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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Three Colt Street, Limehouse Church (E14) Stepney, 652 Commercial Road east to Emmett Street

East Side
George Robert, jeweller
13 McGleshon & Hogan, saw mills
17 Beale Henry J, boot repairer
19 Parker Mrs Elizh M, fried fish shop
23 & 25 Huett Thomas & Sons, brassfounders
27 Five Bells & Blade Bone, Richard Manning
Limehouse Parish Church Institute, Jn Sumpner, hon sec
... here is Batson Street ...
33 De Ritter W H & Co Ltd, engineers
39 Brown Edward, hardware dealer
41 Jarrett Mrs Margaret, confectioner
43 Williams Mrs Elizh, newsagent
... here is Batson Street ...
Great Eastern Railway (Limehouse Station)
47 Westbrook George, newsvendor
49 McDermott Mrs Rose, confectioner
51 King Marks, baker
Brunswick Chapel Seamens Mission
... here is Three Colt Court ...
57 Carlello Nicola, fruiterer
59 Middleton George, tobacconist
61 Cox Henr Thomas, confectioner
63 Peterken Henry George, printer
65 McDonald Jas & Sons, corn dealers
67 Layzell Alfred, greengrocer
69 Whale Geo Wm, who confectioner
73 Stroud Mrs O R, draper
... here is Grenade Street ...
75 Carter George Ltd, grocers
77 Pearce Mrs Harriet, baker
81 Simmons Samuel, confectioner
83 Hollingsworth & Skeales, fish curers
65 Haigh Benj Thomas, linen draper
87 Brown Alfred, carman
89 Ball Edward, butcher
91 Tuffin Henry, greengrocer
105 Mabony Patrick, coffee rooms
... here is Limehouse Causeway ...
... here is Phoebe Street ...
133 Croly William, confectioner
135 Gilchrist Stirling, estate agent
137 Passmore Robert, potato salesman
141 Fisher William, coffee rooms
143 Lincoln Jas Edward, potato salesman
... here is Park Street ...
145 Hemmings Walter Hy, beer retailer

West Side
2 Taylor Mrs Elizh, chandlers shop
6 Whitehead Mrs Annie, beer retailer
... here is The Mitre ...
14 Clayton William, toy maker
18 dawson Mrs Edward, china, glass etc dealer
20 Wiltshire & Eatenton, coffee rooms
... here is Northey Street ...
34 King & Queen, Mrs Emily H Hart
34 Waterman Thomas Geo, builder
36 Marks Henry, baker
36A Smith Mrs Florence, florist
38 Anastasio Giovanni, hairdresser
40 Nicholls Wm Christmas, cheesemonger
44 Lonergan Wm George, drug stores
46 Victoria, Thomas Stroud
50 Dando Robert, chandlers shop
52 Myers Lewis, fried fish shop
... here is Ropemakers Fields ...
68 Page William George, ironmonger
70 Beckerson Mrs Fanny Eliza, tea dealer
... here is Narrow Street ...
80 Kings Head, Mrs Louisa Johnson Forrester
82 Pryor Walter Charles, hairdresser
84 Turner Edward Augustin, boot maker
86 Hart Henry James, stationer
88 Barnett Richard, dining rooms
90, 92 & 94 Passmore Robert & Co, cement merchants
Dundee Wharf
Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co Ltd
Coast Lines Ltd
Vile Henry Ltd, carmen

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