 The Hyde, NW9 6LE
Surrey Arms, 5 Surrey Square SE17 2JU
Surrey Gardens Arms, 9 Chapter road, SE17 3ES
Surrey Gardens Hotel, 204 Manor Place, SE17 OHG
Surrey Tavern, Kennington Oval, SE11 5SW
Surrey Tavern, 226 Trinity road, SW1 7 7HP
Surrey View Tavern, 137 Commercial Way, SE15 6DB
Sussex, 107a Culford road, N1 4HT
Sussex, 20 Upper St Martins lane, WC2H 9DL
Sussex Arms, 17 Sussex street, SW1V 4RR
Sussex Arms, 21  London street, W2 1HL
Sussex Arms, 119 Tollington Way, N7
Sussex Tavern, 668 Streatham High road, SW16
Sutton Arms, 193a Caledonian road, N1 OSL
Sutton Arms, 92 Boleyn road, N16
Swakeley Hotel, 174 Goldhawk road, W1 2 8HJ
Swan, 59 Peckham Park road, SE15 6TU
Swan, 119 Acton Lane, W4
Swan, 363 High road, Tottenham, N15 6QN
Swan, 89 Ridgway, SW19 4SU
Swan, Ship Tavern Passage, EC3V 1 LY
Swan, 207 Lee High road, SE13 5PQ
Swan, 73 Clapton Common E5 9AA
Swan, 84-86 Old Kent road, SE15
Swan, 1 Fulham Broadway, Fulham road, SW6 1AA
Swan, 66 Bayswater road, W2 3PH
Swan, 1 Balaam street, E13 8EB
Swan Hotel, Hammersmith Broadway, W6
Swan Hotel, 31 Broadway, E15 4BQ
Swan, 17 Needham road, W11 ORP
Swan, 7 Cosmo Place, WC1N 3AP
Swan, 94 Mansell street, E1 8AX
Swan, 438 Kingsland road, E8
Swan & Pyramids, 975 High road, North Finchley, N12 8QR
Swan & Sugar Loaf, 55 Dockhead, SE1
Swan Tavern, 125 Caledonian road, N1 9RG
Swan Tavern, 215-217 Clapham road, SW9 9BE
Swifts, 93-97 Pelham street, SW7
Swinging Sporran, 2 Essex road, N1 8LN
Swiss Cottage, 98 Finchley road, NW3
Swiss Cottage, 149 Stanstead road, SE23
Swiss Tavern, 53 Old Compton street, W1V 5PN
Swiss Tavern, 44 Lausanne road, SE15 2HU
Sydney Arms, 122 Lewisham road, SE13 7NL