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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Jamaica Street E1 (Stepney), 449 Commercial Road east to Redmans Road

West Side
9 & 11 Wachman Woolf & Co, wholesale boot & shoe makers
15 Black Leon, boot maker
23 Goldwaitz Samuel, tailor
25 Myers Mrs Rebecca, grocer
47 Shienholtz Hyman, costume maker
47A Zimmerman Morris Joseph, marine store dealer
... here is Charles Street ...
... here is Clark Street ...
57 Patrick Joseph, greengrocer
65A Downs James, smith
73 Wright Mrs Elizabeth, dairy
... here is Oxford Street ...
97 Brown Fredk Packer, insurance agent
113 Blankett harry, furrier
115 Marks Lewis, job buyer
129 Gardner Rev Richard Tomlinson BA
... here is Smith Street ...
Christ Church

East Side
2 Ducker Andrew, pickle manufacturer
4 Cohen Davis, hairdresser
6 Honywill William, newsagent
... here is Bermuda Street ...
8 Anchor & Hope, William Thomas Johnson
... here is Charles Street ...
86 Fountain, Mrs Julia Goldapple
... here are Pattison & Oxford Street ...
88 Lukovitch Jacob, coal dealer
124 Watson Henry, carman

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