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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is not brilliant, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. Searches on people names do appear to work, I think. Let me know!

    East London Beer Guide & Pub directory in 1983 - EC4 City - Fleet Street

    A listing of historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in London.

    1983 Beer index

    The 1983 edition of the East London Beer Guide - East London & City CAMRA

    EC4 City - Fleet Street.
    EC4 ALBION: 2 New Bridge Street. Allied Breweries.
    EC4 BB's BISTRO: Walbrook. Free House.  
    EC4 BAYNARD CASTLE: 148 Queen Victoria Street . Bass Charrington.  
    EC4 BELL: 6 Addle Hill. Bass Charrington.
    EC4 BELL: 29 Bush Lane. Courage.  Probably one of the smallest pubs in East London & City.
    EC4 BLACK FRIAR: 174 Queen Victoria Street . Allied Breweries.  An extraordinary pub built in 1903 on the site of a chapel formerly used by an order of monks from which association the pub takes its name. Restored in 1983 by new owers, Allied Breweries. Rich and elaborate marble alabaster and mosaic wall and ceiling designs, in art nouveau.
    EC4  BOUNCING BANKER: Cousin Lane, off Upper Thames Street. Free House.  
    EC4  BRADYS: 3/4 Seacoal Lane. Whitbreads.  Smart large modern marble and brick establishment (formerly the 'New King Lud') . 
    EC4 CANNON: 95 Cannon Street . Bass Charrington.  
    EC4 CANNON STREET BUFFET BAR: Cannon Street Station. Free House.
    EC4 CARTOONIST: 76 Shoe Lane . Watneys.  
    EC4 CASTLE: 26 Furnival Street . Allied Breweries.  
    EC4 CLACHAN: Old Mitre Court. Scottish & Newcastle.
    EC4 CITY FOB OLD ALE AND PORT HOUSE: Lower Thames Street.
    EC4 COACH & HORSES: 35 Whitefriars Street. Bass Charrington.
    EC4 COCKPIT: 7 St Andrew's Hill. Courage.  Renamed the Three Castles after the abolition of cock-fighting in the middle of the eighteenth century, the pub reverted to its old name in recent times. 
    EC4  COCK TAVERN: 22 Fleet Street . Trumans.  
    EC4  CROWN & ANCHOR: Shoe Lane. Courage.
    EC4  DANDY ROLL: Gateway House - Bread Street. Whitbreads.
    EC4  DEACONS: 6 Walbrook. Bass Charrington.  
    EC4  Dizzy's: 74 Shoe Lane . Bass Charrington. Was 'Two Brewers'.
    EC4  FALSTAFF: 70 Fleet Street . Free House.  
    EC4  FARRINGDONS: Farringdon Street (Near Holborn Viaduct). Free House.
    EC4  First Edition: 62 Fleet Street. Free House.
    EC4 George: 25 Old Bailey. Eldridge Pope.  
    EC4 GLOBE: 66/67 Shoe Lane. Watneys.  
    EC4 GOLDEN FLEECE: 9 Queen Street. Free House.
    EC4 GREEN MAN: 7 Bucklersbury. Free House.  
    EC4 HARROW: 22 Whitefriars Street. Bass Charrington.  
    EC4 HATCHET: 28 Garlick Hill Bass Charrington.
    EC4 HOOP & GRAPES: 80 Farringdon Street. Courage.  
    EC4 KING & KEYS: 142 Fleet Street. Allied Breweries.
    EC4 LONDON STONE : 109 Cannon Street. Trumans.
    EC4 LUDGATE CELLARS: 1 Apothecary Street. Whitbreads.  
    EC4 MAGPIE & STUMP: 18 Old Bailey. Bass Charrington.  Comfortable one bar wood panelled pub, rebuilt in the 1930's; used to be vantage point for spectators of executions near Newgate Prison.
    EC4  MASTER GUNNER: 37 Cathedral Place. Bass Charrington.  
    EC4  MONUMENT TAVERN: 60 King William Street. Allied Breweries.  
    EC4  OLD BELL: 95 Fleet Street. Allied Breweries.  
    EC4  OLD KING LUD: Ludgate Circus Whitbreads.  
    EC4  PAVILION END: 23 Watling Street. Free House.  
    EC4  POPPINJAY: 118 Fleet Street . Bass Charrington.
    EC4  PRINTERS' DEVIL: 98 Fetter Lane. Whitbreads.  
    EC4  Printer's Pie: 60 Fleet Street . Free House.
    EC4  PUNCH TAVERN: 99 Fleet Street. Allied Breweries.  Large sprawling Victorian pub with unusual copper bar top, pleasing tiled entrance lobby from Fleet Street, notable mirrored walls, and cartoons from Punch magazine, launched at the pub in the 1840's. In mid 1983 the pub was due for renovation by new owners, Allied. Food.
    EC4  QUEENS ARMS: 30 Queen Street . Courage.  
    EC4  QUEENS HEAD: 31 Blackfriars Lane . Allied Breweries. A very basic plain and friendly and quiet one bar pub, to be demolished by owners Allied, in Spring 1984 and apparently to be replaced by a new pub.
    EC4  RED LION: 17 Watling Street . Bass Charrington.  
    EC4  RISING SUN: 61 Carter Lane . Trumans.  
    EC4  RIVERSIDE INN: Queen Street Place by Southwark Bridge . Free House.
    EC4  Rumboe: 27 Old Bailey. Allied Breweries.
    EC4  SAMUEL PEPYS: Brooks Wharf - 48 Upper Thames Street . Bass Charrington.  
    EC4  St Brides Tavern: 5 Bridewell Place. Watneys.
    EC4  SEA HORSE: 92 Queen Victoria Street . Courage.   Built on the site of the Old Mermaid Tavern, destroyed in the Great Fire.
    EC4  SHADES: 5 Bucklersbury. Samuel Smith.  Shades was established in 1795, and rebuilt in 1874.
    EC4  SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN: 17/19 Paternoster Square . Watneys.
    EC4  SMITHFIELDS PAST & PRESENT: 334-338 Central Markets. Free House.  
    EC4  SQUARE RIGGER: 2 Arthur Street. Bass Charrington.  A 1960's build reconstruction of an eighteenth century ships of the line, complete with rigging, stuffed seagulls and variety of nautically named bars.
    EC4  SUGAR LOAF: 65 Cannon Street . Bass Charrington.  
    EC4  SWEETINGS: 39 Queen Victoria Street . Free House.  
    EC4 TIPPERARY: 66 Fleet Street. Free House.  The pub is a nineteenth century building on the site of the Boar's Head a pub of centuries' association with the order of friars which used to be based in the area of Whitefriars Street.
    EC4  WHITE HART: 3 New Fetter Lane. Courage.   
    EC4  White Horse: 90 Fetter Lane . Allied Breweries.  
    EC4  WHITE SWAN: 108 Fetter Lane . Bass Charrington.  
    EC4  WHITE SWAN: 28/30 Tudor Street. Trumans.  
    EC4  WHITE SWAN: 18 Farringdon Street Watneys.  
    EC4  WILLIAMSONS TAVERN: 1 Groveland Court. Allied Breweries.  The pub has been in the Williamson family for a couple of hundred years; a family tree is on display. The building is even older and may have been a residence of the Lord Mayor of London.
    EC4  WITNESS BOX: 36 Tudor Street . Watneys.  
    EC4 YE OLDE YE OLDE CHESHIRE CHEESE: 145 Fleet Street. Marstons.  Very popular and famous family run establishment housed in 1667 building. The pub sign pokes modestly into Fleet Street in the form of a lamp with the pub name on it, quite difficult to spot.
    EC4 YE OLDE WATLING: 29 Bow Lane . Bass Charrington.  Reputedly built by Sir Christopher Wren, the pub has been restored but is unspoilt, with wooden panelling and interesting prints of Wren's churches.

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