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Accessible Transport, Rail Travel & Train stations in London

This site is built to the memory of Andy

Andrew Dick: 1961 - 2009 and his god daughter / med student - circa 1989

Andrew Dick: 1961 - 2009 and his god daughter / med student - circa 1989

Travel in London & all the London railway stations

The Access 2012 (now being updated in 2017) site is a simple guide to accessible transport, rail travel and train stations in London. In particular, it was aimed at those disabled wheelchair users in London, and  their possible use of the London public transport system and the accessible train stations during the London Olympics in 2012. It is now very out of date, and was never perfect; but with the advent of the new Crossrail, I though it was about time to update the pages. I am attempting to integrate all of this accessibility detail into one London site, with links to good and relevant material from the various Rail and Underground operators - plus any excellent disabled facilitator sites. It just takes a little research to understand where the problems may arise for a seasoned disabled traveller or a new visitor to London.

Disabled passengers, more than others, need accurate and detailed information if they are to have the confidence to use public transport, particularly when using rail lines and train stations that are unfamiliar to them. One of the criticisms from disabled passengers of TfL mapping has been the use of the white wheelchair symbol for a station where there is only step-free access from street to platform and not street to train (where the blue wheelchair symbol is used). These differences are important and need to be well communicated to passengers, and to staff so that they can advise passengers on journey planning appropriate to their access needs.

Please note that I am a private individual building this accessible transport in London site, and I do need feedback on what else needs to be listed on the Access site. Please help me in making this a valuable resource for years to come.

DisabledGo :  http://www.disabledgo.com/

Step free guide :  http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/step-free-tube-guide-map.pdf

Interactive map : http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/im/SI-T.html

Excellent Videos on Youtube - these give an idea of enjoyable accessible trains in London:

If you watch nothing else - watch the 'Channel 4 Paralympics - watch the superhumans'

Nogobritain on Channel 4 - 20th June 2012 : The true story behind the state of the transport system if you are wheelchair bound, or blind, or in need of a decent public transport system.

Find out about accessible travel on London Overground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) trains, by taking a journey with Lee from St Pancras International to Custom House. Lee travels with her guide dog, Josh, and will show you the facilities and assistance available for disabled and older people along the way.

 An accessible Tube journey.. Join Ghow on a journey from Earl's Court to North Greenwich using London Underground. Ghow has sight loss and will tell you about the facilities and assistance available to help disabled and older people travel on the Tube in London.

 Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson introduces you to travel in London by public transport, including how to plan journeys, what types of tickets are available and what information about accessible transport is available. 

Here are some videos which opened my eyes to the mentality which exists towards travellers with disabilities - fortunately, the Olympics is coming and there are some changes in this backward thinking:

Guardian - the DLR line looks one of the better lines to use. The Channel 4 news team show how appalling the transport system from Heathrow to (and past Stratford), and back again for wheelchair travellers. They never left the train. During the Olympic Games for London there will be a host of volunteers and staff providing ramps onto trains.

All of Londonís bus service are fully accessible with a rising number of bus stops are also accessible1. London Underground has been steadily introducing new lifts and ramps to allow step-free access to platforms. Many new Metropolitan line trains will be introduced by Games time which will greatly improve access to the Underground.

If you get bored, I also run a number of historical sites on pubs around the south of England.

This symbol on station page suggests a recommendation - you tell me otherwise, please.

This symbol on station page suggests a recommendation - you tell me otherwise, please. A quick bit about me : I work at the University of Essex, where we have an exceptional team of disability support staff, an Access Forum, and the facilities for those with accessibility issues are second to none. You sometimes presume all walks of life are the same - which appears to not be the case. I think the transport operators should be ashamed of what they have NOT managed to achieve. It is called reasonable adjustments, and does not have to cost a fortune. Here is a good example.

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