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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Regency Street, Horseferry Road (SW1) (Westminster), 7 Regent Place to 32 Vauxhall Bridge Road

South Side
Regency & Vincent Houses
7 Jones Lloyd, dairy
9 Perry Alex & Samuel, bakers
13 Norman Edwin, oil & color man
15 Smethurst Frederick William, coffee rooms
17 & 19 Webster John Valentine, pawnbroker
... here is Page Street ...
City of Westminster Dwellings, Fredk George Peters, supt
Norfolk House
... here is Vincent Street ...
53 Regent Arms, James carter
61 Adams John, builder
77 Neal John Edward, hairdresser
77 Elliott William, wheelwright
79 Deakin Thos Edward, tobacconist
81 Crossingham Wm jun, builder
81 Loud & Western Ltd, laundry
89 Wimberley Beville, fried fish shop
Harcourt, Douglas, Gladstone & Peel Houses
Metropolitan Police Preparatory Clas (Peel House)
... here is Causton Street ...
119 Pateman Geo, chimney sweep
135 Mallam Mrs Mary, newsagent
137 Cornick Mrs Henrietta, coffee rooms
139 Mitchell Frederick, butcher
141 Howard Arthur Richard, furniture broker
151 Robinson Wm, marine store dealer

North Side
2 Royal Oak, Mrs Alice Beatrice Tolly
4 to 8 Navy & Army Canteen Board (London & Eastern area), Capt H Lodge, sec
14 Hammond Walt & Son, butchers
... here is Fynes Street ...
16 & 18 Berry Z D & Sons, engineers
22 Evans John George, dairyman
24 Alliegro Nicolo, confectioner
26 Ruff William, fried fish shop
28 Gourevitch Mrs Sarah, furniture dealer
30 Gross Louis, tailor
... here is Vincent Street ...
32 Hall Ernest, baker
32 Post, Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank
32A Brightsell James C, grocer
34 Cannon William, tobacconist
34A Macfarlanes Ltd, laundry
36 Campbell Archibald, bootmaker
36A Gash John, picture frame maker
38 French Miss Jessie, fancy draper
38 Fenn Charles Robert, drug stores
... here is Chapter Street ...
46 London Electrical Engineers (territorial Force), Lt-ColA E Le Ressignol CB commanding; Lieut H R Reed, adjutant
... here is Frederick Street ...
104 & 106 Wightman & Co Ltd, printers
108 Smith Henry, coffee rooms
... here is Douglas Street ...
Wyndham-Ashley Mission, R C Hart-Dyke, sec
... here is Rampayne Street ...
118 Hatfield John Disraeli, boot maker
120 Hutchin Alfred George, tailor
122 Bessborough Mansions
124 Pincombe Joseph, newsagent

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