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A London street directory at London 1919 which largely encompasses london street history and also pub history of the last 100 years and more. You can contribute to this amazing new project, along with the many contributors to the current pub history site, nearly anything goes. See the footer of the page for more detail.

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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

UK public houses in 2017, and links to their pub history

I have been researching pub history for 10 to 15 years. The I am Pub history site is the conclusion of these efforts. It brings together many peoples efforts in research of the historical public house. The links to all these pubs are being added as I find time back to their relevant page on pub history. As regards many of those in London, if I am unsure about which pub they are now, I check out the detail on the pubology site which is amazing for most of the London postcodes; and has more up to date history of name changes etc.

There are approximately 57,000 Public Houses in the UK in 2017.

The ownership of these Pubs is roughly divided between Pub Companies and Regional Breweries who own about 30,000 Pubs and which are mainly let on Tied Lease or Tenancy Agreements to Self Employed operators. Then Multiple Licensed Retailing Companies accounting for about 9,000 Pubs who own and run them by employing Managers and Staff. Finally, there are about 18,000 privately owned Freehold and Leasehold Pubs.

To start with, we have in 2017 - some pubs are now deemed restaurants:

Adnams - 66 pubs in 2017

All Bar One (Mitchells & Butlers) - 51 pubs in 2017

Arkells  - 93 pubs in 2017

Bateman & Co, - 55 pubs in 2017

Bermondsey Pub Co - 41 pubs in 2017

Brakspear - 137 pubs in 2017

Browns (Mitchells & Butlers) - 25 pubs in 2017

Brunning & Price - 53 pubs in 2017

Castle (Mitchells & Butlers) - 114 pubs in 2017

Charles Wells - 205  pubs in 2017

Crown Carveries (Mitchells & Butlers) - 76 pubs in 2017

Ember Inns (Mitchells & Butlers) - 148 pubs in 2017

Everards - 167 pubs in 2017

Fullers -  365 Pubs in 2017

Gray & Sons - 50 pubs in 2017

Greene King - 700+ pubs in 2017

Harvester (Mitchells & Butlers) - 229 pubs in 2017

Harveys - 33 pubs in 2017

Hall & Woodhouse - 195 pubs in 2017 

Marstons - 1743 pubs in 2017

McMullens - 50 pubs in 2017

Miller & Carter (Mitchells & Butlers) - 52 pubs in 2017

Nicholsons (Mitchells & Butlers) - 82 pubs in 2017

O'Neills (Mitchells & Butlers) - 127 pubs in 2017

PeachPubs - 18 pubs in 2017

Premium Country (Mitchells & Butlers) - 128 pubs in 2017

Shepherd & Neame - 215 pubs in 2017

Sizzling Pubs (Mitchells & Butlers) -  pubs in 2017

Star pubs (Heineken) - 995 pubs in 2017

Stonegate - 703 pubs in 2017

Stonehouse One (Mitchells & Butlers) - 36 pubs in 2017

Suburban (Mitchells & Butlers) - 291 pubs in 2017

Toby Carvery (Mitchells & Butlers) - 173 pubs in 2017

Vintage Inns (Mitchells & Butlers) - 195 pubs in 2017

Wetherspoons - 800+ pubs in 2017

Youngs - 183 pubs in 2017

The pub history sites are regularly updated by Stephen and Kevan, plus an 'open' group of like-minded individuals on a daily basis; and anyone is welcome to contribute. If you visit the site, you will quickly understand that this is more than just a pub history site. The site is better described as an historical street directory through time, with many images and historical listings endorsing the same. The last few years have seen massive price increases for UK properties, with even an ex-council house in London selling for a million pounds. Sadly, the Tory government has used the selling off of council housing stock at vastly discounted prices into a vote for their party, and without replacing this invaluable housing stock for our youngsters. They are now selling off housing association stock to the private sector, and allowing the building of large unaffordable houses on green belt.

This is a new site specifically to remedy the areas which I do not currently have any coverage of, i.e. the modern pubs around the country. What this site attempts to do is list all the pubs that exist in 2017.

If you would like to contribute the amazing new project to map London over the last hundred years and more, please continue to read. What is needed is mainly details of when a London street was renamed, bombed, cleared, or tidied. Pictures are the best way of expressing anything, and a picture tells a thousand words. Also needed is those thousand words, or even fity words. Anything will be brilliant. Please help out before the London skyline is transformed for ever. What is needed, just an email to the Email the London team. We can do the rest; and you also get your name on the site, if this is OK.

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