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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Ida Street, 233 East India Dock Road, E14 (Poplar)

West Side
7 George IV, Alfred Spencer
11 Storey Mrs Mary Ann Ada, newsagent
... here is Susannah Street ...
13 Burgess William, fruiterer
23 Dearman Francis C, beer retailer
... here is Grundy Street ...
51 Demery Lewis, boot dealer
... here is Tetley Street ...
53 Fennell George Hy, chandlers shop
... here is Willis Street ...
67 Woodcock & Cocks, bakers
69 Minchella Geo, chandlers shop
... here is Burcham Street ...

East Side
8 Dubery George, chandlers shop
... here is Follett Street ...
14 Jennings Mrs Maggie, beer retailer
... here is Cook Street ...
32 Lawson david, builder
32A Hampton Jas, scrap iron dealer
... here is Grundy Street ...
36 Joyce Chas Isaac, confectioner
38 Hyams Isaac, marine store dealer
... here is Tetley Street ...
48 National Federation of Discharged & Demobilised Sailors & Soldiers (No 1 branch)
... here is Willis Street ...
50 Newton Samuel John, chandlers shop[
62 Thomas Mrs Maud, chandlers shop
... here is Burcham Street ...

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