Pub history and London

My sites and domains in April 2019

I have rather too many domain names and web sites, and always struggle to remember what I have. This includes sites which never actually get used. I am already updating this page a few days after creating it.

Now,  on the 5th April 2019.

My main site is: - a listing of pub history for London and the south east. This is my primary site for pub history and covers all of London, and the home counties. I also include many areas such as Oxfordshire, and Cambridgeshire; all of the south west of england, Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire etc - another listing of pubs, but mainly in the Midlands, and anything not in the London area. It includes Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, and some more northern parts of Lancashire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire etc. I don't cover the entire region, as I don't have the knowledge. - a spare domain, BUT it's mine, another waste of money ! - a site waiting for something useful. - this is a very google friendly domain, and it hosts a number of pages about Southwark inns - it was an earlier site for pub history, and I moved most of the original content to the sites listed above. - a personal site, mostly a tree which is now quite old. - some Suffolk pubs, but more importantly the Cosford database (by Ray Long), which links into my tree. Brilliant early research. - what the name suggests, mostly early coffee houses


London :   I started this site about the lost rivers of London. I like this site, and now incorporates everything I have on early London street directories, Roman London etc etc. It incorporates the two sites below. is a historical street directory of London, it is building, and very useful for 1832 and 1842; plus 1940 street directories are slowly being added. This site is now redirecting, and no longer used! - it is a site rather than a wiki, but I want to add to this massively; and will be brilliant over time. This site is now redirecting, and no longer used! - this was a site I produced about accessible transport in London, I have never had any feedback for this site, and therefore I presume it is rubbish. I add new updates occasionally, more often than not, so watch this site. - this is a site about World War one, and specifically relates to the thousands of LCC workers who are listed. - random pub history stuff.


Blogs : - it's a blog, mostly random, and should be about London - a blog about London pubs. - another random pub site, reproduced as a blog. - about to go kaput / awol / kick the bucket, so I will not bother linking to it.

I think I have listed all of my sites / blogs ; and I am still not clear as to which I am going to post a recent entry about brexit to!!


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